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Mazoupo Provident Fund has never stopped lending but the approval time has been extended to 45 days. Nanjing Provident Fund Management Center yesterday, dispel the rumor, explain why second-hand housing priority lending "Nanjing Provident Fund has never stopped lending, certainly is false!" Yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Provident Fund Management Center loan Director Song Ning a visit to China's Nanjing network, in view of the current real estate market "Provident Fund loan has been suspended" rumors, to buy a house in Nanjing to eat a "reassuring."  He also said that because of "inventory" funds tight, the management center did extend the approval time of Provident Fund loans, the past needs one months, now it will take 45 days.  Financial pressure approval extended to 45 days a just bought a set of second-hand housing users said, he handled in the Housing authority of the real estate transactions on October 22, but the loan approval of the Provident Fund was delayed, the intermediary company told him that the Provident Fund loan has stopped lending, the Netizen asked: "This is really false?" "Nanjing's Provident Fund has never stopped lending, it is certainly false!" Song Ning said that the entire Provident Fund loan process must first be approved by the bank, and then to the Nanjing Municipal Provident Fund Center for final, the past normal trial time is 30 days. "But now the situation is more special, on the one hand because many people buy a house, the management center of the workload is three times times the past, on the other hand, the amount of money to use more than the highest year in previous years three times times, so time to extend some."  Song Ning that it would not be longer than 45 days. One months ago, Nanjing launched a provident fund New deal, the high-end housing and two times to use Provident Fund loans to buy people set a high "threshold", the amount of Provident fund will be halved.  The reason for this, Song Ning says, is simple: the management Center is "out of money". "This year, Nanjing's property sales soared, the first 10 months of large Provident Fund loans, now more than 11 billion, is 3 times times the highest year in history." Song Ning said that even after the implementation of the Provident Fund policy in these one months, the enthusiasm of the buyers is still not reduced. Lending over 1 billion in October was 1.5 times times the highest in history.    Despite the easing of the tightening of lending funds after the implementation of the new deal, the pressure remains high.  Priority to ensure second-hand housing loans and some netizens asked, the same is to apply for Provident Fund loans, commercial buildings and second-hand house which lenders faster? Song Ning replied that under the same conditions, will give priority to ensure second-hand housing. He explained, "and the commercial housing buyers and sellers are different between the developers and the public, second-hand house transactions are both individuals, but I sell you, you sell me." From the public's point of view, the parties are more worried, the buyers want to get the key to the House as soon as possible, or decorate, or directly live in;  Song Ning said, in this case, the Provident Fund Management Center will give priority to ensure the lending of second-hand housing, the premise is the buyer and seller before the completion of procedures. No adjustment plan for Provident Fund Policy last month when the new deal was launched in Nanjing, the relevant person in charge had table, the adjustment will be temporary and will change again according to the actual situation.  Song Ning said yesterday that the Housing Provident Fund policy adjustment mainly look at two aspects, the first is based on the use of funds, in simple terms, is "living within our means", how much money to do, and secondly, according to the adjustment of national macro-economic policy changes, not the management center "to move on." Song Ning said, from the current understanding of the information, Nanjing's Provident Fund policy has not yet to adjust again, "As for next year will not adjust, what time adjustment, it is too early to discuss."  "Developers refuse to loan Provident Fund will be punished for many people to reflect the purchase of new houses when developers refuse to loan Provident Fund, Song Ning said it is certainly not allowed to do so, will be seriously investigated."  Reporter learned that developers refuse to loan Provident Fund is the real reason is that commercial loans belong to the bank's own business, and Provident Fund loans are for Provident Fund Management Center for processing, among the "oil and water" is not much, so the relationship between the developer and the bank to determine the nature of the developer to the bank more business loans. Industry insiders said, developers refuse to loan Provident Fund is actually illegal. According to the January 1, 2007 implementation of the "Nanjing Housing Provident Fund Loan management measures", any unit shall not refuse to meet the conditions of the purchase of Provident Fund loans, any obstruction to the purchase of Housing Provident Fund loans, the unit can be 3000 yuan or more than 30,000 yuan below the fine, For those who are directly responsible, they may also be fined at least 2000 yuan or more than 200 yuan.
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