IDC:2015 China Tablet PC shipments will reach 29.34 million PCs a year

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ZDNet to top network software channel News: According to IDC's latest quarterly report on China's tablet computer market (November 2014), IDC expects shipments to reach 29.34 million units in China's Tablet PC market in 2015, up 5.5% from this year. Looking back 2014 years, the tablet market in China has ended 3 years of rapid growth, influenced by phablet (5.5 to 6.99-inch smartphones). The slow recovery in the consumer notebook market in the second half of 2014 has had a new impact on the tablet computer. In combination with these factors, IDC believes that the tablet industry will enter a new normal for stable growth in 2015. In the second quarter of 2015, the Tablet PC market will be out of the doldrums, when the tablet industry will return to a rational, mature period of development. Liu, a senior analyst at IDC's Tablet PC market, said 2015 would be the most critical year for the tablet industry, especially for tablet makers: 1. The ideal terminal of mobile commercial Market 2014, China's cloud computing industry incubation period is nearing the end. In the coming year, cloud computing will enter a fast-growing period. With the deepening of information, the advancement of Digital city and the maturity of 4G network, tablet computers will gain more opportunities in the era of cloud computing and become the best choice for mobile terminals in commercial market. Digital city and the construction of the city cloud will further promote the development of paperless office, as a mobile terminal tablet computer will play a greater role in the government's operation. At the same time, the promotion of corporate cloud, as well as the more intensive and standardized day-to-day management needs of manufacturing and services, have also provided more market opportunities for tablets, a convenient and display-performance mobile terminal, and have been recognised in a wider range of areas. According to IDC forecast, 2015 commercial market tablet computer shipments will be close to 7.52 million units, year-on-year growth of about 14.4%, above the market average growth rate of 8.9%. 2. Cities drive Rural and mobile market in rural areas surrounded by different cities, the main tablet market is still concentrated in the 1-3-tier cities, with the continuous progress of China's urbanization, the vast 4-6-tier market will be tablet computer manufacturers in the next few years battleground. In tier 1-3 cities, most tablet users already have or experience mobile phones, tablets and PCs, and continue to choose three screens. However, in the 4-6-tier cities and even township markets, the rapid popularity of smartphones, the 4-6-tier market has more users accustomed to touch experience, they have become the tablet market a huge potential consumer groups. And for manufacturers, to open up the full potential of the 4-6-tier market, has become a 2015 years and a market opportunity. According to IDC forecasts, the 2015 4-6-tier cities accounted for about 36% of the tablet market, shipments will be more than 10.57 million units, the growth rate of more than 12%. 3. Intelligent Home Control Center Intelligent TV has come into our lives with the network, Intelligent Air Purifier also under the help of the smog has been a considerable sales. InThe country promotes the economic transformation to stimulate the domestic demand under the background, simultaneously also benefits from the state-level chip industry development, the intelligent home walks into the people's home the pace is speeding up, 2015 will be the smart home appliance rapid development year. A handheld tablet will help us control the lighting and control the electrical appliances. When you are away from home, you can monitor the situation in your home. Turn on the air conditioner and purifier before going home and turn off the lights and monitor the home appliances. Perhaps this scene is still some distant, but only seize the present, can win the future! 4. The Windows system will bring new opportunities to be led by Apple, the rapid development of the tablet industry, which Google has driven, has made more and more families feel the glamour of the new product over the past 3 years, while also giving consumers a sense of the limitations of the tablet, which is that tablets cannot replace a traditional computer with a keyboard. Provide customers with the Office software experience they expect. And with the popularity of smartphones, some users who are accustomed to touch experience have also begun to choose their second screen carefully. The need for consumers who want to continue the touch experience and demand for Office software has become a new opportunity for the 2015-year Windows operating system to continue to grow. The Windows operating system's Tablet PC, 2-in-1 (PC flat two) and deformable notebook products, will be accompanied by technological progress, to obtain more potential market space. IDC estimates that the 2015 Windows operating system Tablet PC growth rate of 28.7%, higher than the market average growth, shipments of about 1.29 million units. 5. The trend of large-scale flat plate in the 2015, the development of the Tablet PC market will be stable, but it breeds change in moderation. With the rise of phablet and the hottest topic in the ICT market, 7-inch Tablet PC products have undoubtedly been the most obvious impact. IDC expects 2015 7-8 99 inch of small Tablet PCs shipments of about 20.12 million units, a growth rate of only 3%. By contrast, 9-inch Tablet PCs are growing at 11.3% and the market is more active. With the development of large-scale high-definition and Windows tablets, the price pattern in the tablet market will also be adjusted. With a fall in the ratio of Android tablet products below the thousand Yuan and a drop in the price of Windows tablets, between 150 and 350 dollars, Tablet PCs, about 1000 to 2000 yuan, will rise from 21.2% in 2014 to 26.2% in 2015. 2015 Tablet PC market will be stable, opportunities and challenges coexist. Innovation, cost-effective and differentiated products and services will help Tablet PC manufacturers grasp the opportunity to win development.
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