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"It Times" reporter/Lan Xiaoxi (from Beijing) as the world's fourth-largest expert machine manufacturer, HTC has been in the Chinese market before the door wandering. Now, whether it can enter in the domestic smart phone market waves, will give the fierce competition in the market to bring what kind of response to the competitive domestic smartphone market, and a fresh force.  After 8 years of anticipation, Taiwan's HTC has finally entered the mainland market.  A few days ago, HTC CEO Peter Chou announced in Beijing to enter the mainland market, and together with China Mobile, the Chinese Unicom released four new smart phone products, since the end of the years HTC brand can only be imported into the mainland market sales situation.  The move also means HTC, which has been wandering outside the Chinese market, has officially entered the market. HTC, the world's fourth-largest maker of smart machines, will put an embarrassing position on Dopod, which has been operating in the mainland market for years and has won market recognition. After this market promotion, the product is highly homogeneous two companies will start competition?  This will no doubt in the domestic smartphone market set off a big wave, and even caused a lack of smoke in the market for battle.  Will the facts follow its vision?  The addition of HTC to the mobile phone market has made the domestic smart-phone market more competitive. In fact, HTC has been on the mainland market for 8 years.  By tracing its history, it is also a chronicle of the evolution of smartphones. HTC was founded in 1997. HTC launched its brand strategy in 2007, from Europe to the US, and HTC has achieved the status of smart-phone leaders through windowsmobile and Android. "It's hard to develop international brands, but the HTC brand is faring better than previously thought, and HTC's brand awareness has increased from 10% last year to 40% this year," he said. "Looking at the major handset manufacturers, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson have launched a variety of WindowsMobile smartphones before HTC launched the Htctouch."  At present, the three major domestic operators fully develop 3G, in the smart phone to increase investment, HTC choose to enter the mainland at this time is commendable.  On July 27 this year, the Long-awaited HTC, together with China Mobile and other partners, in Beijing, a high-profile release of four HTC brand mobile phones, formally opened the prelude to the mainland market. "I am delighted to be able to introduce HTC's brand to the mainland and look forward to the new smartphone options that HTC can bring to mainland consumers," said Wang, HTC's chairman, who entered the mainland market. Over the past few years, through the mainland's strategic partner Dopod, HTC has introduced the world's most sophisticated products into the mainland market, and in the future, we will continue to uphold the enthusiasm for innovation, to meet or even exceed the needs of mobile phone users around the world, in all aspects of the mobile phone use experience."Now, this belated competitor is ready to wait for the market review."  The new entrants ' capital HTC enters the mainland market, which will bring a shock to the mainland's mobile phone market and may even lead to change. In fact, HTC has long been interested in entering the mainland market. In the past, HTC has launched its own mobile phone brand Qtek in the Hong Kong market, but suffered a fiasco. Perhaps by its influence, HTC in a period of time "only talk about the generation of workers do not talk about their own brands."  In the May 2007, HTC successfully increased its holdings and became a major shareholder in Dopod, clearing the last hurdle for entering the mainland market. Although HTC has just announced its entry into the mainland market, HTC's parallel imports have been on the mainland market.  ZDC's survey data show that in January 2009, HTC in the mainland mobile phone market users less than 1%, only 1.5 times, in June 2010, HTC User attention has been close to 6.5%, and continues to rise. In addition, whether HTC will have a disruptive impact on the current smart-phone market is a cause for concern.  According to Chou's goal--htc to make the best Android and WindowsMobile handsets, and with HTC's humble heart, HTC's prospects in the Chinese market are worth watching. At the same time, in recent years, the development of China's smart phone market has played a key role, and HTC into the mainland market, where does it go?  In this respect, HTC Marketing long Wang also told reporters that HTC into the mainland, will rely on the Dopod established before the relationship between sales channels and operators to develop business, and Dopod this brand will still be retained, so that both before the Dopod user is responsible for, follow-up will also have a number of Tatsu brand new products are launched. Chen Jinhong, chief executive of the company, said Dopod and HTC's two brands would be "at the same time, developing together", a statement that dispelled the industry's doubts about whether the Dopod would be adversely affected or even disappear after HTC entered the mainland.  But there are also insiders believe that "club" HTC's entry, so that Dopod in the mainland market position somewhat shaken.  The shuffle still takes time to face the multifaceted Chinese smartphone market, and HTC is obviously going to have a lot of trouble Deus. Today, the domestic smart-phone market is increasingly competitive.  iphone in the Chinese market, Lenovo music phone is also the limelight, in addition to Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and other manufacturers crouched. At present, the three major domestic operators to develop 3G, and increased investment in smartphones, China Mobile launched OMS own mobile phone operating system, the Chinese telecom power EV smartphone impact of 100 million user targets, Unicom is closely followed the iphone, see the three major operators in the 3G ERA betting smart phones,  and HTC chose to make a high-profile entry on the eve of the Chinese smartphone market, can it achieve the expected results? Looking from the Chinese market, HTC's formal entry will greatly enhance the power of the Android camp, and the high-end new machines supported by the carriers will inevitably compete with Apple, and as HTC's low-end products hit, Symbian, which focuses on the midrange smartphone market, will also have a serious impact. As HTC's biggest competitor, Apple's growth in mainland China is still immature.  Apple's iphone was formally introduced into the Chinese market by China Unicom on the October 31, 2009, but it was embarrassed by the high price and package charges.  In this respect, HTC Chief executive Peter Chou said HTC is mainly bullish on the current mainland market 3G development momentum and the rapid growth potential of the smart phone market, the next two or three years to enter the smartphone market share of the top three.  Mainland analysts said that today, smart phones in the ascendant, the mainland smartphone market potential is huge, and the current situation is still undecided, domestic mobile phones have not formed a strong competitiveness, choose to enter the market at this time, HTC can be said to choose a good time. After 8 years of Dopod in the Chinese market, HTC is welcoming the opportunity to develop in the mainland market, with its deep accumulation in windowsmobile products and the first advantage in the Android Market, HTC may be the main catalyst for the big changes in China's smart phone market. But to be a spoiler now, HTC takes time to precipitate.
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