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Some designs on Android

When it comes to application programming, Android is like an elephant in a room for a designer. Many designers would prefer this to be iOS, where all anyone cares about is the iphone, the ipad and the app Store. And no one can ignore Android, which now has the biggest market share in smartphones and has been widely used in a variety of products ranging from tablets to e-readers. In short, Google's Android platform is rapidly growing everywhere, brand manufacturers are hard to not notice. Let's face it together. Android ...

The team is like a person: what is the father of Android?

The fate of Andrew has something to do with the word "Ann" and "Zhuo". In the Global Mobile Ecology competition, Android performance "Zhuo" the more, continue to go ahead, leaving iOS far behind. However, in the east of the company's Google Internal, a series of personnel earthquakes to the Android team staff loss, the team is not complete, the future is confused, its fate is not "Ann". When Google's spokesperson, Barak, accidentally left Google and joined the Chinese millet company in charge of global markets, reports began to mention the "father of Android" Rubin.

Logo design principles in the Android 2.0 environment

Create a unified look, feel the full user interface will increase your product added value. The refined graphic style also makes users feel more professional in the user interface. This document provides some information to help you create icons in different parts of the application interface to match the universal style under the android2.x frame. Adhering to these guidelines will help you create a seamless and unified experience for your users. To make the work of creating icons faster, you can download the android icon template package. For more information, please visit the Android icon template package for use. Android ...

Nokia push Android tablet: King and Reload return

Wen/Zheng sold the equipment and services department to Microsoft only six months ago, Nokia unexpectedly released an Android tablet. Perhaps Finns do not know the Chinese Bingshu "36," but they vividly explain what is King. The reality of the war is more wonderful than the novel. Over the past four years, mobile phone giant Nokia and software giant Microsoft staged this series of parting, doomed to write into the business school textbooks. As early as the 2010 Apple and Google's rapid rise, or the industry giant Nokia at the crossroads of change made the first choice, accidentally chose the Microsoft Executive history ...

Zynga buys some of hiplogic assets from mobile startups

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time September 14 afternoon, according to the mobile Industry information website reported that social game developers Zynga has quietly acquired the mobile start-up company Hiplogic part of the assets and team. Hiplogic was originally a mobile UI platform for mobile phone manufacturers to make the phone's home screen more interactive. Later, Hiplogic unveiled its flagship product, *spark, a master-screen replacement for Symbian and the Android system. *spar ...

Protecting enterprise assets against cloud based BYOD environmental security policies

All of these have the potential to jailbreak or get root permissions by a Third-party application that is prohibited by the installation of a security breach. An infected BYOD connection to the corporate network is another security issue. Walking wireless eavesdroppers can steal corporate data by uploading data from BYOD to personal devices. This article will learn how to protect your enterprise assets with a security policy for a cloud-based BYOD environment. To ensure security in a cloud-based BYOD environment, you need a complete and unambiguous security policy. This article describes the potential for the escape ...

After three months of suspension, palm-fun technology finally announced assets reorganization draft

Abstract: After three months of suspension, palm-fun technology finally announced assets reorganization Draft. The palm of the fun technology to buy 1.739 billion yuan to play crab technology 100% stake, and to use 814 million yuan to acquire upstream information 70% Equity, the total amount of mergers and acquisitions reached 2.553 billion yuan. It is noteworthy that after three months of suspension, palm-fun technology finally announced assets reorganization Draft. The palm of the fun technology to buy 1.739 billion yuan to play crab technology 100% Equity, and to use 814 million yuan to acquire upstream information 70% Equity, the total amount of acquisition to achieve ...

Android Passion drops cloud services favored

Beijing Time March 21 news, according to foreign media reports, cross-platform program developers Appcelerator and market research organization IDC published a joint trend quarterly mobile industry trends report shows that mobile developers of Google's different services in the network effect more interested, But the enthusiasm for developing the Android platform is fading. Another report shows that HTML5 is far from universal, cloud services are favored by more and more developers, the mobile industry from the "exploration" phase to the "accelerated development" period. Google and Facebook are having a fight ...

Mobile gaming Base Select Irdeto to protect Android hand tour

Based on the success of video content and application security, Irdeto announces that China Mobile's mobile gaming base has chosen Eddie Activecloak to protect the games it sells and runs through Android smartphones within China's mobile network. Irdeto Activecloak is a patented, renewable software security solution that is already in the media applications and paid video for customers such as Comcast, Rogers, Cablevision, Viaplay, Astro, and Mediaset ...

BlackBerry push iOS and Android version BBM apps

"Sohu It News" October 22, BlackBerry local time Monday said the company has begun to redistribute the iphone and Android version of BBM (BlackBerry messaging) applications. BlackBerry Monday Blog said that users can download BBM from Google Play, Apple App Store and some Samsung App store for free. However, the drawback is that users who do not register in advance must first install BBM, and then enter an e-mail address, waiting for notification when the use of BBM services can begin. About 6 million users in advance in ...

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