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This paper analyzes the depth of cloud computing, cloud computing, cloud computing and cloud computing. Interpretation of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Depth understanding

What is "cloud computing"? In the past two years, the manufacturers of various companies stand in their respective positions to interpret, make a different opinion. New new technology is a daunting term, there is no unified definition of things, more and more confusing, confusing mind.

"Brother Smoke is not smoke, is lonely"-This is the 2009 to date the most popular pattern of the network. Interestingly, many experts use this sentence in the authoritative interpretation of cloud computing.

"Cloud computing is not a noun, but an adjective. "--The famous storage technology giant, EMC Corp. Cloud storage is by far the most important and fastest growing cloud computing service, so what EMC is saying is probably more plausible. EMC says cloud computing is the adjective used to describe a computational style, like mainframes, microcomputers, C/s architectures, and so on. Cloud computing will lead the next wave of it technology.

"Rather than a new technology, cloud computing is an innovation in business models," he said. "--idc said. From a technical point of view, IDC says, cloud computing is a combination of a range of new technologies. It is developed by the technology of distributed computing and Grid computing, and it integrates the hot technologies such as virtualization and Web2.0 in recent years. In essence, cloud computing is actually a combination of server virtualization technology and infrastructure and services, complemented by other technologies. The core is to provide users with services in the form of leased computing resources after virtualization of computing resources for one or several data centers. The services that provide computing resources are not actually new technologies, but innovations in business models.

Professional vocabulary is very complex, in fact, they say the meaning of the general agreement, our ancestors have said that understand, the world of great things, long time must be combined, long must be divided. A lot of small dust beads come together to form a cloud, if the current one personal computer is a small dust bead mode, cloud computing is the unified computing power to the large computing center, rain to users, users pay rent rather than buy a cloud.

We are going through the fourth wave of the information industry, and many traditional industrial patterns will be shuffled again. From the law of the development of information industry can be seen in the 70 's, the world appeared a new technology, that is, the mainframe, the 80, PC-centric, the 90 network-centric web, and now is the information technology as the center, that is, cloud computing.

In general, the industry-recognized cloud computing has three main modes: private cloud, public cloud, and mixed cloud.

• Private Cloud: A data center built within an enterprise.

• Public Cloud: internet-based Services provided by some Internet companies, such as SaaS Software and services, IAAS infrastructure and services, are widely used in small and medium enterprises.

• Hybrid Cloud: In addition to owning its own data center, the enterprise leases a portion of its external IT resources in the case of insufficient operational capabilities. In the future, the hybrid cloud will become the broadest of a "cloud computing" model.

Cloud computing Industry

This is obviously a big deal.

Cloud computing has opened up a vast blue sea for the IT industry, which will undoubtedly be one of the most significant global growth markets in the future.

Gartner, the market analyst, ranks cloud computing as the top 10 strategic technology in 2010, and believes it will become the market mainstream within 2-5 years. Statistics say the global cloud computing services market in 2009 grew from $46.4 billion in 2008 to $56.3 billion, an increase of 21.3%. Although due to the impact of the financial crisis, 2009 global IT spending fell by 5.2%, but into 2010, the IT industry will enter a recovery phase of growth, global IT spending is expected to grow 3.3%, cloud computing will become the global IT industry recovery growth background and the main trend in the internet direction. Gartner predicts that by 2012, 20% of companies will no longer have their own IT equipment; by 2013, the cloud-computing market is expected to grow to 150 billion dollars.

