Hua Shen Group net profit increased 73% to 10 ext. 1 Send 2 send 0.3 yuan

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The 2010 Annual report was released today by the Rage Group (000790, close to 21.75 yuan), which had a surge in the price of cancer-fighting concepts last year. That year, the company achieved total operating income of 489 million yuan, 28.4% year-on-year, net profit of 12.4797 million yuan, a significant increase of 73.22%, earnings per share of 0.047 yuan.  Performance is good at the same time, the company continued to implement the distribution, proposed to send 2 units per 10 shares to increase 1 shares and sent now 0.3 yuan, this is the company for 6 consecutive years to implement delivery. Hua Shen Group said that the increase in operating income is mainly the subsidiary of modern steel structure, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and biotechnology industry, the large scale of sales continued to increase. 2010, the company's Huajian steel structure of the operating income increased by 87.5022 million yuan, the Chinese God of medicine (including Huayi pharmaceutical companies and Group Pharmaceuticals factory), the operating income increased by 29.6274 million yuan; the operating income of the Chinese God creature increased by 4.9142 million Yuan Year-on-year. However, in terms of industry, products, the Chinese god group last year, a number of operating items of the gross margin has declined.  Among them, the steel structure design and the production of steel structure of the gross margin of the year-on-year decline of 22.94% and 21.69%, pharmaceutical products such as 37 Tong Shu capsules, Bio-pharmaceutical (Licatin), such as the decline is not small, are within the 10个百, and Vitality su Oral liquid gross profit growth of 3.22%. At present, the most worthy of the company's business is its anti-liver cancer drug Licatin, the product last year to achieve business income of 20.8319 million yuan, gross profit margin of 65.09%, said that 2011 will be "Licatin four clinical summary" as an opportunity to continue to promote follow-up research, in-depth development " Small dose of radiation after surgery, such as relapse and metastasis, and many other areas of academic research; strengthen the construction of the marketing team, tamp the Market Foundation, promote the continuous use of medicine in the hospital; actively promote the development of recombinant human epidermal growth factor (Ai Ying) with oxidized low density lipoprotein ELISA kit and freeze-dried eye Promote biological companies to create new profit growth points. Responsible Editor: NF058
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