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As a business owner, especially the SME boss, in the management of one of the most important needs is to improve the efficiency and quality of staff, and improve the efficiency and quality of employees the most important factor is to stimulate their own driving force. "No power is more creative and more efficient than the spontaneous drive of people," says Daniel H. Pink, a leading Daniel Pink and a trend biologist, in his book driving force. ”

What do you measure by your mastery of your team? You may say KPI, management software, strict organizational structure ... In fact, these traditional information means and systems can only represent your team in operation, but not the efficiency and quality of the work of each employee in your team, and more importantly, they can not motivate their employees to work.

In this era, only the employees ' spontaneous driving force can achieve higher quality creativity. In the industrial age, business owners need to control the efficiency and results of their employees, in the information age, the owner can check the staff "left brain logic work" efficiency and correctness. And in the mobile internet subversion of the traditional today, how do you measure the employees "right brain creative class" efficiency and results? Unable to measure efficiency and results, can not let enterprise development speed!

Mobile Internet Opens "right brain" era

The mobile Internet era has emphasized the independent driving force of employees more than any time in the past. This is because the mobile internet era has opened a new era of productivity-the advent of the right brain era. The latest data survey by McKinsey, a leading data analyst, suggests that the rapid growth of modern companies relies on exploratory work, while only 30% of the U.S. job growth is based on the left-brain projection, and the remaining 70% comes from exploratory work that relies on the right brain of the employee. In the mobile internet era, many new fields of work belong to the right brain category, such as online games, finance, investment, pan it and other industries. In the right brain, you see these facts:

1, it is generally believed that "mobile internet has brought the fourth productivity Revolution", those similar accounting, data management, manufacturing and other projection-type work can be gradually replaced by information and machinery;

2, mobile internet age more need creative work, and many emerging enterprises belong to this category, such as art, creative marketing, product design and so on;

3, right brain workers than left-brain workers more difficult to "control", this is because their quality of work is difficult to use traditional methods to measure and judge, how to manage right brain workers is becoming a problem for managers of enterprises.

The advent of the mobile internet era, has let the old management era of all become a business growth, enterprises need to change their management thinking to adapt to the mobile era of subversion. In the face of problems, you will naturally think of those successful cases.

Why is the Millet team famous and efficient, able to stand out in the mobile internet age? Just because they barely meet, organize flat, and even reimbursement is only used in the meter chat screenshot? Why do Baidu employees like to work overtime? Is it just because Baidu is high overtime, not the task will not qualify? These are just the appearances you see.

If your business is simply learning about them and recklessly flattening the organizational structure and quickly abandoning the original assessment mechanism and rewards and punishments, your dissatisfied team will become disunity faster. Millet team and Baidu team's winning core is that they inspire the staff's own driving force!

Since Robin Li put forward "internet thinking", the word has been abused. Many people understand that "internet thinking" is social, interactive and flat ... In fact, his intention is that the traditional entrepreneurs in the future to have Internet thinking, maybe you do things are not the Internet, but your way of thinking to gradually like the internet to think about the problem. What is the Internet's way? What is the core? Lei is very well understood. He said that the success of millet in the internet era is the secret of "focus, extreme, word-of-mouth, fast", and "seven words tactic" core is "Word-of-mouth", "Word-of-mouth" the core is "super User expectations"-This is the user experience as the core of the internet era. Around this core, product design, technology development, marketing strategy ... Should be based on the user experience as a dot, but this series of work belong to the "right brain work" category-you can never use the old assessment mechanism to measure what is the best artistic creativity, and can never judge your product manager can make the product more extreme, You can't even rely on the original management to measure if the right brain worker in your team is working today-only when the right brain worker designs a better product than the original. You find out how inappropriate the original product-mobile internet for us to open a real only better not the best ERA.

Managing the core of the right brain

How to manage the right brain in your business so that your team can run faster in the Internet era and meet the needs of users? It has become a problem that must be solved before you.

Daniel Pink Daniel H. Pink that in this era, the secret of personal, organizational performance, and enthusiasm for work is not our biological drive or the second drive to pursue rewards, to evade punishment, but to our third driving force, the desire to dominate our lives, extend our capabilities, A deep desire to make life more meaningful. This era does not require better management, but a revival of self-management – which means that business managers need to help their employees motivate themselves!

The industrial age was called the Management 1.0 times by the managers, in that time the management way that the manager most admired is "carrot enlarges stick" namely reward and punishment parallel management mode. The advent of the information age for managers to bring a wide range of management software, so that all types of enterprises into the fast track of information, and thus entered the management 2.0 times. However, the most fundamental management model, still not changed the management of the 1.0 times "carrot and stick" The nature of the internet era, even the birth of the management software is difficult to get rid of Top-down management, the boss of employees always take supervision, incentives, punishment management means, Most employees have a hard drive to get the job done.

