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Absrtact: The user in the life aspect produces each kind of scene and the demand, knows is cannot feel, because you are not in those products, may not see the massive change, can only feel from the outside.

Founder Zhou Yuan said, "The knowledge of the future is what" the sense of work is the only culture of the start-up company

"Most startups I've contacted, including myself, lack common sense," he said. You have to respect business. Many people do not respect business, may be in the product to think a lot, but you can not a little business do not understand, every day to think of a day to drop pie in the sky, naturally, it is not possible. ”

In a restaurant near the company in the evening of Friday, the CEO, co-founder Zhou Yuan, told the journal Curiosity about the new issues he had begun to consider in the past year-how to make money.

On the same day, Zhou Yuan made two speeches to the media with his own slides. After the open registration in 2013, the number of users who started the invitation system was 40 times times more than two years, reaching 17 million. It is planned to become a huge community of 50 million registered users by the end of this year. The question of how to make money has been explained-native advertising.

The numbers look good, but you will inevitably wonder what you are doing: In the past year, no new products have been introduced. The hottest news about the company could be a financial book called "Money," and a micro-marketing campaign around it--these are not the known principal.

Perhaps even more curious is knowing what kind of platform you want to become. In the speech, Zhou Yuan talked most of what the user relied on to know what to do, and he cited the example of pulling investment on the platform, finding a job, or even one's own partner--human connections, not knowledge sharing.

In the interview, Zhou Yuan said the most frequent Silicon Valley companies are not the Quora of the knowledge community, or the source of the internal management approach, but Facebook the world's largest social network.

Even the most important indicator today is the efficiency of information flow rather than the number of questions. Facebook has an engineering team of more than 200 people to optimize the same things.

What do you know about what to do and what to do next in the last 12 months? Zhou Yuan How do you think of the outside world for a few years, "knowledge becomes superficial"? How did the former engineer study the people who knew what they were serving?

Please see his answer:

2014, what do you know?

Curiosity daily: There has been a lot of growth in the past year, but no new products. What did the team do this year?

Zhou Yuan: The main thing is the revival of New York, referred to in the death and health of big cities-a time when the population grew from 7 million to 9 million, and we spent most of our energy on health care and mending windows.

After opening up, the influence of the knowledge becomes bigger, and it takes more effort to do it.

Curiosity daily: Repair is mainly what you say spam, clean up the content of irrigation, against cyber violence these items?

Zhou Yuan: In fact, the whole community management, in the implementation side, there is no way to take these things apart, must be together.

We have had a period of relatively fragmented, the administrator is the administrator, user feedback may be the product side of the responsibility, Spam is mainly the technical framework over there, in addition to the development of community tools.

But these things can't be project-level in a sense. The project level is finished, but this needs to be updated, the need for updates may be from the administrator, but the administrator has no way to find development, because development has finished the project to do something else.

This thing is a long-term existence, must be a complete team to do, the team has the technology, there are products, there are administrators, they are integrated to work together.

Last year, we integrated these people into a team called Admin teams. The Admin team is now about 20 people who have already taken these jobs, but communication goals are not particularly synchronized and need to be integrated.

Curiosity daily: You said that this year's target is 50 million users, this is also your commitment to investors?

Zhou Yuan: This is actually public information, according to our current growth, by the end of this year is almost 50 million. There are not so many ways, specifically to pull it, that is, or to have their own rhythm.

Almost, it may be faster.

Curiosity daily: You always mention "the death of the big city" this book, from the book's Thinking, 2014 you solved the law and order problem, then you have to solve what problem?

Zhou Yuan: Need prosperity.

Curiosity daily: What kind of prosperity?

Zhou Yuan: For New York, the first step is to turn it into a habitable city, and the second step is to become a financial centre. If you ask me about the city, I understand.

To be aware, it should be to increase the true capacity of some kind of information. Prosperity is a symbol, which means that the user can grow here and change. The meaning of prosperity is that your position can change, for example, young people who work from the capital, can become a young lawyer, and later become a senior legal partner, which is a positive, and may change careers, become a painter. A person's state of life will change, prosperity refers to a possibility, which is the city's greatest charm.

Internet products are hard to change, but they can get a lot of value on a certain scale.

