Mobile phone real-name implementation difficult to register users far more than 20%

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Mobile phone real-name (TechWeb map) Sina Science and technology news, July 30, for the upcoming September to implement the real-name phone, although the main involved in new users, but because a large number of migrant workers and rural users are accustomed to hand in the store and other retail channels to buy the card, therefore, the real-name The number of users who have not yet registered real names is not necessarily accurate, since some operators have a very low proportion of 2G users. The dispute of the user proportion of the real name according to the Ministry of Industry published "Telephone users true identity information registration requirements," The telephone users for the implementation of business name, including fixed-line users, including mobile phone users, including even the Internet card users. News, mobile phone real-name immediately aroused high concern. And recently another mobile phone real-name information has caused controversy, that is, statistics, there are still 280 million mobile phone users have no real name registration, accounting for about 20% of the total user. Statistics from many places show that the proportion of users with unregistered real names is much higher. Chongqing, for example, Chongqing Communications Administration, a bulletin showed that the three major Chongqing operator's real name registration system in the new 3G and broadband users do a good job, basically reached 99%. However, the stock users and new 2G users still have a big gap, some operators add 2G users of the real-name rate is only about 20%. In addition, according to the Audit Commission recently disclosed the report, Guangdong Mobile mobile phone real name registration ratio of only 18.6%, while Guangdong is the most mobile phone users in China, Guangdong Mobile is also the most users of the provincial companies, has a certain typical. Many low-end users do not want to register the real name in addition, the industry believes that the current policy, although the implementation of the mobile phone for new users, but in fact, a lot of difficulties. First of all, the social channel implementation is difficult, many floating population, migrant workers, farmers are accustomed to shop in the street and other place to buy card, and the social channel is difficult to seriously implement the real-name mobile phone. Secondly, with the business model of telecom operators, the three major operators are generally accustomed to the cost of income, that is, intentionally to provide users with a large number of concessions, but many low-end users spend the gift of the bill immediately after the purchase of a card, the number of these users are very large, but refused to accept the real In addition, the future open mobile communications business is not only the three major operators, as well as virtual operators. It is generally believed that the three major operators to implement the real-name problem is small, but the implementation of virtual operators is difficult to say, it is likely to rob users and not seriously implement the real-name phone. (Cang)
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