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  Android fragmentation of stores is actually the largest representation of an Android system fragmentation.

Prior to the fragmentation of the Android system, author Lariver clearly demonstrated the power of the domestic app Store

1, from the Internet airborne Strong entrance. Tencent, 360, Sogou, Thunderbolt and other tools-type entrance, Baidu, Sohu, Sina and other strong content entrance. Are exerting force to do the application store.

2. The original eco-products of mobile internet. UC Browser, security butler, 3G Portal, Sky and other large users of the platform and products, each of their own products into the store tag. Despite the Huaiguitai, they are trying to expand their territory.

3, along with Android has been the application store of the home, 91, Android, Android, Jifeng is a typical representative. As long as these large shops do not make a mistake in principle, the basic will not die. But space is badly squeezed by the top leaders.

4, terminals, agents, stores, operators.

5, there is a very big ticket application will also carry a variety of distribution, channel capacity. This is a gang of fights after the noisy long tail. Who will integrate them? Advertising Alliance, various alliances.

A list of mainstream Android shops


Countless third-party electronic market is faced with the dilemma is: the degree of homogeneity is high, no one Zhuo ran, the user and developers to form a strong adsorption force.

In Baidu's previous release of the "Q2 Mobile Internet Development Trend Report" can be seen, Android users than the Q1 quarter-on-quarter increase of about 50%, but in contrast, the independent application store user growth is not the increase in Android users, a middle-ranked App Store developers revealed that, Its products are active in the two quarter, the growth rate of only about 30%, if the larger application market this value may be lower.

What makes application platform users grow well below the growth rate of smartphone users?

Android App Store industry veteran of the Tiger Sniff analysis:

-Internal cause: Users found that the application of changes in the user's viscosity reduced

In the early days of mobile internet, users found that applications, search for applications more only through the electronic market to find, which brings the electronic market landing frequency will be relatively high frequency. When users generate demand, usually through the electronic market to search for, and the electronic market where the traditional advertising products, to generate users to download clicks of the effect will be more obvious. However, with the passage of time in the habit of the user, on the mobile phone has been equipped with most of the products to meet their daily use, thus the "Amoy" application needs began to slowly decline.

At this time the original electronic market of various applications recommended, such as editorial recommendations, and so on, usually lose meaning. For example, now when you click on an editorial recommendation, you'll find that most products are already in the phone, and some are unloaded for a variety of reasons.

It seems that user demand has begun to appear a bit saturated, so the search for a better way of application discovery, the electronic market is facing a new problem.

-External causes: Channels in the direction of solidification and fragmentation

The current new users, most of them are small white users, they will even think that the Android Market is Google's official Android harsh, this batch of users is characterized by "what to catch with what", "heard what to use."

The characteristics of the new user led to the application store is moving towards the curing, such as operators in the mobile phone of the preset Sky wing space, Unicom wo Store and the mm market before shun a large number of shares, and large internet manufacturers, such as 360, Tencent used in the application store "barbaric means", the same partition of some users-for "small white" , Tencent, Baidu are more famous than Jifeng, Ann Wisdom.

The official channel is being run by operators and large internet manufacturers, while parallel imports are making some of the "Regular army" in Beijing headache, because parallel imports of brush machine channels are usually "bully" take the lead, but makes some of the famous application store has lost the first mover advantage.

In addition, some of the built-in software distribution applications also make the independent application store, such as ink weather, dialing elves and even 360 mobile phone guards, are undoubtedly the cause of the more fragmented application download channels.

A few of the "Ming roads" of the standalone App Store:

A, community, personalized?

As mentioned above, as users become accustomed to the development of electronic market application recommendations must have some change, especially for the discovery of new applications, or small and medium-sized developers are more difficult to survive. At the same time, the users of the electronic market loss, transfer, but also become a platform to face a relatively large problem.

For the establishment of the electronic market of community accounts, through the community portal, do social application recommended way in many electronic markets have begun to try, as for the effect, at this moment has not seen any external release of some relevant data.

At present, there are several electronic markets in the market to do the Community system, such as 91 assistants, 360, pea pods and so on. Some of them also add more functions to the electronic market, synchronization of the Address Book backup, encourage users to sign in, integration System, personalized application recommendations and many social properties.

Two, big data is promising!

The arrival of large data can be said to permeate every hair in the world, the electronic market is no exception. As the primary gateway to mobile Internet and the primary distribution platform for developers, the electronic market is a natural data aggregation platform, from user habits, application downloads, and even various data related to developers ...

The increase of data volume provides the basis for the platform to accurately grasp the user group and individual network behavior pattern, and if it can be fully utilized, it can explore personalized, accurate and intelligent advertising and other services, can create more new business models.