Curiosity daily: In the past year, is there anything you want to do well but not do well?

Zhou Yuan: At first the OKR estimate is more optimistic, hoping to see some changes more quickly. By June, when we first did OKR discussion, we thought it might take at least half a year. Because the beginning of the understanding of this matter is very different, some people feel that this is our company to engage in KPI, we are in fact very contradictory.

(Note: OKR is Google's internal assessment system, what is the characteristics of it, you can refer to this article.) )
Know how to make money?

Curiosity daily: The outside world constantly from the perspective of profit, know that there are also constantly asked "know how to make money?" ”。 Do you think much of the problem?

Zhou Yuan: I thought very little of it, and I began to think about it gradually last year. Not too much in the past, then the most important thing is to make the user value.

I understand that this is a weak piece of start-up companies. Most startups I've contacted, including myself, lack common sense. You have to respect business. Many people do not respect business, may be in the product to think a lot, but you can not a little business do not understand, every day to think of a day to drop pie in the sky, naturally, it is not possible.

Business logic has been a place that needs to be respected for thousands of years. I think I still have to think about it. We do the original advertising this thing, do not have to hide and tuck, is to seriously do.

Curiosity daily: What do you think when you think about making money and cashing in on things like that?

Zhou Yuan: The first is to advertise.

Curiosity daily: Why advertising?

Zhou Yuan: We did some experiments last year and we can see some of the changes in the experiment. In addition, if the advertising can not do, then do not think of other.

There are huge differences in advertising on different media. So there must be a native advertisement in the knowledge. Now a lot of banner ads and magazine ads in the form of no difference, but the media has changed a lot. This is a failure.

Curiosity Daily: The advertised advertisement was wrapped to a former watercress team. And on your recruiting page, only the development, community, and design team positions, and did not see the marketing team recruitment?

Zhou Yuan: This thing is to be recruited from the product owner. We started it years ago, but we haven't got the right person for the time being.

Curiosity daily: What are the specific expectations of advertising?

Zhou Yuan: We want it to be as fast and as good as possible, and the advertising business will always be there.

The people we need now are people who can think very carefully about better forms, better ways to interact, and better understand the needs of advertisers.

If we don't find one, we have to do it, but it's a lot slower. At last the business was big, and we had to work desperately to recruit.

Curiosity daily: I know that there are two paper books, dozens of e-books. Do you know why you publish?

Zhou Yuan: First of all, this thing is cool, when we first came out of the physical book, the way is the public, the public raised publishers, but also to raise the IQ of everyone, before no one so out of the book, know that becomes an organizer.

Later, is compared to the landing time, think this thing for the user value is very big. A lot of people did not have a book, and did not think of this matter, in each of the rankings without his voice, no his position, no one will find him, but we can do it, I think it is very meaningful.

Curiosity Daily: Is publishing a valued source of income?

Zhou Yuan: Not quite, at least not now.
Do you know what you care most about the reader's behavior?

Curiosity Daily: What indicators do you usually focus on knowing? We know that different types of companies always have their own specific indicators. For example, Uber is particularly concerned about the efficiency of the car, while the retail industry will value the sales per square meter.

Zhou Yuan: There's really no metric that day to day has to look at. is regular data: new users, content, channels, are very regular data.

For our feeds, it is important to show the number of users who are not interested in 1000 items.

(Note: Facebook's information flow is called News Feed, and its sequencing takes a number of factors and is changing, not entirely in the time of release.) Know that you are also adjusting feeds through multiple dimensions to increase the frequency at which your information is opened by the user. )

Curiosity Daily: Is it effective to focus on a known Feed?

Zhou Yuan: Yes, feeds can be thought of as a barometer of knowing.

Curiosity daily: When you first set up, what are the indicators that you are aware of?

Zhou Yuan: Know when just set up, is to pay attention to yesterday invited users how not yet online, how has not come. We (then the user) are the team invited, that is, I invited 10 people, Schonschen invited eight people, after the invitation to tell each other, we invited who who, and then the other side of the e-mail, said "good." Then we look backstage, this person how has not registered, he is not fooled us. Finally he signed up and cared about when to answer a question.

At the beginning there is such a stage, you do not know whether he will not come, after the end will not start to use, that is the most concerned about.