Plumm, vice president of corporate research, said: "The cloud computing market includes both traditional IT services using cloud computing technology, as well as newly created cloud computing services." By the end of 2013, cloud computing services that generate revenue from advertising will continue to be the biggest piece of the cloud computing services market. ”

IDC, the information technology consultancy, defined 2010 as "The Year of cloud computing services" and said cloud computing would grow at 6 times times the growth rate of the traditional IT industry. At present, the global cloud computing services market scale of 17.2 billion U.S. dollars, IDC forecast that the cloud computing related IT spending will reach 42.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2012, a composite growth rate of 27.3%, beyond cloud computing IT spending part of growth (5.3%) more than 5 times times, the overall IT spending will also rise from 4% to 9% 2013, the Global Cloud computing services market will grow to $44.2 billion trillion, storage will be the fastest growing cloud computing services, the global cloud services market in the next 4 years, the average annual growth rate can reach 26%.

Merrill Lynch, a leading investment bank, also released relevant market reports, predicting that the global cloud computing market would reach $160 billion trillion by 2011, with commercial and office software cloud Computing in the 95 billion-dollar market and a 12% shift in the global software market to cloud computing.

In Forbes magazine's newly selected 2010-Year 10 trend, "Application to Cloud computing" in the first place, fully demonstrates the extent to which this trend has been recognized, other trends include "internet everywhere", "more intelligent web", "Internet sensors everywhere", "Medical Network", " The network of education, "from fossil fuel to smart grid" and so on, is more or less related to cloud computing.

The US government, too, has mentioned cloud computing in its forecasts for 2010 IT development, saying, "Although there is still confusion in the 2009 on cloud computing, in 2010, early cloud computing will be put into production, and more and more government agencies will go into cloud computing services." "In other words, there will be more government agencies on Amazon's Web service, Microsoft's Azure cloud computing services and other public platforms."

The bright future has already spread in front of the eye, so, in the cloud computing era, the mature application will be what?

Li Ying, a joint manager of EMC China Excellence Research and Development group dedicated to cloud computing, believes that cloud computing is both a technological wave and a change in business models, so that the entire industry chain is a business model, so different interfaces may have different business models, From the cloud to the enterprise and the customer is in the form of service, the specific service provider needs scale and brand effect, just like the bank. In China, the conditions for promoting cloud computing are no worse than any other country in the world, because China's telecoms operators are the world's leading. "What needs to change is the idea that the CIO always wants the infrastructure to be visible and accessible and to be in control." If once in the form of external services, feel less down-to-earth. But I think as the business model matures, more and more companies will become accustomed to this model. China has such a large market base and needs as much information as any other country, so the potential for both operational and personal needs is great. ”

The industrial potential inspires the enthusiasm of many enterprises. Redpoint2, a leading US venture capital company, announced 9th that it had completed its fourth round of financing, financing about $400 million trillion, and would invest in "social and mobile internet, cloud computing and clean energy" in the future. Red-point was founded 11 ago to invest in the start-up phase of digital media companies, and now, cloud computing is its focus.

There is no doubt that cloud computing is rushing in, this is pregnant with the infinite possibility of the information technology revolution, the computer hardware, software, applications, business models and industrial patterns and other aspects of the subversive changes, will also rewrite the current success of the IT enterprise seating, whether the opportunity to seize the cloud, means whether in the future still standing on the waves. Frank Giens, chief analyst at IDC, said: "The spread of cloud computing services is in the midst of a bridging gap." Providers that cannot quickly deliver cloud computing services will miss one of the fastest growing areas in the IT marketplace. ”

Cloud computing Life

For the common people, the most accessible cloud is for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users of the public cloud category.

According to statistics, digital information is rising at an annual rate of 60%, 70% of these are personal information, such as the books we've seen, the music we've heard, the movies we've seen, the pictures we've taken, the letters we've written, all kinds of information that can be stored in the form of 0 and 1, which is digital. Most of the information before is not in digital form, it is difficult to store long term. Can you find the letter you wrote to your friend 10 years ago or 15 years ago? Written in e-mail, it is easier to save more. Today's children from birth to later grow up, all the homework done in childhood, and friends all the contact records, all the QQ chat record, can be saved with electronic storage technology.

So much information, where is it? Before cloud computing, we had our own computer's hard drive, we burned it into CDs, and cloud storage taught us not to take up so many of our own disks, to be stored in a public network, of course, encrypted.

