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Recently, the Wine Electric Network Wine Network first customized products are coming out of the news in the industry spread, in the general survival difficulties of the vertical electric business has aroused widespread concern. In this respect, the people are mixed, a small incident sparked the whole industry discussion. Event reduction was established in December 2012 high-end imported wine electric platform-net wine network, since its inception, trying to build a three-dimensional electric business platform, and actively explore the vertical electric business marketing model. At the beginning of 2013, Network Wine Network leadership to implement customized products reached a preliminary decision. March-April, Network Wine Network for two months of market research, and invited the industry more for experts to taste, the final election of a "sight dry red wine" as the first customized products. From May 17 to June 4, through the emerging in recent years the public-chip model to the wine lovers pre-sale. During the pre-sale, consumers can upload their favorite photos as wine label. After collecting 12000 bottles of the pre-sale target, net wine network to the European winery procurement. At the end of August, the purchased goods arrived in Tianjin customs, and began to be sent to consumers in early September. In the May 17 press conference, the network Wine Network CEO Rui announced that in the future will be customized activities to the end, and expand the type of customer-made, obviously customized, industry, customized, cast guest system and other projects will be started successively. From the whole activity, the network selection of wine, the upload of wine labels, the public is the highlight of the event, but also caused controversy. Identity: Will trigger the industry model innovation Revolution "NET wine network of this activity, if split, and there is not much innovation, many electric business enterprises have similar activities, but the combination will produce 1+1 greater than 2 effect." Pre-marketing investigation can maximize the understanding of consumer demand, which can be relatively accurate marketing programs. and wine label customization will let the product highlight the rich individual style, highlight its personality, fashion, etiquette, at the same time add another commemorative significance. "Internet experts, senior partner at Beida, Xianghao said. The most important thing is, net wine network through the public chip mode for sales, realize the "first collection after sales" way to maximize the speed of business operation, improve efficiency, realize positive cash flow, financing difficulties of vertical electric business enterprise is a great gospel. This model will be a "model revolution" in the development of future business models. "Personally feel that net wine label custom more attractive to me, relative to the wine itself, wine label personalized customization more valuable." As a gift or personal collection, but also more memorable meaning. In the ointment, there is a long waiting period between the payment and the receipt of the product. Overall, however, this is a more innovative way of selling. "Xiao Wang as a wine lover, his views represent a large part of the voice of consumers." Doubters: More like a commercial hype net wine network of this mode of innovation, in the win bursts of applause, but also attracted a lot of questions. A colleague of the net wine net of this behavior to disagree. "The so-called pre-sale and wine label customization, in many enterprises in the country has a precedent, is not a net Wine network initiative." DistributionThe so-called publicity and advertising business has a lot of moisture in it, net Wine network is no exception. Its so-called hundreds of thousands of consumer participation survey does not rule out the presence of considerable moisture. After all, to do a survey needs considerable human and financial support, for a small size of the electric business enterprise is a big burden. The publicity of the net wine net is more important than the practical meaning. "Wine, especially imported wine, is the industry that has sprung up in the last more than 10 years," said a wine trader who made the wine business. Despite the rapid development in recent years, the transparency of the entire industry has yet to be improved. The price is not transparent, the fake liquor blending time frequently causes the consumer to import the wine especially the high-end wine newspaper to doubt the attitude. In addition, the Chinese people's understanding of wine is still in the embryonic stage. All these factors restrict the development of the wine industry. These constraints do not result in a significant improvement in a business or event. It can be said that the import of wine industry has a long way to go. "NET wine net of the guest make the meaning, be said to be in the beholder, benevolent. After all, the matter is just beginning, and its impact is unclear for a short time. However, in any case, this is the domestic vertical electric business industry in the development of difficult to make a positive exploration. How it affects, can only allow time to test.
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