In the big Data age, the spring of original music is coming!

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Once upon a time, Chinese original music fell into a slump, no good works, become a common community of questions. However, at the beginning of 2014, Liu Huan in the "China Good song" scene to listen to Hozun singing "roll Bead" when the tears left, become the original strength of Chinese music to support. Those who say Chinese audiences lack participation, and those who say that China's original music is vulnerable, are, by contrast, so pale. Our audience is very enthusiastic, our music producers are very attentive, only need the right opportunity, the two strands of power twisted rope, original music will show its true charm.

It can be said that the booming internet today is enough to make this scenario possible. This year through the solo broadcast "China Good song" and the original music with the Tencent video, is using its own platform resources, user resources, interactive experience, test water a new and unknown field-in their own words is the music program "4.0 times." A top original music program called "Hi Song" was formally added to the four-quarter art war.

The Internet age is the best opportunity for musicians.

"Chinese Good Song" is the opening of the Chinese original music a window, but the star judges in that, the TV platform in that, the threshold is also there, after all, not every original singer has the opportunity to board the screen, relying on traditional program groups throughout the country to excavate talent is difficult to cover, but the internet era gave another solution.

The network has created a wave of grassroots singers rise, these singers often because of various network platform to publish original works, and the convergence of hundreds of millions of netizens positive evaluation and appreciation. In the video sites around today, it has more than traditional satellite TV in music programs more creative space, on the other hand, for the grassroots music creators, video sites are more participatory. Take the Tencent video "Hi song" For example, the early stage of the program selection of original music works and creators are based on the Internet path, so that users choose, truly "0 threshold" collection criteria-as long as it is not the commercial use of the original published songs can be registered, can be said to reside. Tencent video through the platform interactive way to let the original program directly with the audience, the same platform, the same vote selection channel, "Hi song" mode, no superior guru, nor any one has "power" power.

As a video playback platform, Tencent video to create "Hi song" is the industry's first to eat crabs, program selection mode for original musicians, is also the best opportunity. In the Internet era, video site really brought the original music to show the talent platform, and based on the platform by the user selection model is also more in line with the development of original music path.

Hundreds of millions of netizens participate, with large data to make original music full of vitality

In the past, the talent show in the scene to show the audience is the mentor, but in fact, often the jury selection and the audience to choose inconsistent situation. In fact, the audience should be the original music is the real starting point and the foothold, the audience is the most qualified, the audience does not pay, the outcome is doomed to failure.

Tecent video "Hi song" The program characteristic lies in the innovative Netizen participation form, breaks the traditional voting law, will all decision power to the Netizen, according to the user network behavior carries on the Big data analysis, the intelligence obtains the hot song result. This is the first time in the development of domestic music programs to introduce large data analysis as a selection basis, a comprehensive evaluation of a singer, rather than a teacher's words on the coffin.

"Hi song" can use large data, the premise is completely open, let hundreds of millions of netizens participate in it. The program is set up with 2 stars from 6 grassroots singers to create the original repertoire, 2 singles to select the adaptation. Then 2 stars at the scene each selected 1 PK, and accept the user vote, the final generation of 1 champions single. During the week of each episode, netizens have to vote in 2 of their songs, the songs with high votes, and their corresponding singers and creators to qualify. The temporary defeat of the song, also has been netizens "save" the opportunity: netizens voted, in the unsuccessful songs to select the most popular single, and will get the resurrection of the chance to enter the final. The fate of all the contestants and songs is entirely up to the netizens. That is to say, the star also has the possibility which the netizen eliminates. No wonder the first exposure of the star to sing will Hu reporters frankly "standing in the Hi song" stage is actually very pressure.

The success of a music talent show, in fact, ultimately depends on the audience's reflection and attitude. In addition to the Tencent video program broadcast data and polling, comments, but also through Tencent resources such as news portals, QQ, micro-trust and other resources and social platforms to get more comprehensive data, such as browsing, search, interaction and so on. These can truly reflect the popularity and attention of players, so that the original music more grounded, and this means that the grass-roots music people really come!

The Dream Team guarantees the quality of the program

The impact of the video playback platform has not changed, the popularity of variety shows play a higher volume, a variety show has the influence of the playing platform, but also has excellent program creativity, but also need to build a team behind to ensure the quality of the program. Traditional TV has never been a lack of professional production team worry, but the video site, to join hands with the top production team, indeed have the confidence, the cost is too high. Tencent video "Hi Song" and Warner Joint research and development, access to the file "good voice of China", Shinushi 14 singers joined, while the Chinese mainland draft founder Rondani, the establishment of the Dream Team from the mainland, Taiwan and South Korea's audio, dance and lighting of the top behind-the-scenes teams.

Another feature of the Hi song is the injection of the original music gene, which is both a breakthrough and a huge challenge for the production team. This means that in the creative and implementation of the courage to break the routine, always pay attention to the audience and the response of netizens, how to effectively arouse the audience resonance is critical. And how to check the content of the program, how to jump out of the traditional production of thinking ... These are tough tests. Perhaps because of this, "Hi song" for music talent show the development of the more valuable it!


Before the television to promote original music has had a positive impact, I believe that with the emergence of innovative Internet original music program "Hi Song" will have a more far-reaching impact on the development of original music, and bring more resources to support original music into this field, It will be of positive significance for the whole original music industry to enter the prosperous period and gold development period.

In fact, the greatest significance of "Hi song" is not only Tencent video in the production of large-scale variety shows on the progress, more important is the video site really find their own differentiated content. Perhaps in the future, the music talent show will appear on both sides of TV and video sites Red, a new generation of singers will also be due to today's breakthrough in endlessly.

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