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and blog, microblogging and other money-making business is different, this time in the face of the upcoming mobile internet revolution, the industry criticized the "after understanding" NetEase CEO Ding Lei, the money-making model has not yet to think clearly, but has shown the determination to fight.

Yesterday, wearing polo shirt, sports seven-cent pants Ding lei, appeared in Hangzhou NetEase Youdao innovation competition scene.

NetEase Youdao Cloud storage head Shangwei Air revealed that from the second half of last year, NetEase's attention to the mobile Internet is gradually elevated to an unprecedented height. Ding Lei has from a net swims the experience division, becomes the mobile Internet product experience Division. In the early morning 2~3 point, even in Youdao group travel, Shangwei Airlines can often receive Ding Lei's mobile internet products Youdao Cloud notes modification suggestions.

As a Youdao NetEase's mobile internet one of the products, cloud notes has accumulated 4.5 million active users, the end of the year is expected to reach 10 million users. and the product, but also by its internal as NetEase mobile domain platform-level products.

In addition to cloud notes, NetEase exerting the mobile Internet strategy products also include Youdao dictionary, NetEase News client, NetEase cloud reading. Among them, Youdao dictionary and NetEase News Client user volume is 90 million and 20 million respectively.

Dantine also said he had not seen the pattern of mobile Internet. NetEase in the future how the mobile end of the different NetEase products in tandem, has not thought well.

Ding Lei said that China Mobile Internet profit model is not clear, NetEase is now focusing more on how to meet the needs of users.

In addition to product platform layout, NetEase has also increased investment in the field of mobile Internet. According to reporters from the NetEase insiders learned that NetEase has set up a capital of 2 billion yuan this year, mainly considering mobile internet projects, is currently in Beijing, Shanghai, the United States to recruit talent Silicon Valley.

One industry personage who declined to be named said Ding Lei is shifting more attention to mobile Internet, which will be good for the entire mobile internet industry in the country, but it may not be a good thing in the short term for a game business company with a revenue share of nearly 90%.

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