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Lenovo announced its break-up of four business groups January 29, after Lenovo announced the largest acquisition plan in its history, and last night the group declared an adjustment to its organisational structure and top management team. Since April 1, 2014, Lenovo Group will be split from the existing two major business groups into the PC, mobile, enterprise and cloud services four business groups, the existing senior management team will also be a major change. Liu June, the former president of Lenovo's business group, will specialize in Lenovo Mobile and be promoted to Executive Vice President (EVP) by senior vice president. Liu June's promotion and the power of Lenovo's focus on the mobile business, indicating its internal leadership in Lenovo gradually enhanced. In early January 2013, media reported that "Liu June is expected to succeed Yang as CEO." In this regard, Lenovo through media channels to quell this speculation, Yang even in the media interview deliberately expressed a "not yet to the retirement age." This Lenovo group "split two Li four" adjustment, Liu June in charge of the product line, or in the position of changes, can be seen as "reused again." Whether this means Lenovo is "ready to go" is not yet clear. According to Lenovo's official news, the split of the four business group structure and executive changes are as follows: the PC business group (including the Lenovo Brand and think Brand), led by the current leader of the European Middle East and Africa region (EMEA) Lanci (GIANFRANCOLANCI) responsible. The PC business Group will continue to expand our leading core PC business globally, driving profitability and breaking innovation. The mobile business group (smartphone, flat panel, Smart TV) is responsible for the current leader of Lenovo's business group (consumer and mobile products). The goal of the mobile business group is to become a profitable global manufacturer in the rapidly growing range of smartphones and tablets, and is committed to the development of smart television business. Enterprise-class business groups, including servers and storage, are gerrysmith by the incumbent leader Americas. The goal of the enterprise business Group is to build a new, fast-growing profit engine based on Lenovo's existing solid enterprise-class business. The recently announced mergers and acquisitions IBMx86 server business will be incorporated into Smith's organization after the required approvals are completed. Cloud services business group (including Android and Windows software opportunities) by the current Lenovo Group senior Vice president, Chief Technical Officer He Zhiqiang to take responsibility. The cloud services business Group aims to further establish ecosystem operations to achieve ecosystem expansion and value-added services. The above organizational structure will replace the existing two business groups (Lenovo business group with consumer computers and mobile products, and the business computer and enterprise-class products). In terms of executive change, regional sales organizations remain largely unchanged, with Lanci leading the European Middle East and African region (EMEA), Smith led Americas and Chen Xudong (Lenovo Group's senior vice president, China Regional President)Guide the Chinese area. The complex and diverse Asia-Pacific region (asiapacificregion) is divided into Asia-Pacific mature markets (Japan and Australia, New Zealand) and Asia-Pacific Emerging Markets (the former Asia-Pacific region in addition to Australia and New Japan market). Asia-Pacific mature market will report to Lanci; Asia-Pacific Emerging markets will report to Chen Xudong. Peterhortensius, head of the current Lenovo think Business group (think brand commercial products), was appointed Director of research and Development and technology and was the chief technology officer of Lenovo, taking over the work of former chief technical officer He Zhiqiang. In addition, Liu June and Gerrysmith were promoted to Executive Vice President (EVP) by senior vice president. Lenovo Group chief financial Officer Wong promoted to Executive Vice President (EVP). Lanci (Gianfrancolanci) was promoted to Executive Vice President (EVP) and chief Operating Officer (COO). Lanci will also lead the integration of operations and strategic alliances, and be responsible for the company's operations and process optimization. "Lenovo is in the midst of an exciting and important development phase, and we will do our best to build new businesses and build new business support for the company," said Yang, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group. With the traditional personal computer business has a strong relationship with the new business, we will give full play to the accumulated strengths and competitive advantages to develop, and for the new development opportunities in the business, we will establish a traditional PC business with a completely different core competitiveness. By forming new business groups and by dividing the Asia-Pacific region, we will be better able to defend and strengthen our leadership in the field of personal computers, and to promote the growth of new businesses that are vital to future development. ”
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