Move to Taiwan to push the cross-Strait IoT cooperation

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March 15 News, according to Taiwan media reports, China Mobile high-level visit to Taiwan next month, will be the cross-Strait LTE, OPhone, the Internet of things three industrial chains, and for the first time to throw a new cross-strait network cooperation model. It is understood that the mobile Executive Director and Vice President Shaho home with Datang, ZTE, Huawei's high-level visit to Taiwan extended to April, the trip set the tone in the visit to LTE, OPhone and the three major industries of the internet of things.  The Internet of things has become one of the key points of the cross-strait industrial chain. Mobile President Wang's visit to Taiwan last August, especially with the topic of the future development potential of the Internet, the first to throw the mainland active development of the Internet wind Ball.  He believes the Internet will become the most important industry to inspire the third wave of the global information industry after computers, networks and mobile communications, but Mr Wang's last visit failed to meet with Taiwanese internet-related manufacturers.  Forrester, the US Research Institute, predicts that the industrial value of the Internet of things is 30 times times larger than the web and is the next trillion-dollar communication business. Shaho home visits, the first event will be moved by the Ministry of Economy and the Institute of Industry and Research Institute in LTE and OPhone two industrial development as the theme of the cross-Strait symposium kicked off, because of the initiative to express the hope that Taiwan has the ability to develop ophone related terminal products manufacturers meet, therefore, in this symposium  The "Ministry of Economy" of Taiwan will invite members of the Android Alliance to attend. Moving a line of people will be intensive call last year just into the Army's Android Alliance member manufacturers including Hon Hai, HTC, Warburg, Acer, Asus, Quanta, WA, Jia-da and other companies and meet with high-level, it is understood that mobile is planning a new cross-strait ophone industrial chain, from mobile phones to notebook,  Mobile Internet equipment (MID), electronic books, I hope that the Android member factory can quickly develop support mobile ophone platform handsets, notebooks, MID and other terminal products. Mr Wang revealed in a recent meeting that in his visit to Taiwan last August, he pledged to expand the commitment to Taiwan's procurement, soon to be implemented, in addition to identifying the purchase of Hon Hai's E-books, Foxconn has developed the first ophone mobile phone, ASUS smartphone and TD mobile phones, HTC's OPhone mobile phones and Taiwan power, All the e-books are ready. Shaho's visit is also seen as an important harvesting period for ophone and e-book manufacturers. (Wood)
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