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Last night, economist Mao came to Ningbo, attended by the Windsor XR Scotch whisky and the Chamber of Commerce network held "Windsor influence Forum", and the China Ningbo Network jointly created "Day one Reds Hall" column exclusive video interview.  Mr. Mao to the readers and netizens concerned about buying houses, stocks, investment, entrepreneurship and other issues have been answered.  When can I buy a house? 40 years old to buy a house more normal "2009 has a TV series is very red, called" dwelling ", talking about the house problem, now the price is so high, I really buy or not buy? Reporter with the reader Mr. Xu's question to Mao questions. Mao said: "Dwelling" This story I have heard, I would like to ask the question of the people how old? I bought the room at the age of 75, more than 20 years old there is no need to buy a house, I do not mean to let everyone like me to more than 70 years old to buy a house, I think a person to 40 years old to buy a house is the most suitable age, the parents have the money except. "Prices are rising, not developers want to raise prices, because the supply is insufficient, because the price is determined by supply and demand." Some people will ask, we do not lack of steel and cement, not lack of labor, why our house will not supply enough?  Because we lack land, this contradiction cannot be solved for a long time. A netizen online ask: "When is the best time to buy a house?" "First, when you have enough money to buy a house, and second, when you think the price of a house is cheaper than the monthly rent, then you can buy a room."  "Mao said.  Do you buy or rent a house this year? To do a good job of long-term rental Mao guess, in the next 3-10 years, will be a low rent, high housing prices of the era, most people should do a long-term rental preparation. "As far as I know, there are a lot of houses are empty there is no one living there, the house is empty that is loss, the landlord will take out rent, now a lot of rental room, which explains why the house prices are so strong, and the rent has not risen at all." Buying a house is an act of possessive gratification, and don't let yourself suffer to satisfy your desires. There is no bad, people need to pursue, but the pursuit of pragmatic, not always towards the fixed goal of buying a house to go down, sometimes can move to change the target. "Mao to buy a house as a target," he said. You love a person, that person does not love you, you pursue not to torment oneself, this is just like your love for the house, is a kind of hope of pain, can put the goal farther, change some point of view, you will find in fact life can pursue a lot of things, The house is just one of the lovers you seek, just a tree in the forest.  "How should young people start a business?" To make money is to make money is to create wealth, and young people have to learn to do the first thing is: Make money. In Mao's view, a person can make money, is to create wealth for society. Mao said, "before everyone's opinion, one said to make money, a hiring, is to exploit, in fact, this view has been denied by economists all over the world." Yao Ming plays basketball to earn severalCan you say that the wealth he created is exploiting others? Mao Frankly, although young people's entrepreneurial enthusiasm is high, but the success rate is very low. An important reason for the failure of young people to start a business is not to grasp their identity, young people are more accustomed to playing the "buyer" role, familiar with the "buyer" of the state of mind, but do not know how to do the "seller" of the play, "in this regard, the young people lack of experience, and these experience does not necessarily come from books, More from social practice. "While encouraging young people to start a business, Mao still reminds young entrepreneurs that they need to learn to adjust their goals in a timely manner," it is not advisable to hang in a tree. "Follow the rules of the market and make money openly." This is also the basic idea that Mao encourage young people to start a business. (Source: Southeast business newspaper)
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