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Despite the rush to change, HTC has not changed HTC One's insistence on products. At the end of March, HTC's flagship model--HTC one (M8), unveiled in London and New York, as HTC's tripod, M8 can the upgraded version be able to carry the consumer's expectations and the vision of HTC's revival? Our evaluation may give you a preliminary judgment ...

Basic Parameter

5 1080P Screen

2.5 GHz Gaotong Dragon 801 processor

2GB RAM,16/32/64GB ROM, support for MicroSD card expansion

Android 4.4.2, equipped with HTC Sense 6

UltraPixel rear camera (unit Pixel Area 2.0 um, sensor size 1/3 ", f/2.0,,28mm) support 1080P video, front camera 5 million pixel, dual LED smart Flash

BoomSound Dual stereo speakers, volume up to M7 25%

2600 MAh Lithium battery

Gray, silver, gold Three colors (above: M8: M7)

Hardware Appearance

Our hands on this M8 is mobile 4G customized version, but not compatible with Unicom 3G. Behind the fuselage are the words "both" and "4G LTE".

M8 and the previous generation of product design in the same vein, but made some details of the change: relative to the M7,M8 in the back of the arc made more smooth processing, the corners are more rounded. Materials, M8 is more pure, the use of metal packaging edge of the design, wrapping edge metal cutting angle, the overall craftsmanship. The fuselage side is no longer as plastic as M7, so the grip is quite good, and the integration of metal design gives a strong sense of stability.

M8 's silver model uses the same aluminum polishing process as the previous generation, and the grey model uses a metal-brushed fuselage, which is smooth in texture.

The M8 screen grew 4.7 inches from M7 to 5 inches, the fuselage was longer, the width increased by 2 mm, and the thickness increased by 0.1 millimeters. Although the weight has increased by about 12%, the actual touch is not particularly heavy.

Fortunately, the national line version of the M8 in the hardware design is not only the same as the international version, the National line processor 2.5GHz or even higher than the international version of 2.3GHz.

The SIM card slot is placed on the left side of the fuselage and requires a pin to open and the handset uses the same Nano SIM card as the IPhone 5. The right side of the fuselage is MicroSD card slots and volume keys, respectively. The top of the fuselage is the power-on key and an entire infrared transmitter, and the bottom of the handset is equipped with MicroUSB interface and 3.5mm audio interface.

On the back of the fuselage are two cameras--including a larger UltraPixel camera and a smaller camera on the top. LED Flash to two, a normal color, a warm, like the IPhone 5s, dual flash can be adjusted according to ambient light, so that the photo light closer to natural daylight.

Sense 6

M8 uses the Android 4.4.2 custom Sense 6 interface, Sense 6 is only a minor detail improvement on Sense 5, and the main screen layout and icons have not changed much, such as adding a green and orange "theme" color, which is more vivid than the black grey on the previous generations.

Unlocking the interface, the M8 supports multiple sliding: slide up to unlock the phone, slide to the left to unlock the phone and back to the main screen, and swipe to the right to unlock the phone and into the BlinkFeed page.

BlinkFeed is still the biggest feature of Sense 6. In the new Sense 6.0, BlinkFeed is located on the left side of the main screen by default and can be opened by sliding right. If the user thinks this feature is not useful to you, you can turn it off. The Close method is the same as deleting the Widget.

BlinkFeed is optimized in typesetting, the image display accuracy has been improved significantly, but also has added the function of the infinite decline, simultaneously opened the SDK to help the third party apply in the BlinkFeed interface reasonable display information, does not need to enter the concrete application to be able to see these applications to display the useful information such as nearby restaurants, Fitness application of real-time data. Currently BlinkFeed support services include micro-letters, microblogs, Fitbit, LinkedIn, restaurant recommendations, and more.

M8 the M7 touch button to the same virtual button as the Nexus, the design has been criticized by many users-that the virtual button wasted screen space, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, in addition to the Google point of view to solve the problem of fragmentation, integration of hardware and software, Virtual buttons actually have more flexibility in the system, and solve the problem that the big screen handset is easy to touch when holding.

So, what's the problem with M8? We think the problem appears on the black side of the logo. Because the phone under the bottom of the "layer" too much, resulting in screen space in the visual compression. M8 from the bottom of the screen in turn, including the Dock, the virtual button and the original M7 of the physical black edge, the surface of this black edge is the only function of the HTC logo. However, HTC engineers revealed to us that the black side of the screen is actually because the M8 of the dual-front stereo speakers to occupy the original location of the phone antenna, so the Logo hidden underneath the phone is actually the antenna.

We don't think there's a blind obsession with screen-taking, but for M8 with a 5-inch screen, it's clear that it can do better.

Motion Launch Induction is also a M8 worth mentioning features, it is based on the combination of multiple sensors and gesture operation to achieve a lock screen in the state of a series of functions, such as in the case of a lock screen double-click screen can wake up the mobile phone, the screen to the right slide directly into the BlinkFeed Slide straight up to unlock the phone;

In addition, some functions also with the gravity Sensor and light sensors: such as the caller status, the user can directly to the ear to answer the phone, without touch screen, the lock screen state to pick up the phone horizontal grip and click the volume + key can quickly activate the camera.


Taking photos is undoubtedly the feature of M8, in addition to the traditional Ultrapixels camera, HTC is also equipped with a camera on the top of the back, it is necessary to note that the camera is only used to capture depth information, imaging still rely on the main camera to complete.

The depth of the camera is like a ruler that can record depth of information through hardware, so that it can be separated from the background in later stages to achieve the so-called "first photo and focus".

Based on this depth camera, HTC embeds several patterns in later editions, including Ufoucs, background blur, Four Seasons special effects, and so on.

The Ufocus feature enables you to focus first after taking a picture.

Through the Foregrounder function, we choose the foreground and background of the photo, and selectively blur the different subjects of the image.

The Dimension Plus feature provides a 3D display for photos, which can be done from different angles.

The Seasons feature can add seasonal effects to your photos.

Zoe is a feature introduced last year by M7 that Zoe can automatically record 5 shot images of a second before the shutter, as well as 15 images in the next 3 seconds to synthesize a short video of 4 seconds. M8 can convert these images into animated GIF images.

Consistent with the previous generation M7, the M8 camera's pixel number remains 4 million. In short, the ultrapixel technique is to achieve a better low light performance by reducing the pixel on the same area of the photosensitive element to achieve the goal of enlarging a single pixel area. The unit pixel area of the M7 is 4 square microns, which is nearly 3 times times larger than the 1.2544 square microns of the normal 13 million-pixel handset, so the amount of light is increased by 300%. Next Page 12

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