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UNIX System Management: Using Network services

By completing this chapter, you can do the following: Describe the functions of different network services understanding local area networks (LANs) in Unix find the host name of the local host and the hostname of the other system on the LAN. Use the Arpa/http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/33795.html >berkeley service to perform remote logins, remotely file transfers, and remote command execution. 11.1 What is a LAN? The local area network (LAN) is in a small ...

PHP operation MySQL 3rd pass the first day

This paper introduces how to build a network database application method by MySQL of the golden combination of Web database, PHP is a server-side embedded hypertext Processing language similar to Microsoft ASP, it is a powerful tool to build dynamic website. While MySQL is a lightweight SQL database server that runs on a variety of platforms, including Windows NT and Linux, and has a GPL version, MySQL is considered the best product for building a database-driven dynamic Web site. PHP, MySQL, and Apache are Linux ...

Nutch Hadoop Tutorial

How to install Nutch and Hadoop to search for Web pages and mailing lists, there seem to be few articles on how to install Nutch using Hadoop (formerly DNFs) Distributed File Systems (HDFS) and MapReduce. The purpose of this tutorial is to explain how to run Nutch on a multi-node Hadoop file system, including the ability to index (crawl) and search for multiple machines, step-by-step. This document does not involve Nutch or Hadoop architecture. It just tells how to get the system ...

is open source software trustworthy?

People often ask me if they really should believe in Oss. In other words, the worry is: is the OSS the angel that brings us a good life, or is it a demon that destroys our lives? As a matter of fact, this problem has been raised since the beginning of Linux and various BSD (Berkeley Software distribution) operating systems. In reality, any organization or enterprise is very cautious in planning to use a free software that is not from a reputable merchant. As a routine, generally ...

Some principles of software design

In the past, we have introduced some principles of software development, such as the 10 commandments of high quality code and the UNIX design principles described in the UNIX legend (next article). I believe that you can learn from middle school some knowledge of design principles, as I said in the "How Do I Recruit procedures", a good programmer usually consists of its operational skills, knowledge level, experience level and ability four aspects. Here I would like to talk about some of the principles of design, I think these things belong to the long-term experience summed up knowledge. These principles should be understood by every programmer. But...

Cloud computing expression

One for the pursuit of high-quality cloud storage solutions providers and service providers, in addressing some of the corresponding cloud storage issues, inevitably have to deal with some of the tasks on cloud computing. This article attempts to interpret the fact that if an ambitious cloud storage provider wants to provide good cloud storage services, then all the cloud computing issues it needs to address are all challenging and belong to a rare category. Therefore, we can calculate a corresponding problem, whether it is "on the cloud" or "under the cloud," and it is understood that a term is called "command line." The expression is as follows: order to lose ...

win2000,red Hat Linux,sco UNIX Multi-operating system installation Instance

Changed a company, took a new machine, just installed the system, just want to install a number of operating system instances, the process written down, to many want to install the system and encounter many problems friends to do a reference. I installed the new system for three days, to verify the various methods, the following will be the best way to write down. Before that, want to explain is the partition must not use Microsoft Fdisk, zoned out of the partition will have a lot of trouble; Secondly, I do not know why the SCO partition to the Redhat under the overlap, seems to be a different understanding of LBA, my hard drive under SCO ...

UNIX System Management: Shell Programming Loop statements (1)

By completing this chapter, you will be able to do the following: Use the while statement to repeatedly execute a piece of code when the condition is true. Use the loop statement to repeatedly execute a piece of code until the condition is true. Use the interactive for statement for loop control. 1. Brief introduction to the loop objective: Repeat the execution of a list of commands. control; a return value based on a key command. Three forms: While ... do ... do loop ... do ... do.

The growth history of Mac OS

Mac OS is the operating system that runs on Apple's Macintosh family of computers, and has been used by the industry to compare with Microsoft's Windows. Mac OS is the first commercially successful graphical user interface, when Mac OS launched a graphical interface, Microsoft remained in the DOS era, Windows is still in swaddling.   As Mac OS X Lion is about to launch, let's review the Mac OS's "Past and Present life". Mac OS can be divided into two of the operating system ...

Unix System Management: scheduling cron tasks

To complete this palm, you can do the following things: use cron to submit, list, and delete time schedule tasks. Schedule full and incremental backups to run automatically. Allow non-roothttp://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6579.html > users to use the Cron 14.1 cron Daemon-cron daemon to execute commands at specified dates and times Automate Daily Task examples:-Trim system log files-hold ...

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