Lenovo China CEO Chen: HP PC does not sell more favorable for Lenovo

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Core tip: "Even if Samsung buys HP PCs, it will not change the global PC industry's pattern."  August 24, Lenovo China CEO Chen Xudong in an interview with our correspondent. "Even if Samsung buys HP PCs, it will not change the global PC industry," Hou Jiyong Beijing reported.  August 24, Lenovo China CEO Chen Xudong in an interview with our correspondent. Since the Friday HP announced the surrender of Palm, and then it will be stripped of the PC business, and rumors of the leading actor Samsung recently also frequent movements. August 23, according to sources from the upstream supply chain, Samsung Electronics has been with Quanta, Compal and Heshuo and other Chinese Taiwanese manufacturers to contact, may be part of the order outsourcing to these companies.  Previously, Samsung's notebooks were all produced by its factories in mainland China.  Chen Xudong that the "in the Doghouse" HP is more favorable to Lenovo-internal not to be valued, channel partner mentality instability; if sold to other vendors, HP PC may be a good idea. Data from the ICD, global PC shipments grew 2.6% in the second quarter of this year, Lenovo grew 22.9%, HP grew 4%, Dell was 2.8%; North America's overall market fell 4%, Lenovo surged 30.8% and its market share reached 6.6%; in Western Europe, Dell slipped 12.7%,  Hewlett-Packard slipped 6.1%, Acer slipped 44.6%, Lenovo to buy Germany Medionag 900 million dollars to gain more than 14% growth, its European market share also increased to 7%. But at the same time, Apple's two-quarter sales in Greater China exceeded Lenovo's first place. Chen Xudong believes that the ipad is born, the future will certainly curb the growth of laptop sales, but will not die under the impact of Apple, more applications more suitable for notebooks. At the same time notebook form, functions are also changing, such as the emergence of dual-mode computers, while meeting the needs of work, entertainment, and entertainment mode of standby time can be comparable to the ipad; second, Android, Windows tablet will change the ipad's single big pattern, the future tablet market, Android, Apple,  Windows has a place. Chen Xudong says Lenovo now has a 50% market share in the Android tablet market. Lenovo also plans to launch a Windows tablet computer that will take 20% per cent of the market in the tablet market in the future, he said. The ipad now occupies 85% per cent of the market, meaning Lenovo must "scramble" from Apple.  Chen Xudong that Lenovo's chances are that tablet computing needs will shift from fashion to utility. Lenovo CEO Yang Yang, said in an interview with reporters: "Apple in China targeting only high-income groups, but ignored the broad masses of low-income consumers demand." "Apple products are very high-end, the price is high." But for the two or three-line small and medium-sized cities, the price of more than 500 U.S. dollars (about 3200 yuan) of products are rarely asked. I'm notSay that Apple lowers prices, but that low-end markets have great potential. ”
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