How do you know how the founders study users?

Curiosity Daily: What is the experience of knowing the CEO?

Zhou Yuan: The CEO's most important thing is three things, products, teams and money. I usually say business and team.

The logic of my product, the most important thing is to understand what the user needs and what the scene is like, or what the group will change.

Social product is actually to solve three core needs: expression, identity, communication and discussion. But these three needs are cut into the three very different spaces of living space, public space and interest learning space.

Users in the life of the various scenarios and needs, know is not felt, because you are not in those products, may not see a lot of changes, only from the outside to feel. So it's particularly important for me to understand the user, to understand what they're doing, and to understand whether the scene is changing.

I'm basically doing these things. is not a matter, these things are a survival pressure, is an instinct. It is never possible to understand, but to try to approach.

Curiosity daily: What products have impressed you in the past year? is not necessarily 2014 born.

Zhou Yuan: I will download the general application, more attention to social products last year. But last year there were not too many new social products.

Yes, I studied for a while, there is a six number. This topic is talked about on any occasion, and everyone is particularly interested in what has happened.

For example, a woman's number online, half an hour later, more than 200 people to greet you. There are some things that are very interesting, the original men are so to greet women. 99% is similar to this "hi", "You Are not", "hello" This certainly no one back.

But there will be one or two of them that will be particularly special and may get a reply, such as "Where can I sing K?" I will continue to talk to him.

Curiosity Daily: Continue the conversation with the character you created?

Zhou Yuan: Yes, with the character I created.

This kind of question pulls you to a scene which is not so clear, I use the male number to experiment, found that this sentence is still very useful.

Earlier, in the early 2013, I also studied the century Jiayuan, the product of the letters dialogue is very classic. It solves the problem of "how to get a quick pick-up" for two people with very specific purposes.

A man and a woman in such a scene, very explicit to tell you are looking for the object, in this situation how to quickly chat?

If you say a word, she will return a word. If there is a lot of nonsense, the woman may think you are boring.

Century Jiayuan has been written to you, you click, it automatically send you a male feeling very good, you reply when it also give you automatically write well, let the other party feel almost at first sight with this person, and then sent over when this thing almost became. I counted, basically three will be able to talk about the initiative.

At that time I asked the user who designed this letters system. This must be through a lot of research, remove a lot of nonsense, go straight to the theme, no and then another. This kind of dialogue, is the human nature of some product design.

Know how the CEO interferes with the company's direction?

Curiosity daily: How big is a known team now?

Zhou Yuan: Now all add up to more than 110 people, including more than 80 formal staff.

Curiosity daily: As the team grows, how does your management change?

Zhou Yuan: In management can do an arithmetic, 1 people can communicate effectively with 10 people. 10 times 10 is 100 people, to maintain a two-tier structure, then the management boundary is 10 people. A little more, 15 times 15 is 225 people, one person to manage 15 people is very difficult, it will become a three-tier architecture. So the team of more than 100 people is not a hurdle, 200 people may be a hurdle.

We have a very simple team that doesn't belong to a big company. Just founded the time is to work in a more primitive way, is a few people based on a very trusting relationship, seven days a week in development, trust is very good.

Later we entered the Innovation factory, its recruitment ability is very strong, the team suddenly become big, from 12 to 30 more people, to Saturday, the people or those who come, we feel unnatural, what others are doing? Nor did I say that you had to come on Saturdays.

At this time we found that the team's behavior and culture, in fact, is not transitive. In a short period of time, the entire team is not fully synchronized and the team behaves in a way that is not transitive.

Then I thought the most important thing was to be clear about what the company was aiming for. The company's vision will not change, but the goal will be. So what kind of goal to achieve in the short term, must be particularly clear.

This goal is clear, if everyone is very agree, the team will have a strong combat effectiveness. If further, the Division of labor is very clear, and better. This is the way we pursue management.

Curiosity daily: Do you still care about specific projects?

Zhou Yuan: I think there is a saying. It is "CEO best not to care about specific projects". This is the Wang Junyu of pea pods told me.

I asked him one day, you are not a big brand designer of Google, you are now in charge of what the core project. He looked at me and thought for a moment and said, "I'm not going to change the project now," and then tell me that it's best for CEOs not to have specific projects.

