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99% of China's enterprises are SMEs, they are the main body of China's economy, very active, rapid development. However, an unavoidable problem is that China's new small and medium-sized enterprises life cycle is very short, only 3, 4 years. Microsoft's SME Specialist, Vahétorossian, is looking to give Chinese SMEs a good dose of medicine.

Recently, Microsoft Global Small and Medium market solution and partner Business Company vice President Vahétorossian in Beijing received CNET Science and technology Information Network interview.

Vahétorossian has been working in Microsoft for 18 and has a variety of managerial positions, especially for the SME market. He pointed out that the rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China has made a strong contribution to the Chinese economy, but the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is facing a major challenge, that is, the new SME life cycle is short, only 3, 4 years. "By adopting advanced technology and deploying advanced solutions, such as cloud computing, the viability of SMEs can be enhanced." ”

SMEs must increase IT investment

Vahétorossian said that China's small and medium-sized enterprises in comparison with the rest of the world's SMEs, the more lack of necessary infrastructure and related equipment, in understanding the latest technology development trends, seize market opportunities and improve technical capabilities, less than other places.

Vahétorossian said, "Microsoft is very concerned about the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, specializing in in-depth research, trying to find the short life cycle of Chinese SMEs root causes." Over the past 12-14 months, we have selected a global market for research. In the small and medium-sized enterprises we visit, they know more about the status quo and difficulties, 60% of the SMEs surveyed said that in the next 18 months, there are plans to significantly increase the investment in it, at least 50% of the increase. The survey also shows that China's vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises have been aware of their own needs, began to increase it investment to enhance competitiveness. ”

Vahétorossian praised the fact that China's small and medium-sized enterprises have increased it investment, but he cautioned that "in the process of increasing it investment, due to the increase of SMEs ' investment trend in broadband connectivity, interconnection, access, etc., customers need to put more emphasis on security." ”

Small and medium-sized enterprises do not need to do IT experts

"It is clear that the aim of SMEs is clearly to increase the ability of cash flow through increased it inputs, and to enhance the ability to find new customers." In particular, SMEs in Western Europe and the United States want to be better able to use the Internet and better tools to help them find customers faster and to generate higher profits, "Vahétorossian said.

In this sense, a small business owners do not need to position themselves, or develop into an IT expert. The task of the SME owners is to better ensure that the company benefits from technological development, effectively achieve the company's own financial goals, they need to have a variety of solutions, and integrate the solution, according to their actual choice of type, whether it is done locally, or in the cloud, or on the internet to do To do CRM customer relationship management, or to do and office efficiency related content, whether they invest in the server infrastructure and infrastructure.

As Microsoft, which has been serving large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises for many years, with many partners, can play an important role, SME customers can use the power of Microsoft and partners to maximize their IT investment benefits. ”

Cloud computing expands SME global perspective

In an interview, Vahétorossian a point of view, "in the era of cloud computing, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises will be a duck." "Listen to his introduction, feel very reasonable: the characteristics of small and medium enterprises and cloud ERA presents a fit situation, above he mentioned that small and medium-sized enterprises do not need to become IT experts, should be more focused on business promotion, expand customers above, cloud computing is allowing SMEs to do this.

Vahétorossian pointed out that the vast majority of countries in the world, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia and other countries, cloud computing has been widely used. Cloud computing has several core benefits for SMEs. 1th, can help small and medium-sized enterprises to find more customers. Generally speaking, SMEs do business is very special, may be to sell a bottle of water so simple, to find the customer is very specific, demanding positioning is very accurate. Microsoft cloud Computing can help SMEs find more customers in a very low-cost way.

2nd, can help small and medium-sized enterprises to further expand customer base. Cloud computing can radically change the way SMEs are positioning their potential users, looking at potential customers in a particular region or country, or in a wider range of areas. In the past, small and medium-sized enterprises looking for customers in their own area.

