Mobile response to CCTV spam SMS report: Will crackdown on spam messages

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Wen/Sohu It reporter Mao recently, CCTV aired a report on spam messages, pointing at China's three major telecom operators, and it ranked as the number one pushing hands. In this regard, mobile related to Sohu it said: Mobile attaches great importance to the media reflect the situation, has been the first time to instruct the Sichuan mobile verification, and in the whole group of emergency deployment, the need to immediately carry out self-examination, resolutely through the management loopholes, and effectively increase governance, severe crackdown on spam messages. Preliminary verification shows that China Mobile in the development of MAS business (that is, the mobile Proxy server business, the main function is the group of customers internal mass information, is strictly prohibited to use port code as a business business), there are some units using MAS port mass spam information, Reflects China Mobile in the garbage message management work of loopholes and deficiencies, deeply sorry, China Mobile sincerely accept the media supervision and criticism. On the afternoon of October 21, China Mobile has convened an emergency group of video conferencing, requiring all levels of companies to resolutely implement the "customer-rooted, service-oriented" concept, and unswervingly uphold the interests of customers, strict compliance with the regulation of the operation, and crack down on spam messages. 1, investigate, immediately rectification. In response to the report reflects the problem of further verification, plugging management loopholes, at the same time in the whole group to carry out self-examination self-rectification activities, analogy, the illegal behavior found together, investigated together, never condoned. 2, eliminate the use of MAS business send port class spam message behavior. Once the violation is found, it is immediately closed and shut down. China Mobile has decided to cancel all the evaluation targets for MAS business in the whole group. 3, increase the spam message interception efforts. China Mobile will further increase the input to the garbage message management, further optimize the interception strategy, to the community there is the use of mass-messaging device to send spam messages resolutely to combat. 4, the implementation of mobile phone network real-name. In strict accordance with the industry and Information Technology department telephone users Real identity information registration requirements, adhere to the real identity information registration and protection, and effectively strengthen the management of social marketing channels, and actively promote the orderly and effective development of this work. Mobile said, has been paying attention to garbage message management and mobile phone real-name and other work. But from the actual point of view, there are a few grassroots units do not know the situation, implementation is not in place, mobile will further increase supervision and inspection and accountability of the efforts. In addition, mobile sincere thanks to the news media, the vast number of customers and the community's supervision, welcome through the 10086 Service hotline and 10086999 free reporting platform to mobile report spam messages.
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