For the analysis of large data to do user precision services, personalized services, is indeed the future of the electronic market is an important development direction, and to provide developers with data services, will also be the electronic market to increase the revenue of a new means.

Third, the electronic market profitability, a good developer service will be the key to the future run-off!

There are usually three modes of profit in the electronic market: first, CPA, that is, the application provider pays to the paid electronics store (which can be understood as advertising) according to the number of downloads; second, the game built into;

For the trend of the profit model, in the second quarter of the net Dragon's earnings can be seen some clues: "Mobile gaming revenue has also been significantly increased, accounting for the company's total wireless revenue is close to 60%, the company's wireless business revenue structure more balanced." So it seems that the substitution of the game into CPA is an irreversible phenomenon.

But on the contribution of game income, in addition to the game's senior attributes, there is a greater relationship with the underlying services of the developer-that is, if you can better service the developer, service the user, enable the developer to gain more revenue, or let more developers find a profit model, developers will inevitably and the electronic market, Make a profit-sharing with a platform trader.

There are still a lot of ways to service developers, for example, from model adaptation, advertising, combined transport, payment, development platform, etc., if the electronic market can provide more developer services, even data analysis and other related businesses, even if the electronic market in the user can not make much money, at least, also through the developer to increase revenue.

Four, go ahead, market segments!

At present, most of the application stores still stay at the level of all-inclusive, the user's personalized demand is not enough, such as market segments are still to be excavated. At present, it seems that the vertical market segment, games, education, children, entertainment and so on are still the largest gold mine, in the attempt to do more people.

Games, such as when the music network focused on the Sweet Potato Game center, and announced that it had received 20 million U.S. dollars in financing; In the children's market, rice mother, engineer father and even 91 mobile phone assistants have a certain voice in the marketplace; As far as education is concerned, electronic schoolbags are already very popular in the United States, but there are no good cases at home.

Although there are some pioneers in the market, the market space is still relatively large, and whether there will be more vertical segment of the electronic market and similar regional mobile electronics market, this is also entirely possible.

As of August 2012, China's 3G users have exceeded 192 million, 3G user penetration rate reached 18%. According to the global 3G development experience, when the user penetration rate exceeds 10%, will enter the fast development channel. In fact, we have just entered the mobile internet age. There are still more opportunities for vertical segmentation of mobile Internet.

Several cases listed

Let us briefly enumerate several independent Android shops are now exerting the force, some characteristics of the focus.

-91 mobile phone Assistants: Increase market segments

As an application store in the age of the long, but also a larger volume of 91, I am afraid is the most unwilling to see the Giants involved. Although you can see it in the earnings, 2012 two net profit of 45 million Yuan Dragon in the profit is still comfortably, but the number of platform users growth rate (two quarter-on-quarter increase 30%) is lower than the number of Android end users added value (Baidu reported as two quarter + 50%) has become a fact.

Learned from the 91 internal, the company is strategically moving towards niche markets, such as the success of the electronic market, such as rice washing mother and engineer dad, in the children's market, making 91 also exploring the possibility of independent market for children's application, while entertainment and education will be the focus of their independent application market.

-Jifeng Market: Game

The game is forever "cash cow", to this point everybody already knew, but not every electronic market all go back to implement its game strategy really, but we can see the Jifeng market is definitely not one of them.

In earlier this year's Mobile games Summit, Jifeng, CFO of the net, said: "The first 5 months of this year, has achieved last year's revenue scale." ”

Shanyi, founder and CEO of Jifeng Network, also said this year that Jifeng net's income scale has tens of millions of levels, but the game is about to take up half.

-A medium-sized application market: The pioneer of the Mac market?

At the Windows PC end of the Hot App Store, it seems that the MAC system has not given the initial support strength. such as Pea pod, 91 mobile phone assistants are not on the official website of the Mac PC version of the client, only in some large forums, there are "good people" for free customization.

Recently there is a ranking of about 10 of the application store, is the internal development of the Mac version of the class "Pea pod" products, because it has not been confirmed so inconvenient direct signature, but undoubtedly also for the current competitive application market to develop a new idea.

Written in the last

At present, there is no good moat in the electronic market, here only the forerunners and followers of the points, and here to spell the end only a word "fast"! In the integrated market, because of the game of the cash cow, the most "fast" that must be profitable, but followers are different, because their ability to charge and channel capacity will be much worse.

Think about how small white users do it, these are less loyal, more difficult to eradicate illiteracy, the highest cost of access, but also the largest group of people, how do we seize? Add a survey--guess what is the most used channel for migrant workers to get applications? Not 36,000 degrees, not Android 91 Jifeng, More will not be pea pod, but their mobile phone Bluetooth transmission between the installation package, because it does not cost traffic, but also to facilitate the machine, heard here you spit blood?

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