Line announces number of users up to 300,000,004 months add 100 million

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Tencent Science and Technology (Wang) line company CEO Sen Chuan Liang announced to the outside world, mobile communications application line users today to 300 million. 100 million new users in four months. Sen Chuan Bright on the personal blog introduced the number of line users to increase the key node, since June 23, 2011, the official line of products, this January, the number of users reached 100 million, July reached 200 million, November reached 300 million. He hopes the number of users can exceed 500 million next year. Today, line has evolved from a chat application to a mobile-side social platform that involves emoticons, games, comics, divination, news, etc. Marketing and advertising for business owners are also expanding. The next key business also includes music and electricity. According to line company's third quarter earnings, line application income is 160 million U.S. dollars, of which game revenue accounted for 60%, the expression map income accounted for 20%. The proportion of game income is still increasing. But line has not yet released its monthly active users, compared with similar applications, WhatsApp's monthly number of users reached 350 million, micro-letter month active users in the third quarter of this year year-on-year growth of 124%, has reached 272 million. For line, accelerating the coverage of its global users and tapping the growth potential of new business models will be a long-term development priority. Rumours have been rife that line will be IPO overseas next year, and that this rumor may come true if the company's business keeps growing momentum.
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