Millet technology has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Millet Payment Technology Co., Ltd.

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1, Millet set up payment company Lei as chairman

Millet technology has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Millet Payment Technology Co., Ltd. At present, the company has opened, Lei as chairman and legal representative. President Lin, MIUI product director Hong Feng as director, in charge of millet mobile phone industrial design Liu De is appointed supervisor. At the same time, Hong Feng as manager, which means he has to juggle Miui and pay two of dollars.

2, Taobao to the merchant under the ultimatum: April 1 must be settled before the stone Pagoda

In response to the service provider settled on the cornerstone of the policy, Taobao on the eve of the Spring Festival again issued a merchant into the tower notice, and limited access to the merchant must be migrated before April 1 in the Poly Pagoda, otherwise it will not be able to call the data API interface. By the end of 2013, Taobao and the cat had 75% of orders through the Poly Stone Tower on the electrical business system processing, more than 80% of the open platform API calls from the Poly Stone Pagoda launched.

3, pay the Sun 2013 data: mobile payment 900 billion

By the end of 2013, Alipay has become the world's largest mobile payment company by paying more than 2.78 billion dollars and paying more than 900 billion yuan. However, Ma Yun was also during the Spring Festival by the micro-letter robbed red envelope promotion strategy shook, and said this is a "Pearl Harbor" type of sneak attack, planning and implementation are quite perfect.

4, micro-letter taxi total breakthrough 5 million single national daily micro-letter payment 480,000 single

In early January, a taxi announced the CITIC Industry fund and Tencent, such as a total of 100 million U.S. dollars in the C round financing, micro-letter in the "my bank card" to increase the tick-tock taxi entrance, the user in the car Success page, can be directly with micro-letter payment for payment, each fare reduction of 10 yuan, while the additional subsidy of 10 yuan to the driver.

5, the opening ceremony of Black Dragon screen printed on the T-shirt taobao hot "Five Rings"

Beijing time February 8 early morning, the 22nd session of the Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony was a mistake, at the scene there is a snowflake failed to change, so there will be the Olympic five rings into a "four-ring" scene. On Taobao, there are already businesses that have launched a white T-shirt with a five-ring logo on the Winter Olympics. If you use the keyword "Russia, Winter Olympics plus failure" search, you will see such goods. Take screenshots For example, the price is only 39 yuan package mail, but there is no transaction record.

6, 2013 Express service satisfaction higher than the previous year

National Postal Service 8th announced the 2013-year Express satisfaction survey results show that 2013 express delivery service overall satisfaction of 72.7 points, 1.0 points more than 2012, the industry's service level steadily improve. Among them, the public to accept and receive the link satisfaction score all break through 80 points, to send and after-sale link satisfaction score all break through 70 points, compared to 2012 has the bigger promotion.

7, Mushroom Street and beautiful said began to transform, both published transcripts

A few days ago, the social Electric Business website-Mushroom Street and beautiful said has invariably chosen the self-built trading system. According to official figures, beauty says monthly turnover of 45 million, Mushroom Street monthly turnover of nearly 120 million.

8, Ping Lu Jin launched the type of balance treasure business: yield 2% to 6%

Ping An group's Lu Jin recently launched the "Lu Jinbao" business. User opened the "Lu Jinbao" function, investment in the collection of financial products will automatically buy "Lu Jinbao" service (the first to support Ping ' an big China day to increase money market funds), the annual rate of return between 2% to 6% floating. This means that the "shredded silver" that the user precipitates in the Lu Jin account can also generate revenue.

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