Mobile credit card enters Wuhan in the year

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"Hubei has more than 50% of mobile phone users do not have to change the card, you can experience the mobile phone credit card."  "A few days ago, China Unicom and ICBC in Shenzhen launched the first mobile credit card, informed sources, Hubei Unicom and ICBC is talking about this business, if all goes well, is expected to push in the Han Dynasty."  According to the introduction, the consumer as long as the bank card and mobile phone SIM card, to the supermarket chain, convenience stores, cinemas and other places for small consumption, no more strenuous from a stack of cards to find a bank card, as long as the mobile phone in the POS terminal lightly can be completed fast payment. The source said that once the two sides reached a partnership, the merchant resources of both sides would be shared.  The expansion of the application brought by "one card multiple use" will greatly facilitate the consumers. (Changjiang business newspaper Changyan)
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