Li Yizhong: Industrial stabilisation and recovery are still deep-seated problems

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Li Yizhong: Annual industrial production is expected to grow 10.5% Xinhua Beijing November 14, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Minister Li Yizhong 14th in the third Chinese and foreign multinational company CEO Roundtable forecast that China's second quarter after the two-month industrial value increase will increase by about 16%, the year is expected to increase about 10.5%,  Can guarantee GDP growth of 8%. Li said that in 2008 China's industrial value added accounted for 43% of GDP, the contribution rate to GDP growth reached 42.8%, and the contribution rate to national tax was 50%. Since the second half of last year, the international financial crisis has increased the impact on China's industry and industrial growth has fallen sharply.  The Chinese government has decisively adjusted its macroeconomic policies and implemented a package to effectively reverse the sharp decline in industrial growth. Li pointed out that from the beginning of this March, the industrial economy showed a steady rebound and continuous growth trend, October growth rate of 16.1%, back to the level of last June, a big V-word. 39 categories of industries all achieve year-on-year growth, corporate profits in the third quarter of the quarter has been growing, the cumulative decline gradually narrowed. Factory price of industrial products continued a small increase in the chain, the cumulative decline in gradually narrowed.  The decline of foreign trade is also clearly narrowed, industrial electricity consumption increased, the steady rebound in railway transport, further consolidating the industrial economy to a good situation. Li said that from the international perspective, economic recovery needs a process, while the world's industrial structure and pattern is accelerating adjustment, change. From the domestic point of view, China's industry still has some deep-seated problems, including the core technology and key technical innovation capacity, industrial structure is not reasonable, the problem of industrial surplus, industrial concentration is not high, resource consumption is too large, resources and environmental constraints increasingly prominent.  At present, China's industrial economy to stabilize the foundation of the recovery is not stable, the imbalance between the industries, some industries, enterprises are still relatively difficult production and management, internal and external environment is still grim.  Li said that the future work is to further consolidate the industrial economic stability and recovery of the good momentum, promote smooth and rapid development, structural adjustment and optimization and change the way of development as the main line, pay more attention to independent innovation and technological transformation, pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, pay more attention to promote the integration of It is understood that the third Chinese and foreign multinational company CEO Roundtable by the China International Association of Transnational Corporations and UNCTAD, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Global Compact Organization and other 6 agencies co-sponsored.
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