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Recently, the author from 91 mobile phone assistant downloaded a so-called iphone on the most professional K-song software: Iktv, the author of the user from the perspective of a series of tests and comparisons, combined with the feelings of friends wrote some things, want to give all K songs and music enthusiasts some advice, above purely personal feelings, if there is a difference of feeling, Please forgive me! IKTV1, interface operation IKTV software interface is a black heavy metal feeling of the interface color, to a heavy sense of sureness, but not lack of fashion. Software in the future is to search for songs, the recent new songs, my download, my MV, set five large items, at a glance, quite concise to the force! Enter the search song, there are pinyin song, singer song, handwritten song, theme classification, the list of five submenu, the author one by one trial, found that pinyin song and handwritten song is quite practical, find songs quite speed, which handwritten song can be entered at the same time singer name and song name to find, personal feeling is very good, The whole feeling search song five options such as outside KTV inside the song system as convenient and quick and practical! Enter my download and my MV, click Edit can download and recorded songs to delete, this function and Ipohe mobile phone use the same way, very let people understand and operation! Enter the settings, can find help with about the two buttons, I hope the first time users can look at the two documents, there are some developer suggestions, for the free use of the software is very useful, but also hope that the developers to improve the two documents. Iktv Interface Comprehensive Evaluation: simple and easy to use, beautiful and generous. Rating: 5 minutes 2, software function is very many, there are pinyin, handwriting, singers, languages, types, new songs and other functions, KTV rooms have some basic, can record audio files, video files, support the synthesis with their own photos and subtitles mv, but also upload to micro-blog, mailbox, this function is very powerful, Can let a lot of friends share my song and MV. Set some of the pictures inside, personal feeling very practical, the author tried to set their own photos into the MV recording, see their own photos and settings of the words in the MV play, a little sense of achievement! Set some of the pictures inside, personal feeling very practical, the author tried to set their own photos into the MV recording, see their own photos and settings of the words in the MV play, a little sense of achievement! At the same time, I also tried to upload a song that I think is better to his microblog to his girlfriend show Love, gave her a small surprise! Comprehensive evaluation: can sing to appreciate, can record upload, feature-rich, highly developed space rating: 4.5 points 3, the song effect I downloaded nearly 100 songs I like after the song and often go to KTV private room song comparison, found that the song version of the basic MTV or concert version, and KTV venues to provide the same songs! Another song of the original accompaniment some not unified, but this is a small problem, no leisure cover Yoga! To sum up: Video clear, excellent quality. Comments are divided into 4 points 4, download speedIt's slow to download at the peak of the night, in the morning when the download quickly, estimated peak users too much, hoping to solve the peak download speed of the problem download speed is slow to sum up: 4 points 5, the number of songs because it is a song from YouTube, so the number of songs, all types have, old songs, new songs , red songs, nursery rhymes, popular songs and so on are very rich. Comprehensive evaluation: Song richness score: 4. 5 minutes 6, update speed because it is a song that is quoted from YouTube, I believe the update should be synchronized with YouTube! Specific due to the short time, there is a period of continuous investigation! Update Speed General Rating: 4.57, the stability of the author has not met the automatic exit is like, if there is an automatic exit is like, it should be the user to open the task too much, resulting in insufficient memory, you can close off some of the program to release some of the inner can be, the overall stability is very good! Comprehensive evaluation: temporary very stable! Rating: 5 points 8, similar product comparison the author is a K song enthusiasts, used several good K song software, the biggest problem is no song video, Iktv the biggest feature is to provide a complete MTV or a concert, with other software can not be compared to the advantages. So at this point, IKTV is the so-called Ipohe history of the most professional KTV software comprehensive evaluation: the advantages of similar products is obvious! Rating: 5 points 9, the expansion of the author tried to buy the original Apple AV cable connected to the Ipohe, and then the audio line to the left and right channel to the amplifier, run this software on demand, really is to create a KTV rooms! But the small screen song is still not used to, but this feature expansion done very well! Good score with sound amplifier TV: 4.5 points overall test and contrast, the average is divided into 4.5 points! I really think IKTV is a convenient and practical operation, Rich function, the song effect is very good, the song quantity is rich, the renewal speed is fast, can synthesize the MV and uploads, the extension good K song software, in the author uses similar software, should be the most professional! Expect this software to continue to strengthen, do this industry n0.1!
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