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September 25 News, HP's Haven large data platform is rapidly attracting partners, after Haven officially launched 3 months, has more than 120 partners signed the agreement, will sell components in the product mix.

The systems integration giants that are about to sell and support the Haven platform include Accenture (Accenture Analytics), Deloitte (Deloitte Consulting LLP) and Gemini, as well as Indian IT service giants Tasta Consultancy service and NEC Asia Pacific.

Accenture, with 16,000 professional analysts, has developed a security solution with a haven large data platform to help customers respond more quickly to information security threats.

Jeff Smith, the technical director of HP's corporate partner Analysys Integrated FX Inc., said that 0% of the sales channels for IIS now are large data related to HP's Vertica software, Drive significant sales growth. "Our Vertica sales are in good condition and are driving a lot of hardware sales," he said. This represents our (Data center infrastructure) advantage in selling hardware platforms with upper-layer software. ”

Smith said that all of IIS's large data-related orders were at least 6 digits above, some of which broke 1 million dollars. He expects 2014 to see more substantial sales growth around haven. "The more you go to the top of the big data stack, the more profit you will see." If you want to transform, move to the top of the stack, this can bring profits and services to partners. ”

Those partners who haven't embraced big data and cloud aggressively will find themselves struggling or even stalled, Smith said. "This is the time when the industry is in transition and if you don't get involved in big data and cloud business, you're going to be eliminated." ”

Hewlett-Packard is quick to offer a better channel sales incentive than other big data rivals, Smith said. Under Meg's leadership, HP is changing the pattern of compensation, partner rewards and on-site sales to drive revenue growth around big data, cloud and security. ”

"We're starting to see Meg's five-year plan working on a large scale," he said. What I like about Meg is that every quarter she was not driven away by Wall Street, but instead built a strategy and implemented it. HP is one of the big data and cloud providers, and they have the technical assets to do it, and the sales model is now in place. ”

Distributor Arrow Electronics also saw a strong interest from partners as well as a haven large data platform that was widely accepted, said Arrow Electronics, head of the North American Enterprise Solutions Fusion infrastructure director, Greg Schumacher. "We will see a lot of partners that provide the software side of the application and the hardware side that provides the Appsystem." "One of Arrow's customers has purchased a 800,000 dollar Appsystem for Vertica. "This technology has started to get attention among our enterprise-class customers. ”

HP has invested a lot of technology and sales resources around the Haven large data platform. Schumacher says: "HP is now haven on a bit like a few years ago when pushing blade server technology." ”

HP's massive integration effort around the haven is being driven by a haven platform that is being used more quickly by customers who intend to take advantage of large data solutions, as part of the Apache Hadoop Software (Haven) provider Hortonworks corporate strategy Shaun Connolly said. "HP has done a lot to make it easier for companies to adopt big data solutions instead of assembling a solution on their own." ”

HP's already-haven partnership will be effective, with Connolly predicting significant growth in sales around big data. Connolly said the agreement with the system integrators, such as Accenture and Deloitte, would bring 10 times times the revenue of regional system integrators-led transactions. "We are very optimistic about the prospects for the 2014 big data. ”

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