Mobile Internet debut, subversion of all traditions. As enterprise management, if not abandoned the industrial era and the traditional information era of management thinking, still use the management of left-brain workers to manage more and more of the right brain workers in the form of chronic suicide.

"Driving force" pointed out that all the original management model is "carrot + stick" the product of the management era, more adaptable to the projection type of work (depending on the left brain work), and not suitable for the exploratory workers (right brain), and even to their destruction and the impact of the reaction. In the new driving era, the old reward punitive style of motivating people is no longer effective, we must upgrade our drive system to the new 3.0 era, the core of the new system is not the carrot and stick, but autonomy, specialization and purpose.

Game--New secret weapon

You need a new management mindset to help you reinvent yourself. The thought that makes you completely reborn is already born, but you don't pay attention to it. Have you ever asked yourself whether there is a kind of work that can make all the people in the enterprise sleep and sleep, all night, more important is to enable employees to play all the subjective initiative to achieve self driven work? Don't rush to blurt out the negative answer in your heart, because there is a "job" that you certainly didn't consider coming in, that is "game ”!

Is the game a job? The question is answered in a moment, and you will first find that the attitude of the employee towards it is much more positive:

1, the game has mobilized the player all initiative. People are fully involved in it, truly "reluctant" and "addictive". (So far, you must have heard of the "net addiction" training camp, and never heard of the "work Addiction" training camp);

2, the game gives people "gorgeous win" the peak experience. This noun is familiar to players, in her book Game Change world, Jane McGonigal says the game's "gorgeous winning" allows people to discover the abilities they have never had in real life, beyond their psychological expectations, and to get more "gorgeous wins." People are even willing to pay more money and time for it;

3, the game can let the Stranger All Alliance, carries out the most formidable team cooperation, enhances the team efficiency.

4, the promotion of a salary can only give people a short period of happiness, and good games can make people have a lasting "happiness"-people in the game continue to maintain input, focus, and timely feedback, people even to achieve this state and play games, and win-lose.

Jane McGonigal concludes that "any game has four decisive features of goals, rules, feedback systems and voluntary participation." The philosopher Bernardsutz is the game word--the game is to voluntarily try to overcome all sorts of unnecessary obstacles. We've played a lot of games in our lives, and you can think about the games you play in your head, and they all fit the rules. But you should not have considered that there is a game that is most worth your energy, this is work. You don't think about "work" because you don't see it as a game, but as the "antithesis" of the game. But the game changing world tells us that the opposite of the game is depression, not work!

You cannot use traditional methods to manage and measure the quality and quantity of the work of the right brain worker. But through the game world, you can distill quite a lot of the true meaning of effective business management, these truths are hidden in the new era of the management of secret weapons:

1, if the work is a game, then you need to give the company all "players" with clear goals;

2, everyone is not the machine of thinking, but can generate empathy with others emotional individuals, and need to mobilize their positive feelings is only task-driven. People are willing to get a strong reward for the hard work of the game, which is sometimes the game's money-convertible prop, sometimes just a badge or a pleasure at customs.

3, the most important point, the game can help you to subvert the traditional management thinking-it is not top-down, but the driving force, it satisfies the desire of all employees to improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.

At this point, you have found a new key to open the door to the right brain management era. However, you still need to think hard about how to integrate the game perfectly into your management system. Fortunately, some teams have started early in this area of research and product development, Mocha software company's knowledge and the bank is such a complete landing of the game execution software, it can help enterprise managers through the game of management thinking to manage the team.

The game implementation of Mocha Software "knowing the Easy" can solve the problem of enterprise bosses--inspire the enthusiasm of each employee's work, let them like the boss of the same drive, the boss no longer like the hard shiren as the same day stare at the staff to complete the task. Implemented by:

1, the goal of the game: work goals like the game to upgrade, the staff independent control, is no longer a cold command and unreachable goals.

2, the game of the task: work tasks such as game tasks, the completion of a reward, so that the task becomes transparent interesting meaningful.

3, the game of assessment: Performance appraisal is no longer the leadership of the subordinate evaluation or subordinates to the leadership evaluation, but anyone to the evaluation of any person, is no longer to fill out dozens of selves points, but simply to give people the cartoon medal;

4, the Game of knowledge: Everyone has points, everyone's contribution to the knowledge can be the top and step; each knowledge field has a list of experts; Everyone has the opportunity to get a visual "honor and gratitude."

It will be officially online on June 13 and can be obtained from the official website for PC and mobile-side versions.

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