Experts say public information facilities will become a trend in the future. An information public facility is a service organization, a public provider that provides processing power, data, access, and transport services to a particular user base, providing the level of quality, service, and cost that is expected to be known and agreed to by the customer.

Information is, in a sense, like money, because information is valuable, such as credit card passwords. Money always hides in the place which oneself thinks safest, how did people hide money before? Less tucked in the bottom of the bed, many in the backyard digging a pit, the altar of silver buried, pirates put gold in the cave. Later, people found that the safest way is not to put cash in their own hands, but the existence of the bank, in any ATM places can get money, but also to take interest. The entire business model of the bank must ensure that no one's money is lost, so the average person will not worry about being swallowed by the bank or robbed by the outlaws.

The pattern of cloud storage encourages people to say that information and money is the same truth, put information in the cloud may be more secure than on their own computer, at least the computer is bad to send to repair will not be stolen by others to see the picture, "Yan Zhao Door" will not happen. Moreover, their own storage devices have desktops, laptops, mobile hard disk, U disk, memory card, CD-ROM and so on, and so on, do not say to find an unusual information is a bit annoying, commonly used information may not always be with the side for use. If a business trip, to do a PowerPoint presentation file, suddenly found an important data, a group of pictures, at home on the computer, it is not urgent dead? In a cloud, you can easily invoke any information that belongs to you anytime, anywhere, and you don't need to remember which computer was there.

However, now people still generally believe that information only stored in their own hands is the safest, stored on the public network, it is not convenient for people to steal or tamper with it? Therefore, cloud computing to the people, society and all walks of life will bring about what changes, first of all depends on how to build the trust of cloud computing, so that people in the psychological, ideological changes fundamentally. EMC China Labs joint projects with Fudan University, Hust, Tsinghua and Wuhan Universities the "Tao" Trusted infrastructure project is a very basic and critical issue in cloud computing, that is, how to ensure that personal information and individuals in the cloud are not stolen and not modified, The project is a study of combining trusted computing with virtualization technologies to ensure the reliability of cloud computing. EMC's acquisition of RSA is a very well-known security company, the invention of the RSA algorithm is the most current internet interaction in the most basic public and private key separate security algorithm.

Another example, the cloud computing platform can be unified management of all medical information, people no matter to which hospital, without the medical record card, the doctor on the cloud platform to know your medical records. As for the case of medical disputes, bad hospitals want to tamper with medical records, cloud platform key will be shut out. The above is only a small example, cloud computing for finance, manufacturing, government departments and so will have a very far-reaching impact.

Cloud Computing Scramble

Cloud computing has moved from the concept of "cloud deep ignorance" to a large-scale commercial business, the pace of the rapid pace of the disease, many manufacturers are expected. Of course, this and many manufacturers to promote the intensity of, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, cloud computing also means a huge business opportunities, they may be able to and large enterprises stand on the same starting line.

Google's search engine can be seen as an early product of cloud computing. The user's search request is sent over the Internet to a large server cluster on Google, then return to the user's desktop; Sun has a glimpse into the bigger business opportunities, launching a "black box" based on cloud computing theory, turning the data center into a movable container that can be moved to various places, In order to reduce the cost of the computer room; IBM has also cast a heavy bet on it, with a high-profile involvement and launch of the IBM Blue Cloud program, a combination of computer and software products that enables enterprise data centers to run closer to the Internet, creating a data center for the enterprise's own cloud computing model Microsoft is also based on the online service strategy "Windows Live", connecting hundreds of millions of Windows users and providing them with cloud computing ...

In addition to EMC, HP, Dell, Intel, Amazon, Yahoo, the cloud competition almost all the IT giants. They know that in the new and old rules of the game, who hold the initiative, can win the right to speak.

