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In view of Millet and Archie art, the United States Group of two of the marriage, millet recently to the exposure rate is indeed not low. I also focus on millet, for this prayed read the friend Wang Bin "Decrypt the Millet" book. The book by the internet it Senior Prophet Wang Bin (pen name Rock Heart), detailed analysis of the millet company was born to the whole process of development, as well as how Millet created 4 years 160 times times a stunning valuation; deeply analyzed how millet will be the fan marketing, hunger marketing, Internet thinking as a strategic implementation; The future development trend and possible competition of millet are forecasted. After reading the feeling quite deep, but also a little humble opinion. I think that the success of Millet is not accidental, but win in the management and channels.

1, abandon the pyramid, push flat

Compared to other Internet companies, millet can be called "Management geek". In general, companies that have just been born are most likely to follow pyramid management models for security reasons. After all, pyramid-type personnel organizations in the role of clear, progressive management of a certain advantage. However, millet from the date of birth abandoned this traditional view, the force pushed the flat management.

The so-called flat management, that is, by reducing the level of management, the compression of functional departments and institutions, staff reduction, so that the decision-making level between the enterprise and the operating level of the middle management layer as far as possible, so that enterprises quickly put the decision-making power to the enterprise production, marketing the forefront, In order to improve the efficiency of enterprises to establish a flexible new management model.

In other words, when an enterprise expands, the most effective approach is not to increase the level of management, but to increase the scope of management. When the management amplitude increases, the pyramid form is compressed into a "flat" shape. Millet's existing organizational structure is the "flat management model" the best interpretation. Why do we say that, we can see the human system from the small meters.

Millet's personnel system consists of 7 core founders, departmental leaders and three employees. Of the three levels, only 7 founders had jobs and the rest were engineers. Each founder is dedicated to a business section. In the unique management model of millet, products, marketing, hardware, electrical business, such as non-interference in each other, the spontaneous forces. Once a team is a little bit bigger, millet will start to split the action, and strive to maintain the original balance.

From the point of view of personnel promotion, millet pragmatic grounding gas, not to the title, only the salary increase as the only reward for promotion. In my view, millet this is particularly valuable. This kind of personnel promotion system, may let the staff reduce the worry and the distracting thoughts, the full exertion personal talent, is preoccupied in the work. In this way, the win effect is naturally immediate.

In addition, the Millet flat management model to a certain extent to reduce the level of mutual reporting waste of time, this outstanding performance in the meeting time. In the operation of millet, in addition to every Monday 1-hour company-level regular meeting, there is no quarterly summary, half a year summary.

In the last 5 years of the establishment of millet, 7 partners have only held three collective meetings. Millet is not the pursuit of hierarchical structure, more attention to the efficiency and effectiveness of things. 2012 815 Electric Business war, millet from planning, design, development, supply chain only used less than 24 hours, but created a miracle----millet online after the micro-Bo forwarding volume nearly 100,000 times, sales of nearly 200,000 units. Thus, millet is familiar with the secret of the development of Internet enterprises----the efficiency and effectiveness of doing things far more important than the rules and procedures!

2, outside the KPI circle limit, the fulfillment responsibility

Ask which company's operation does not set KPI, I am afraid only the millet family. KPI, as an important index to measure the effectiveness of management work, has a certain guiding significance to optimize organization and plan enterprises ' willingness. However, the establishment of millet in the past 5 years, there has been no implementation of KPI assessment system, even employees do not need to clock out supervision. Millet Company believes that responsibility is the power source of all work. If a company's employees ' motivation stems from the supervision system, I'm afraid the company has become a candle in the wind.

In Millet, any engineer must shoulder two responsibilities: one is to write the code, and the other is to check the code for others. In particular, the second, even if you are busy to help others check the code, then do their own things. In addition, all projects must be regularly through the Forum, micro-blog, QQ and other channels and users directly contact, with the product manager's thinking, like to help friends to solve the use of millet products in any problems. Millet stressed that to their own responsibility, responsible for others, the user is responsible for the enterprise development of the hard truth.

3, full shareholding, rain equitably

About benefit sharing, millet implementation transparent mechanism. Full shareholding, full investment, so that the life and death of Millet is tied to the assets of employees tightly together. Small Musching is individual hing, millet death is personal death. Who would take their own assets as a matter of fact? Full shareholding, rain equitably is conducive to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, so as to escort the development of millet.

4, marketing channels, your network

The success of millet, thanks to network marketing channels. Now, we can recall the fame of millet. In the July 2011, when a lot of people were struggling with the high price of smartphones, Millet was the first to hit the top of the 1999-dollar ad for the world's first dual-core smartphone. Although the product has not yet been published, can be low price millet, high configuration at that time did soothe the pain of many mobile enthusiasts. Soothing is important, but Millet's unique is to let the phone enthusiasts willing to receive this comfort.

To this end, millet analysis of mobile phone enthusiasts this group of characteristics----young, the pursuit of fashion, tour network. As a then, Millet has plans, there are steps to launch the attack, through the official website, micro-blog, as well as forums and other network platform of the propaganda of millet. When the propaganda reached a certain degree of heat, millet on its official website to open a predetermined channel, network electric dealer sales Model homeopathy. This seems to be a simple situation, millet is a bitter kungfu.

At just the beginning of that time, millet executives often through micro-blog, forum directly with the consumer interaction, communication. Rather than paying for millet products, consumers have to enjoy this respect and attention. Have to say, millet propaganda and sales are so complement each other, electric dealer sales model also played to the extreme.

At present, millet in addition to its own official website sales channels, but also opened up a new sales channels, such as settled Taobao, CAT, Suning appliances, as well as with China Unicom, Chinese telecom operators to cooperate custom machine. However, no matter how to expand the sales channels, millet or its own official network cable sales as the main line, has the main distribution channels for the plot. Millet understand that the electric dealer sales model will avoid the channel of the layer of price increases, the channel laying costs to feed consumers, to keep the absolute value of millet cost-effective advantage.

The above is a few of my feelings, welcome to discuss together.

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