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Free time is an activity at the App Store's Apple Store, which is available free of charge to everyone for a certain period, and anyone with an itunes account can download and install the software. What are some of the most fun games and software that you can avoid today? Broad Bean Net Small series will share with you ~ casual puzzle game, "Box Girl" original price: 6 yuan iphone version Click Download Update: November 20, 2012 size: 48.7 MB "Box Girl" is the United States evaluation of nearly 6,005 stars of leisure puzzle games, mainly to help two people like each other to lead the Red line, is currently limited to free, like the Quick Start Oh ~ (Details click) game play is very simple, there will be a small tutorial, teach you how to arrange the people like each other together, in the process of this arrangement, will appear to make box girls hate boys, so is not put them together, otherwise it will make them unhappy, This will be deducted. Measuring tool "3D protractor" original price: 18 yuan iphone version Click to download the ipad version Click Download Update time: March 13, 2013 size: 14.6 Mbapp Store Tool class is currently popular application of the 3D protractor, long-range measurement of the actual angle of the object? This magical application will not become a reality! If you're still using that plastic protractor, throw it away! You will no longer need to use this traditional protractor, because now there is a powerful angular measuring tool in your hand, and that's your iphone!. Of course, you also need to equip a science fiction class application, that is 3D protractor! Battle Tower Defense game "fleet Battle" original price: 6 yuan iphone version Click to download the ipad version click Download Update: July 07, 2013 size: 19.2 MB "Fleet Combat" to the sea as the stage of Naval warfare Tower Defense game, free combination of different warships. Tired of the enemy tower that I don't move? Tired of the enemy to destroy my immortal tower? So what are we waiting for, let's have a revolution in tower defense! (Details click) in the game players will be based on the role of different warships and the ability of weapons combination, using different range of weapons architecture defense network against enemy attacks, protect their base from damage. "Fleet Battle" game screenshots puzzle Puzzles "separate Stars" original price: 6 yuan iphone version Click Download Update: October 9, 2012 size: 51.7 MB "separate Star" a puzzle game, the player needs to be on a small island, after continuous exploration, thinking, Collect all the information and solve the mystery. (Details click) The game screen is very fascinating, especially in the evening sky is very beautiful xinghai. The game does not support Chinese, although there is no automatic memory of the key screen settings, but also very intimate set up a small notebook, record key text, such as: Unlock the number of passwords or order and so on. "Separated stars" game screenshot Puzzle EliminationGame "Secret Dungeon" original price: 6 yuan iphone version Click Download Update: 20,112 year July 31 Size: 24.6 MB "Quest Underground City" will be three and underground city adventure, play strange combination of games. The game incorporates some RPG elements, so that the game has a lot of promotion. Careers, skills, character upgrades, props, each set are designed to help you explore this square dungeon better. (Details click) "Secret City" game screenshot of the shooting game "storm Pioneer" original price: 6 yuan iphone version Click Download Update: March 27, 2012 size: 33.2 Mbstorm Strikers 2012 on the shelves of a game, today for the first time free, and previously introduced Danmaku Unlimited is a family, this kind of game in the vertical version majority, the player controls a character to attack the massive enemy attacks, and in the process upgrades, strengthens ego's ability, finally defeated the chieftain. The shooting game plays an essential role in the coordination of eye-hand and the mobile planning ability of players ' control. (Details click) "Storm Pioneer" game screenshot fresh note software "day after" original price: 12 yuan iphone version Click Download Update: July 03, 2013 size: 3.1 MB for girls tailored application of "day after", not only to take a diary, Also has the physiological period computation and so on function! First time limit! (Details click) in the software has a calendar view and Timeline view two display modes, as long as the selected date, click on the upper right corner plus or on the bottom of the blank bar on the right to add aunt to visit/leave, all kinds of mood status icons, photos, text and so on. In addition, the software also supports physiological data statistics, password locks and so on. Application screenshot of day after
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