January-February Fixed Assets Investment forecast value is 23.4%

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A wealth of research data show that, compared with last year, 2011 1-February Fixed Assets investment accumulated year-on-year growth fell. The results of the survey showed that 1-February the cumulative growth forecast for fixed assets was 23.4%, with a median of 23.5%, below last year's level (24.5%).  Among them, Goldman Sachs gave the maximum value of 26%, and Suisse gave the minimum value of 19%.  Lu Commissar, chief economist of Societe Generale, believes that there is a decline in investment year-on-year growth, first of all, in recent years, the trend of January-February investment growth is usually slightly lower than the previous year December;  But he also said that this year is the "Twelve-Five" start of the year, local government investment will be strong, the introduction of a lot of investment in the major projects in the Spring Festival before the start of the new Year, the protection of housing construction efforts continue to increase the potential of real estate development investment stability.  Ng, senior economic analyst at JPMorgan, also believes that public investment, especially local government investment, will be an important factor in the continued growth of fixed asset investment, along with a series of investments by the central government to build affordable housing. China's National development and Reform Commission said March 5 that the total investment in fixed assets in 2011 is expected to grow by 18%. According to statistics published March 3 by the National Bureau of Statistics, "Eleven-Five" period, China's total investment in fixed assets completed 92.2889 trillion yuan, the annual average growth rate of 25.5%, higher than the original target of 20%.
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