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There's never been an industry like Smart TV, and it didn't work out as much as it did before it got dark. Probably because, according to "> Internet company's sense of touch, people feel that smart TV this thing, not only a TV, but also may become an entrance." "Entrance" These two words, basically equal to the internet world chicken blood, who hears all must shake. So it's not surprising. October 10, Le Vision and launched a new product, 50-inch S50, in fact, this TV how do not need to introduce, you just say the price scared you to death 2499.

2499 this price than the previous millet launched 47-inch TV also cheaper 500, and 50-inch TV display area than 47 inches big 13%. So it is equal to refresh the price of smart TV bottom line, compared to TCL Archie Art 4567 Yuan, the latter is clearly more like a joke. There is no need to discuss what price function, home appliances are priced, intelligence is only added value. So from a price perspective, the basic massacre has bottomed out. It is expected that as long as the production capacity to follow, eat 42-inch-50-inch market, a few suspense.

Why only the price war on TV than the smartphone is also bloody, the simplest truth is that smart TV's ability to become more and more mature channels, simply, the screen is bigger, the product history is longer, business model more mature. Not only can the content of the charges, can also be interrupted by traditional TV commercials, and because it is an intelligent system, advertising tracking more scientific and accurate, the arrival rate effect is also better. So, as long as there are people watching the smart TV, it must be able to make money. Smartphones, however, are still a novelty, and most people are still groping for a profitable way to grow. Fees, advertising, intermodal, integral wall of various means of endless, have not found a mainstream toll road.

So the smart TV market, as long as there are enough users, we still can spell the price, which is basically the Internet companies hit the user's train of thought. However, in addition to the TV hardware itself, the smart TV market has a very large variable, that is, policy. The state of content management, so that the field is still a half-open state, but also make content competition, become a core competitiveness. This and traditional television industry is still very different, the traditional television industry, the content of television stations are the same, the difference is only the brand, size and price.

From the content point of view, the music to make a start is obviously the biggest winner, whether it is a license or copyright content is absolutely domineering, and several other enterprises need to support the cooperation is very different. If a smart TV does not have content, only some interactive game class function, it is obviously incomplete, so in the content, Le View has the biggest advantage. And before the launch of S50, le View of the 60-inch products and 39-inch product prices in the middle of a very large space, which is why the later Millet TV and Archie Art TV selected 47-inch 48 inches, about 3000 of this price to launch products, want to play a video of the empty file. And the introduction of this new music, whether from the size (50 inches) or price, are all the opponents, plus a wealth of content resources, this advantage, obviously not halfway several can match. In fact, Archie Art Price is too high, although the price of millet can also be, but there is no stock of old problems have been existing, music as a direct spot for sale, apparently formed a full coverage.

At present, there is a big gap in smart TV channels, internet companies are now the main channel or network channels for sale, the biggest problem is the network to sell the user face relatively narrow, relatively high-end, tens of thousands of units, has been a remarkable sales. And the focus of this large household appliances is still the traditional channels of recommendation, and such a low price, it is easy to impact the traditional channels of other brand sales, in the profit space can not guarantee channel profits, which temporarily delayed the development of smart TV and to the three or four-line market penetration.

In fact, I have been unwilling to say the performance of things, because this is in fact in the current market, not the focus, we are not using television to run the program, can be smooth on-demand quality content is the most important. Therefore, when you buy, you can completely ignore the memory configuration, such things, screen, content, is the core needs, do not be a number of blind, into the mobile phone than the configuration of the situation.

From the current market, the estimated S50 on sale for several months, millet TV may not be able to mass production, and the price of Archie Art is a mishap, although the market lively, but the real competitive players have not appeared. The overall market is still blank, the future believes there will be more bright spots of products appear.

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