Motorola CEO: Hope Moto X like "self-driving" phone

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"Sohu It News" Beijing time August 6 News, Motorola Mobile CEO Dennis Woodside recently received an interview with AllThingsD. He spoke in an interview about the details of Moto X. "Last year, we spent a year restructuring the company ... Place the company in the development Moto X location. This is not the first device we have ever made, but it points out the way the company is going. "In the months after Google's takeover, Motorola Mobility was in disarray. It withdrew from the cable set-top box business, slashed the mobile product line and laid off thousands of people. "It's not the end, it's just the beginning, we let Motorola develop hardware in a new way," says Wood. In the Mobile world, it is very important to have good hardware to complement good services, and we believe that Motorola can provide good products. "Google has developed the first self-driving car, so to speak, we want to develop the first ' self-driving ' phone." "In the concept of Motorola Mobility, the custom chip is part of the plan, which includes the X8 processing engine, as well as Qualcomm processors and graphics processors." Many times, people focus only on the main processor of the device, Wood believes that the system is a whole, people should focus on the processor, ancillary processors, software integration, it allows the latest Motorola mobile phone to accept voice commands, without sacrificing battery life time. Will future Motorola mobile devices adopt a non-high-pass processor? Motorola Mobile had signed a long-term agreement with Intel prior to Google's takeover. So far, only one Motorola mobile phone has been using Intel chips, the RAZR I, which is sold in Europe. "I think Intel is an excellent company and we will continue to look for ways to work with them," says Wood. "Surprisingly, Moto X didn't use the latest andorid--android 4.3, which it just launched last month. The company was unable to use 4.3, and Motorola Mobility saw the code when the software, along with Nexus 7, was launched, Wood said. Wood says that 85% of the devices that have been launched over the past 2 years have been upgraded to the latest Android. "We will upgrade as a top priority," he said. Motorola Mobility also wants to use different marketing methods. When it comes to mobile phones, Wood says, the company lets reporters make small teams, hand-play their phones and ask questions instead of a showcase. "Other companies may not adopt this approach and we will continue to take some risks," he said. ”
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