Because you're bound to make a huge tilt, the company's judgment will be because you many short judgment generation decision, that a lot of sound because of your so-called "irresistible" "Promises", was buried, there is no chance to present, because this logic is the founder said, is the CEO said. Founder in the company will have a very strange ... Moral advantage.

For example, you are a developer, a marketing person comes to you. You must think, this person comes to me, must be to develop what Website, what diversion, it is to harm the user experience.

OK, this time I come, tell you "up", you will feel that the founders are here, 100 ads also want to, is also good. Of course it's a joke, but it's true that sometimes it's counterproductive in this case.

Our overall management and collaboration now is done in a OKR way.

This is a way of knowing how to believe: it is as easy as possible to make my goals and meanings clear. After this is clear, we will have the opportunity to rearrange our team, because it will have a number of areas of concern, in this case, the specific things to do, we can from top to bottom, from the bottom to more than a few times. This thing replaces the general strategy, swearing.

The best thing is that everyone sees the company's plan and feels that it was written by me.

We basically pursue a kind of autonomy, the pursuit of everyone has the opportunity to do a complete product. You want to make a choice, whether it's the boss's decision or the pursuit of self-government. Then we must have chosen the latter.

This time I went to America to ask Facebook how to make product decisions. The first engineer can't answer the question. I didn't get a chance to see Zuckerberg ask him. On hearsay, the friends from around Silicon Valley have heard that the people who live in the Stanford Circle say that Zuckerberg is still quite arbitrary, the boss is in charge (mainly on the product).

But the state of their employees makes you feel like "I made this product, we have this Creative Lab."

Later I felt that some of these things might be a very important one, social product, it has a very important cycle, it still belongs to young people to develop products, for young people to use. How could Zuckerberg think of a product like Snapchat? He was not at all that age, he could not have imagined. He is not excited.

Curiosity daily: What exactly do you do in the company every day?

Zhou Yuan: I mainly with the product of a few people communicate, more casual. It's a daily thing.

For example, experience level of a lot of things, now is mainly to report bugs, tell you whether you see this problem, to solve.

Some things that change, need to communicate with everyone. I want to know what they think. Then together to determine whether this thing to do, if you want to do, you want to find a way to do a demo, or more people to discuss. This is a kind of cycle, will be more.

Curiosity daily: What kind of communication do you have with the larger team? Similar to the whole company?

Zhou Yuan: I insisted on a monthly meeting, but now I find it difficult to carry out. People to a certain degree later, in fact, communication is ineffective, this kind of thing and spend energy, and easy to make people feel formalized, there is no effect, do not want to do.

So want to change once a week, willing to come, but the frequency of speed up, we can ask questions. This may be a better form.

You know what you're worried about?

Curiosity Daily: Is there something that makes you particularly worried or anxious?

Zhou Yuan: What I was worried about is not the same as it is now. There is a stage, still afraid of some things wrong. "Mistaken" means that you may feel that there are some specific rules of this thing, and that there will be the best path. You should understand the path and then develop it.

Is that we stay in the innovation workshop, to be out of the factory this time, there will be a lot of companies around, feel that the whole world is a methodology. Other people to introduce you also did not make it particularly clear, anyway is the company's products have a set of recruitment, what are these? I don't know, it's not what you're doing.

Later I felt that this was not the case. You can listen to what people say. But the most important thing is what you believe and what you believe is something you've actually tried.

Curiosity daily: What do you believe now?

Zhou Yuan: Previously believed that there are methodologies, best practices, or from the business of a lot of things, think relatively simple and original, did not enter very deep thinking. When you go forward, there are a lot of questions you can't answer. Unless you do not explain, but this is not possible. You can not think clearly, so you will feel that there is a problem, is suspicious.

I remember once, early in the day, with a particularly good friend, to discuss the following questions to show the answer, do not provide an option to see the "latest", see "I focus on", or see the default.

It was a very big discussion at the time, in a conference room or café in the innovation workshop.

Why are we talking about this? Because we have no idea what the outcome of this thing will be, it's all in the head. The first idea is that "this thing will change the depth of the knowledge" because there are some things that will increase in real time, and one idea is that this "will change the social structure of the knowledge" because you only see the answers from the people you care about.

