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Simulation of the operation of the game "gang Chaos" gang warfare: The game slightly gray tones of the black tissue of the rice country is very good to show the streets, exquisite people set to let people at one glance with the film or TV show in the black organization members of the Association. And the battle is to use 3D characters, better to highlight the fierce fighting. In the eyes of the general hip hop music street gangs = rice Country Black organization, in the gangsta such music throughout always tightly and subject together, let the player as if on the exposure with L. A mess in the neighborhood. Set up gangs, lead younger brothers to take part in gun battles, take over the city. "Mob chaos" game screenshot "mob chaos" game screenshot "mob chaos" game screenshot "mob chaos" game screenshot simulation operating game is not what the feeling can be said, but gangsta due to the integration of a lot of elements so the operation appears to be more complex than other analog games. In general Gangsta is a sword walk slant in other analog business class are going to sell the Meng Route today launched Black organization theme of the game, but the overall quality of the game is also very good elements are also very rich, in those who sell Meng produce aesthetic fatigue after gangsta is undoubtedly a good alternative game, Recommended to R17 players.
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