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Delivering happiness, a recent autobiography of Zappos founder. It was mentioned that http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/10822.html ">zappos done one thing: customer service." The most important job for employees is "WOW customers", and the result is "terrific word of mouth". Is it possible to say that success comes from doing the right thing and doing absolutely one or two important things.

Zappos, a shoe-selling internet sales company, was recently bought by Amazon, founder Tony Hsieh, a Chinese-speaking man who said he founded the company because he had once attended a party and heard a woman say, "Imagine, create and believe in your own world, Eventually the world will gather around you. It certainly inspired and encouraged him.

Zappos once ran very difficult, inventory, logistics, services and so on, a lot of problems. Hsieh recalled that, since 2000, he was determined to put aside other annoyances as long as he was the best customer service in the world. So the first thing is for all salespeople to stop caring about daily sales quotas and fixed words, they have only one task: Wow customers.

Yesterday to participate in the 21st Century business evaluation of an activity, I talked about the fact that the technical threshold of e-commerce is very low, E-commerce is a shortcut to rise, but the enterprise will eventually return to do the fundamental enterprise. Sometimes we continue to talk about the story of Zappos.

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