If this happens, what will it do? I don't know! Who knows what will happen!

Then we finished the online, after the on-line found no impact. Most users do not use this feature.

So, there is no way to deduce this thing. Is that you have too much doubt, on the day to shrink their own together, think the logic of this problem is what, must come up with a logical closed loop, and then convince themselves, and then convince others "I this logic transparent bar", we logically touch logic.

But in fact, startups, especially internet startups (we don't talk about Internet finance startups), its biggest advantage is not that you want to, but that you try. If you have the ability to do tests quickly, you have the ability to quickly dour No, and you will become more and more confident. At least we found a bunch of dour No things. Let's not do all these things.

I think this is the most important thing.

Curiosity daily: You have talked about your revision is to show first to 1% users, good words to 10% or more users, this is what you say "quick test"?

Zhou Yuan: My ideal situation is that the company's first-line engineers and products have the right to go online, but to what extent there is a difference.

Can be online to the office, or online to see for themselves, can also be online to the Haidian District, 10% of users, or only three hours online. The advantage is that everyone has a chance to validate his ideas. Of course, he will not have a higher line of authority.

If the situation is good, it can become a loop, the possibility of validation is given to the team.

Curiosity daily: So what do you worry about now?

Zhou Yuan: If you have to talk about anxiety, the main thing is how to make people in the team more "work sense", similar to the sense of accomplishment, let him feel that he will be a complete work. This is the only culture that the start-up company has.

It is not important to talk about corporate culture, in the company to put forward a word to describe the corporate culture, people will immediately be divided into "identity of this corporate culture" and "do not identify with this corporate culture" two.

Only one thing is the same, the employee to the company, whether his work really can affect the work itself, generate enough excitement. This is the only thing you have.

So "sense of work" is the only culture of the start-up company, his behavior, values can be very different, but this must be the same, it is necessary to maintain the team members continued excitement.

Curiosity daily: Know is a single relatively large product, how to see personal contribution?

Zhou Yuan: This involves the problem of internal division of work, at least to ensure that each Group, each person's work is as complete as possible, the individual is the same.

Okr not completely solve the problem, but at least it can be fully sketched. As far as possible to avoid the individual feel "link feeling", if the technology side of the development of a thing, all listen to the marketing department, in a few months the team may be completely dissolved.

The relationship between the two parties is not motivated, unless it is something I want to do.

Are you aware of introducing new people into the management team?

Founder Zhou Yuan said, "The knowledge of the future is what" the sense of work is the only culture of the start-up company

In the Office, know that the mascot "Liu Shan" has a work station

Curiosity daily: How do your founders work?

Zhou Yuan: I set the general direction of the company, responsible for communication with investors, and will participate in a new part. I am still more concerned about the team, following the new responsible for the daily, Bai Bai is responsible for growth, Schonschen responsible for the community, big Chunk is so, technical team is Schonschen responsible. There are a number of different group communities under the community, such as community management, top Story, and data.

Curiosity daily: Referring to the team, when you first set up, four founders of three are media-related backgrounds, and one is an engineer, now know more and more, have you considered the introduction of professional managers?

Zhou Yuan: It's a team gene problem. We call it first in the house, and it's the team. Schonschen is the technical background, I can only calculate the technical origin. The background of the whitening is very comprehensive, she has done market, PR, activities, she is very comprehensive, the new do not speak. We must be short of all kinds of people, or according to the matter, if there is a need we will definitely go to find someone.

Sometimes there is no way to extend it indefinitely. We want to be able to pull some people at the core of the company to the forefront of implementation.

Or the question I said, 10 times 10. If you are only 1 times 2, two deputies, that is, everyone tube 10 people, that is 20 people, then go down the company or three-tier architecture.

If companies want to be more flat, they need a bigger first level of corporate architecture. So I think the structure of millet company still makes sense.

Do you know how to solve the imbalance between the production and consumption of information brought by mobile phones?

Curiosity Daily: Your first article as a journalist is about the world moving from desktop to Web pages. Now another trend is starting, and we're moving from desktop-side pages like smartphones. Use the keyboard to contribute content, typing is easier, the mobile phone is more consumption content. Know how to solve the imbalance between input and output?

