Malicious deduction software two weeks to detect more than 1500

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Our News (reporter Mengwei) "Mobile phone do not know how to be deducted money", "mobile phone more and more slow, old panic", "commonly used software was inexplicably deleted" ... If the mobile phone found such a problem after the internet, it is likely that the malware "recruit."  Advantage Technology (UC) yesterday released the first "mobile internet Security broadcast" said that the past two weeks, the UC Security Center to monitor more than 3,000 mobile internet malware, of which more than 50% of the existence of the unauthorized withholding fee behavior. This January, a phishing website phishing a bank's mobile version of the portal, the illegal fishing site to steal the user's account and password, resulting in the account of the illegal withdrawal of cash, a single poisoned users of the highest amount of stolen more than 2000 yuan, resulting in serious economic losses.  This February, the "skeleton of the mobile phone" through the download infected hundreds of thousands of mobile phones, single users deducted more than 200 yuan. Internet encounter phishing website, download encounter malicious software ... With the advent of the 3G era, many users have experienced similar problems.  Mobile phones more and more intelligent, loaded with "things" more and more, become a "carry the necessary", the security issue is also prominent.  The first UC mobile internet security broadcast released yesterday showed that the UC mobile security browser has provided security for more than 10 million users over the past two weeks, successfully alerting more than 150,000 malware downloads and 1.4 million risk site visits. Experts explained that attackers often through fishing, fraud and other means, from the Web site access to the user's interests to damage.  The UC mobile phone security browser through the handset to the Web page, download information feedback to the server-side Cloud computing Service Center, and then through the database to identify, filter bad information, can play a purpose to protect the interests of users.  Up to now, the cloud Security Service has tested over 1 million websites and hundreds of thousands of software packages, confirming that more than 10,000 sites are at risk and more than 3,000 installation packages are malware.  The report said that the malicious software ranked the top 5 malicious acts are: no hint privately deducted fees, no hint of private networking, unknown process resident memory; "Malware is a nuisance," said Yu, the dominant technology chief executive. Mobile phone interconnection industry chain enterprises, should be through open cooperation, innovative mobile Internet security standards, build and share malicious Web sites, malware blacklist, improve the security of mobile phone users to protect the Internet and promote the healthy development of the industry. RJ038 "Instance resolution" the latest malware suction process Advantage technology and technical personnel to reporters demonstrated a "VIVA TV" mobile software, the software will not be prompted to send text messages and privately deducted fees.  After the test started, in the process of installing the software, although there are user agreements, but the agreement does not say how to charge, when the charges.  software installed, into the software, click on the options, there will be a suspicious message, "whether to determine the number ' 10669*** ' Send SMS." "This message is notThere are any predecessors, we can intercept through security software, ordinary users simply can not learn all this happening. The technician told the reporter.  After repeated testing, as long as the user clicks on any option within the software, the software will send text messages to "10669***". So, what exactly is this "10669***" number? Just look it up from the search engine and you'll find that this is the service number of an SP (the service provider). And the whole process, ordinary users can not identify, unknowingly be malicious deduction fee.
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