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Millet products has always been the focus of the majority of netizens, this type of millet flat is no exception. Today is the first day of the Millet tablet, Sina tablet first time to get the real machine, and brought you a detailed evaluation. Millet tablet is Millet technology company's first tablet computer, released in the middle of last month, using the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, 7.9-inch Retina display, a total of two versions of 16GB/64GB, the price of 1499 yuan/1699 yuan respectively. The appearance of the screen at first glance, the millet tablet is really like the iphone 5c, it is more like the ipad Mini and the iphone 5c combination. The overall process to simple mainly, in addition to the fuselage on the right side of the Switch machine keys, volume keys, there is no redundant design. The machine works fine, but it is plastic material, texture compared to the ipad Mini 2 still slightly gap, and relatively easy to leave fingerprints. The Millet tablet uses the same screen as the ipad Mini 2, the 7.9-inch Retina display, and the 326ppi,2048x1536 resolution. Delicate, is the millet flat screen gives me the deepest impression. The Millet flat screen is not only similar in parameters to the ipad Mini 2, but is also comparable in experience, at least ahead of the current mainstream Android tablet. The fuselage side has a micro SD (TF) card slot that can be plugged into a memory card to extend the storage space of the Millet tablet. Maximum scalable 128GB capacity for photos, music or high-definition movies. and millet flat transfer file is also very convenient, without the use of additional software or complex settings, directly connected to the computer can be as local copy files with the Millet flat file transfer. Endurance, the Millet tablet built-in 6700mAh lithium-ion polymer batteries, and compatible with 5V/2A and 9v/1.2a two kinds of quick charger, charging time, respectively, about 4.5 hours/3.5 hours. The official claims to be able to play 11-hour video continuously, reading for 17 hours, continuously playing 86 hours of music and up to 50 days of standby time. In the actual evaluation experience, we spent half an hour on the internet and music playback, half hour video playback and half an hour reading books, consuming about 20% of the electricity, and the official data. Photography, millet plate before the 5 million-pixel camera, 8 million like Sosoni back camera, with F2.0 large aperture, photographed with a better background of the virtual effect. In addition, the Millet tablet support voice-activated photography, so you can liberate hands to hold the plate for taking photos; But in practice we encounter a more embarrassing problem, that is, the millet tablet is too sensitive to sound, inadvertently a word will be mistaken for the photo command. About the appearance and screen part of the detailed introduction, please refer to the previous Sina tablet for everyone to bring the "Millet tablet computer trial." System MIUIMIUI System interface note function innovation in system UI and interactive mode is also every factoryBusiness embodies an important part of product differentiation, such as the new Magzine UX used on Samsung tablets, the UI of Nokia X mobile phones like Windows Phone system, and the hammer system of old Luo. and the millet plate is designed for flat-panel MIUI system, February 28 has been adapted NEXUS7 II, has been updated 34 versions. From the UI interface, the Millet tablet is not as big as the mobile phone version of the adjustment, basically retains the original Android system's big frame. Millet before the Miui flat with iOS 7 is the essence of the difference is that the image of Millet is flat and iOS 7 is flat graphics, now millet will be the latter's design concept into the original system, so that the whole system flat style looks more unified. The visible parts of the system, such as the lock screen interface, the standby interface, the System Setup menu and the Drop-down Notification column, have been flattened. In addition, the Millet flat MIUI system continues the MIUI mobile phone version of the fast iteration style, the Development Board has a new system update every week.
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