Zhou Yuan: The answer is yes, the ratio of the desktop to the mobile is about 2:1, and the super long answer is on the web side. But the one thousand or two thousand-word medium answer, a lot of people are written on the phone. There are often seven hundred or eight hundred words in the daily commentary.

I personally do not have this habit, there is no way to enter so many words on the phone, but the observation of many medium-sized answers (one thousand or two thousand words) source, is the mobile end. Some of the answers will be in the final note, "First of all, the answer to the phone, evening back to Add."

Perhaps younger groups are more accustomed to typing on their phones, though the keyboard should be faster in terms of production tools. But this group may be less familiar with the keyboard, the most familiar keyboard is the virtual keyboard on the phone.

Curiosity daily: Have you considered how to motivate people to contribute content at the mobile end of the activity?

Zhou Yuan: The problem is too big, and now many problems with the mobile end come from the product, such as the access path is too long. If you open the Twitter client, the search is in the first place, because Twitter is either sending messages or finding information. and open to know the client or there will be a lot of good enough experience, we have to admit that we have gone through some detours in the design.

Curiosity daily: Do you have a way to completely solve the mobile phone age, input and output imbalance problem?

Zhou Yuan: I don't think there's a single way to make a significant difference in the cost of input.

Do you know what kind of company you want to be?

Curiosity Daily: The information map listed today lists the areas of knowledge covered, what areas are you looking for, but not appearing?

Zhou Yuan: I don't really think much of it. The field is more of a natural form than a deliberate guide.

The growth aspect is mainly to the Facebook substituting team to learn, at the outset, our operating group is more decentralized, such as cooperation, market, micro-blogging operations and attract users are separate, sometimes they need to develop, need to design, but at that time they are fragmented.

After Facebook went public, we saw some of their experiences with a substituting team that had a complete group that included data analysis, development, and the path to use technology and optimize the arrival of new users, which is a good idea. We just put the operation together, and then it became our area of focus, growth.

Curiosity daily: At the beginning of the venture, would someone say that it is too much like Quora,quora to enlighten you?

Zhou Yuan: Just as Google sets the criteria for search: Search is a box, plus a button and a list, Twitter sets the relationship between people as "followers" and "followers".

Quora The biggest value is that it set the standard of products, in addition to people can pay attention to each other, Quora set up between people and information can also pay attention to each other, in addition to the attention of people, can also focus on issues, focus on the topic, according to it and then push. This was the place where Quora most touched me. In addition Apple4us plays a big role in it, it makes a team believe that a group of strange people, people of different backgrounds, in the case of more intensive information can produce more new problems, new answers.

Curiosity Daily: Quora The question that later faced to you have any inspiration?

Zhou Yuan: We don't really care about Quora, maybe Facebook is too powerful. There are no products like Facebook in the country.

The Chinese Internet is an environment without Facebook. Our infrastructure is micro-trust, and the United States is Facebook.

Curiosity daily: When it comes to Silicon Valley companies, you are more about Facebook, and what other companies have you borrowed from?

Zhou Yuan: Substituting team is learning from Facebook, but this study is relatively superficial. The OKR of company management is Google, which is the more important two points.

Curiosity Daily: Do you expect more than a knowledge community to know the future? Or, more directly, do you know if you want to be a Facebook-like open social network, or infrastructure? What do you expect from 50 million users? (This question is an additional interview for subsequent text)

Numbers don't matter, 2013 know the user just 1 million times, a user wrote an article about the community's 5 million law--if the knowledge reached 5 million, there will be a huge qualitative change, then I also pay attention to 5 million of the knowledge of what happened, in fact, nothing special.

I believe that the starting point is the most important.

Last year at the annual meeting, I asked all my colleagues, since 1976, what has been the company that has been consistently and never changed in the last 39 years?

My answer is: they are constantly improving and breaking through the experience and ways of human-computer interaction.

From the DOS command input line to the new window interaction
The invention of the IPod Click Wheel allows users to find the one they want to hear from thousands of songs within seconds.
iphone multi-touch, if someone has used a smartphone before the iphone, Dopod, Palm you'll find that when the iphone comes out, the smartphone industry lacks technology at all, and a new way to connect users and the entire mobile internet

The breakthroughs and experiences of these human-computer interactions have dramatically escalated, allowing the company to produce products, macintosh,ipod and iphones that have had a profound impact on PCs, consumer electronics, mobile phones, mobile internet and music industries, and even some of the industry's development.

