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News and Information August 4, by the Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, the United States International Data Group (IDG) jointly sponsored the "MACWORLD2012 Digital World Asia Exposition recently held in Beijing." The conference, "mobile interconnection, leading the future" as the theme, invited leaders of the competent departments, industry experts and business leaders to participate, focusing on mobile interconnection current status and future development trends and other strategic issues. Nine health care (002432, shares bar) Electronics Co., Ltd. chairman Liu delivered a keynote speech.

Liu, chairman of JIU ' an Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

Liu says the mobile internet is changing the world and our traditional healthcare industry wants to follow suit. Mobile Internet start is because Iphone,iphone is now your camera, is your player, is your flashlight, is your navigator, connect the speakers can listen to music, connect the handle can play games, connect the sensor can help you remote control appliances.

At the same time, Liu that with the growing market share of smartphones, smartphones play an increasingly important role in everyday life and are bound to replace traditional handsets, something that will certainly happen in the coming years.

The following is a transcript of the speech of Liu, chairman of nine Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

Liu: Good afternoon! The mobile internet is changing the world, and our traditional healthcare industry wants to follow suit. Mobile Internet start is because Iphone,iphone is now your camera, is your player, is your flashlight, is your navigator, connect the speakers can listen to music, connect the handle can play games, connect the sensor can help you remote control appliances. Now the iphone can also help you do something more important that you've never done before, monitoring and managing your health.

One of our products is called Iheatlh sphygmomanometer, which can measure blood pressure with the iphone and ipad, track charts, and share measurements. Our product has a hardware, with the finger click to slide what you want to know, can be presented in front of your eyes, mobile internet can be anywhere, anytime, this is a visual charting process, you can track your blood pressure for a long time, so that doctors can better understand your blood pressure. We also received some awards.

A simple question, if you have an iphone, an ipad, in a reasonable price range, one is a traditional sphygmomanometer, one is the management of personal health function of the smart Sphygmomanometer, will buy which product? If you answer by choosing to buy a smart, personal health-care sphygmomanometer, your answer means that the industry may be in for a revolution. The combination of traditional industry and mobile interconnection may change traditional industries and even subvert traditional industries.

With the growing market share of smartphones, traditional handsets are increasingly being replaced in everyday life, something that will certainly happen in the coming years. Of course, we also hope that in the next few years Smart Sphygmomanometer will be like smartphones to replace the traditional sphygmomanometer, this is a dream we have just begun. After accurate definition and development, smart device integration to the terminal, in fact, the iphone and the ipad at this time is already a network of things, so that consumers bring more benefits and convenience, this is not a simple upgrade of traditional products, is a combination of hardware and software, is a much easier to understand, More intuitive, data easier to share, it through the Internet of Things terminal iphone, the ipad, passed to the cloud, is a personal version of the health management, can also be a network version of health management. We see new changes in the future of mobile medicine. There have been many, like the management of sports, Nike walked in front, has launched several products, can manage your sports; Fitbit is also a product of management campaigns.

To manage the weight of the product, we have an iphone-attached weight meter that can manage your weight and accurately calculate your physical activity and body weight. Withings also has such product management.

Management of blood sugar, we introduced this year a blood sugar management products, with the iphone connected. Next to Sanofi's Ibgstar. The combination of mobile terminals and the healthcare industry has begun to appear in these areas, these ends are constantly appearing, and these end can be connected to the cloud, that is, we really started mobile medical care, the past we can not do telemedicine, it is difficult to do, in the beginning becomes convenient, easy and simple.

In the future there may be blood oxygen, sleep, and more products that combine with mobile terminals, this form a mobile end to the cloud of the entire health management system, through individuals or patients to collect their own pathological characteristics, pathological signals, health signals, passed to the cloud, passed to professional institutions, professional units, for the hospital, this is a new medical model , so that the tentacles of the hospital can be directly exposed to the family, a large number of medical resources to save the hospital, but also save a lot of sick people's time.

Because the data is more detailed and more real-time than before in the medical institution, the effectiveness of the disease diagnosis is greatly improved. And every patient may have a personal health file set up in the cloud, the data and hospital system docking, better grasp of each user's physical condition, personalized medical care will usher in a new height. We've been talking about telemedicine for many years before the iphone came up, but telemedicine hasn't really been found in our lives, and it's actually the last kilometer. Now the detection device connected to the mobile terminal, very convenient, very simple to combine the data of the user with the hospital data, combined with hospital treatment, telemedicine through the iphone, the ipad, may be a simple problem diagnosis can be produced, this is telemedicine, mobile medical last kilometer, this leap, Believe that in the future will not be long time to change our many medical methods and medical industry.

This also has a lot of benefits for patients, chronic patients, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, through long-term and timely monitoring, can significantly reduce the proportion of early diagnosis and prevention of disease, and users in the home use, real-time monitoring, timely communication with the doctor, greatly reducing the cost of many medical services, Can make our personal medical life better, faster and stronger.

Today we start with an end, a product that combines with mobile internet. Today this product officially enters China, we are in Macworld booth is 120, welcome everybody to experience. Thank you!


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