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European Medieval background strategies online games "Kingdom Genesis" Foreword: Apple iphone veteran and genuine software users for the Apple App Store limited time free and freezing price application is a unique, with the Apple iOS system platform applications in the growing number of The daily limit is free and the freezing point price application also increases increasingly. What are the best games to play in these dazzling apple iOS apps? Please pay attention to the broad bean Network opened a new column-Love Games Boutique Guide, we recommend the most attractive Apple iphone game every day, to help you save valuable time and money! Collect resources to create your own kingdom, iphone version of the European medieval background strategy online games "Kingdom Genesis" "The Kingdom of Genesis" is the European medieval as a blueprint, coupled with the sword, Magic and the Beast created fantasy space-time. In this fantasy world, you will be the Lord of the land, and you need to make unremitting efforts to grow your territory and create a kingdom that belongs to you. "Kingdom Genesis" game screenshots each of the buildings in the game has unique functions, grain, loggers, barracks, pubs, castles, etc., as many as 10 kinds of buildings, so that you enjoy them. And the building will become more powerful after the upgrade, the appearance becomes more gorgeous. The "Kingdom of Genesis" game screenshot in the pub you can find the brave man you expect, through the experience of war to make it the hero of the kingdom. There are forces in this fantastic world, and they have different abilities that await you to explore. "The Kingdom of Genesis" game screenshot Features: 1. Support offline development, not online your country can also continue to develop according to your deployment; 2. Complete task system, chat interactive system; 3. Smooth and delicate screen, vivid and lovely; 4. Colorful animated effects; 5. Unique Warrior Makeover system makes your brave man different. _______________________________________________________________________ "Love Games", we recommend the most attractive Apple iphone games to you every day, Help you save valuable time and money!
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