As the global storage industry leader, EMC's strategic focus is on "cloud storage", and to this end, EMC carries out important technology development and extensive collaboration, including a variety of acquisitions and more. Li Ying that cloud storage is an important part of cloud computing, and that cloud storage is the main engine and power driving cloud computing. Today, as individuals and institutions, like the needs of the Web 15 years ago, cloud computing is a huge data center, a new generation of supercomputers, made up of computing, networking, storage, virtualization, management, security. If a narrow understanding of "cloud storage" is the basis of "cloud computing", there will be different vendors to this "super computer" to provide the necessary components.
Recently, EMC has teamed up with China Telecom's Shanghai branch to launch an operator-level cloud information Service-"E Cloud"-for both home and individual users. It can according to user's setting, automatically uses the computer free space, the information backs up to the China Telecom Shanghai Company "E Cloud" data center. When you encounter computer damage, data destruction, accidental deletion, Home Office, telecommuting, and so on, you can recover any point in time data anywhere you can access the Internet. Cloud services are getting closer to us.

In the United States, it has been reported that Microsoft's Windowsazure cloud computing services, after one months of free public testing, began charging on February 1. Microsoft will offer two basic pricing models: A "consumption" option to allow users to pay for the resources they actually use, and a "regular payment" option to offer discounted prices under a 6-month contract. Depending on the processor and other resources, each virtualized Windows Server uses 12 to 96 cents per hour, plus 15 cents a month for each GB of storage, and 1 cents per 10,000 processing charge.

The domestic news is that the Microsoft Cloud computing Platform Azure may enter the Chinese market in various ways. At present, Microsoft has established a cloud computing training center in Hangzhou, taking the lead in providing leasing computing resources, server resources and other services to small and medium-sized enterprises with Microsoft virtualization technology. Leung, chairman and chief executive of Microsoft Greater China, said February 3 that Microsoft will aim at Cloud computing technology in 2010 and continue to promote a three-screen cloud of mobile phones, televisions and computers. It is understood that the so-called cloud computing investment includes, enterprise-class cloud solutions, government information, cloud computing platform.

With Apple's latest ipad, though Apple's CEO Steve Jobs did not link it to cloud computing, Businessweek has dissected: A new era of cloud computing terminals that the ipad could create cannot be overlooked. Scott Foster, senior vice president of Apple's iphone software department, says the ipad wants to provide an experience that holds the entire network in hand. To replicate the success of ipods and iphones, I-pad to use cloud computing plus touch to beat netbooks.

The white-hot cloud computing battle is on the verge of a more heavyweight move, with countries such as the US, Japan and South Korea already proposing their own cloud computing plans from a national strategic level. Gartner predicts that India is in a good position to compete, and that by 2012 India's IT service companies will occupy a 20% per cent lead in the cloud services market. Gartner believes that India's IT companies will take advantage of the established market position and trust, will do some more meaningful research and development work, especially in the field of cloud computing. The collective work of Indian manufacturers represents an important segment of the market cloud aggregation service and will be able to offer cloud outsourcing options.

China is also unwilling to be a person. January 22, China's cloud computing Technology and Industry Alliance (CCCTIA) announced the establishment of the alliance is a cloud-related enterprises, research institutes, related institutions spontaneous, voluntary formation of open, non-profit technology and Industry Alliance, aimed at promoting cloud computing technology innovation and industrial development, to promote and participate in cloud computing international, National or industry standards development, promote the application and implementation of cloud computing technology.

Although the industrial chain has not yet been completed, the phenomenon of horse-racing enclosure is no longer a case, and some experts have expressed serious concern. Philip Sargent, vice president of global storage management at Gartner, said the cloud-computing industry has been fought by many providers of infrastructure services (IaaS) or platform service (PaaS), which lowers the threshold for cloud computing services. Therefore, in the future in the same type of service, there will be several companies competing, will be phased out, a replay of the dotcom bubble. He believes that companies interested in providing cloud computing services must ensure that the product is unique, otherwise it is bound to exit the market.

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