To be aware, we must understand what the meaning of growth is. The mission is to have a truly important impact on improving the way people communicate and how to improve mutual understanding and confidence-building.

I hope that under this starting point, on this road, we can pick the moon, go farther.

Do you know what else to do?

Curiosity Daily: Today you put up several examples on the stage, saying that someone here to find a team to work with someone to find an investment, this is a professional demand? Is that a goal to know?

Zhou Yuan: There is not a straightforward logical derivation. First of all, it's not our setting, it's hard to see; second, in a sense, this is an overflow of a group's needs. When it is not satisfied, it will always show.

When there was no Weibo, many people signed on MSN or QQ, will find a place to solve the "expression" this demand.

Curiosity daily: Do you mention that knowing will become a user "a portal to shaping a personal brand" that sounds a bit like lindedin?

Zhou Yuan: LinkedIn is about workplace and job requirements, and it doesn't really make any sense to do a LinkedIn, it's a very old product. But this need can be carefully thought about.

Curiosity daily: Are there more specific plans to do more types of products?

Zhou Yuan: The future is still there. But try it all, maybe you know, this is wrong, I first fork off. In fact, it is still specific to see what is the scene.

Curiosity daily: If a new product is created, must it be built on a known social network? Or do you have a product that doesn't really matter?

Zhou Yuan: That's not possible.

I know that some teams are often going to do something else, or buy a different company and how to dispose of it over time. But I can't do it. I don't think I have the ability to do this kind of thing well.

Curiosity daily: In other words, I know why the daily newspaper is unable to log in with the account.

Zhou Yuan: Logically, it should be aware of the account login.

There are also historical reasons for the development process, the first version comes out, and when the account is logged in, the interface of the application outside authorization is not done well. So I used a Weibo landing. The problem of Weibo landing is to collect and share.

Know how to manage a large community?

Curiosity Daily: Ask a question in the knowledge that it can be modified and can be edited by the public, but is it not offensive to each individual who raises the question?

Zhou Yuan: In the first version of the design, there is a picture next to the problem, who raised a question, the problem is attributable.

Then we found out that the problem was wrong, because it was a public space that was completely built. Twitter, Weibo, no public space, all private space, so say anything.

For the problem, it has to meet two conditions: first, as far as possible to the heavy, second, it can be precipitated. Then it must be a public space and not belong to anyone. The problem page must turn the information into public and editable.

Curiosity daily: What types of content are limited to spread, or unsuitable to know?

Zhou Yuan: That's two questions. The disappearing (content) is an open secret.

Another piece belongs to the restricted circulation. We limit the flow of two big chunks, the first category is the station business problem, a period of time the user put forward the biggest upset is "You don't show me these questions about knowing," if you see online every day "know that there are bugs", "This change does not change", you are also very annoying. In fact, most users are not so concerned about the knowledge itself, of course, some users are particularly concerned about.

Therefore, the question of the station service will be restricted and the people concerned can continue to pay attention to it.

The second is to investigate the problems of the class, the question of the survey category is particularly broad, from "You like to eat Chinese food or western", "you like to get up early or late", "Chinese people are not a seed", even the distant universe. This kind of problem it is not suitable to know, also can limit.

I can't say it's worthless, you make it into a questionnaire better, you get everyone to answer, it's strange that it gets hot and it may also affect other normal uses. This category also limits.

Each product has its boundaries in the information structure, a product must not do a lot of things.

Curiosity daily: Knowing seems to encourage long answers in various places, is length an important indicator of the quality of the answers?

Zhou Yuan: We comment on the distinction between the long review, the essay is mainly to filter the content of "irrigation" in the content of the push and no particular trend.

It is not so important to know that the drum does not encourage long answers. Because to a certain extent, you can not encourage. If everyone likes short answers, it's no use for the community to encourage long answers.

A user has done a survey of civil investigation, the user's answer to the length of the approval to do a detailed distribution, found that a few of the relationship is not big.

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