"Now with the development of cloud computing, a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, look at the global market, I have a good example here." In the west of France there is a very small business, is a red wine business family business, every year in the best season, which is sold up to 2000 bottles of wine, the former sales area is west and east of France. After using Microsoft's Office 365 products, including a series of collaborative, CRM tools, the situation has changed dramatically. It takes 1.5 to sell 2000 bottles of wine in the past. Now it takes only six weeks to sell 2000 bottles of wine because they are now looking around the world for their customers. Sell 2000 bottles in six weeks and accept global bookings to plan for the next year's expansion. This was unthinkable in the past because of the flexibility of cloud computing, giving small and medium-sized enterprises a much larger capacity than in the past to locate their customers. ”

Microsoft helps Chinese SME clients grow

Vahétorossian visited many customers in China and he had some interesting observations. "In the past few years, China's piracy rate has dropped markedly, in 2008, the piracy rate was 89%, in 2010, it fell to 78%." The decline in the piracy rate is closely related to multifaceted cooperation. There are many reasons behind it. ”

The first is the government's efforts, the second is the company's own genuine awareness of the big increase, they have realized that pirated software may be to the corporate data, the threat of enterprise development, the third reason is that young people in China are now active in innovation, and their innovative behavior has been strongly supported by the government. "Today, China's moves to encourage innovation are admirable. In the Chinese government's Twelve-Five plan, once again stressed the importance of innovation, SME and technology development in China's overall development process. In fact, it is also the first time that the government has put together the role of technology, the role of small and medium-sized enterprises and the support of the Government in its plans. ”

Vahétorossian pointed out that now, the number of SMEs in the world is 150 million, the number of China is 40 million. The number of legitimate and genuine software products used in China is 500,000. Small and medium-sized enterprises, has become one of Microsoft's fastest growing business areas.

According to Vahétorossian, Microsoft has related initiatives around the world to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The annual "Innovation Cup", for example, is to encourage student science and technology competitions among young students, with 100,000 students worldwide participating in the competition in 2011. Through the Innovation Cup, Microsoft helps young people with entrepreneurial ideas, providing them with the tools and support they need for entrepreneurship. "Two days ago, I just went to Dalian, and their care everyone team was the winner of this Innovation Cup, and it was great to get this global award." Over the past few years, Microsoft has invested 50 million of billions of dollars and resources in China, funding 650 start-up companies, which have brought in more than 3,000 jobs.

Deployment of Microsoft Solution to usher in a new success

By providing the necessary it tools, Microsoft has grown the small and medium businesses that use E-commerce. According to the introduction, China's well-known e-commerce sites Dangdang, Fank and so are Microsoft's successful customers. Dangdang wants to manage its network of registered users covering 32 provinces and municipalities, and ensures that more than 100,000 users who log on every day enjoy a good shopping experience. By deploying Microsoft's SQL Server. Dangdang can manage user databases with improved operational efficiency and stability. Their warehouses can also meet orders across the country and ensure the second day of shipment. New products can also be easily managed with scalable IT infrastructure.

Where customers are emerging e-commerce retailers, as the online and telemarketing orders began to soar, with the logistics process significantly increased, the challenge is to effectively deal with high-volume sales operations, and efficient response to warehousing problems. By using Microsoft SQL Server to manage data centers, customers can deploy more efficient systems to process orders and significantly reduce operating costs. Most importantly, the company is also able to ensure that its core operations are run without errors.

Since its inception, the Yangtze River Design Institute has completed a number of important projects, such as the Three Gorges Project and the South-to-north Water Diversion project. However, when it comes to global collaborative projects, the Institute faces the challenge of ensuring it support across different locations. In addition, to support its expanding and new business applications, the institute needs more server support, hardware procurement, and operational and maintenance costs. This means increasing IT spending. By deploying a variety of Microsoft products, a holistic solution is formed. The Institute employs Hyper-V, Exchange and OCS communications platforms, and advanced technology solutions such as Office SharePoint to improve staff efficiency and reduce the overall cost of IT operations.

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