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In carving ye brisket, Huang Taigi broad eyeball, Fu New Dong, call a duck, hungry God, small hoof masterpiece, a pile of internet thinking aura of the restaurant took out. No other Internet thinking amateurs so lucky, Master Xi was known to be because of its equity disputes caused by infighting, the crux of the dispute lies in the early days of the young master in China did not have the relevant laws and regulations to protect the public equity. Some analysts think that this may be just the Internet thinking players are good at the hype, but from too explicit "skeleton" and the subsequent performance of the parties, this should not be real hype, but really infighting. You can be sure that the West will not be the last one because of the stock raising the accident of the start-up companies, the public in China has been facing acclimatized.

The public has become the escape

The original intention is to allow some good ideas to get the public funds and resources to support, and then landing to achieve, in essence, it plays a resource of aggregation effect. According to the different modes of incentive, the public is divided into the kind of incentive to the public, equity, debt and public welfare, and other ways, the current most popular is to motivate the public and the stock of public financing.

With the rise of the trend of intelligent hardware, the physical incentive class has been a roaring wind in the last two years. Although the funds raised by the amount of money from the sum and the time to meet the relatively large demand for product research and development, but because it can realize the dissemination of exposure, access to seed users and other goals are still respected by the vast number of hardware entrepreneurs. Once is China's most popular platform of the roll call time one o'clock, it is emulated by the Kickstarter, Indesgogo this two of the kind of large alligator also hatched Oculus star projects, all the big hit to make every dick Silk feel a lot closer to success.

However, in this year's roll call suddenly announced that "do not do the public raised", the transformation of the first platform, one side to do a new product pre-sale, while doing products 1 yuan public test. This and Jingdong, Taobao and other predators have to do with the power of huge and powerful related--Beijing-east has become a veritable NO.1,TOP10 public-funded projects in Beijing and east occupy 6 seats. But Zhang You, founder of the time, wrote that this was due to the fact that the public was not acclimatized in China. In the coming year all kind of all the physical platform will go to the roll-call time of the road: pre-sale platform. In Zhang You's view, the public-chip model itself is full of flaws:

"Because the public advocates for innovation, but there is the failure of innovation, it is unfair to the users of the money, because no one wants to support an unreliable team." Therefore, there is a serious flaw in the pattern and mechanism, this serious flaw will lead to an imbalance, which leads to the platform of the public to become a hotbed of unreliable teams. ”

Actually, it's not just a roll call. Lei Feng's KNEWBI community is based on a small number of wholesale public-sponsored sites, has changed its name to the Smart network transformation of intelligent hardware and electronic business site, and Pozible, the public to raise a few active in various forums to recognize their own in the pre-sale--pozible in the overseas do the real public chip, In China, it began to do pre-sale. After the hundred-game, the public shuffle is nearing the end.

The stock-raising is more unreliable

The real incentive to the public to meet the big defeat, the stock has also collapsed.

In fact, the stock-raising players than the physical audience to raise more, especially in the 2013 Internet financial hot background, some peer-to-peer lending sites such as springing up, the public raised the fire so many peer-to-peer lending sites to transform equity or debt. Although the two are not the same: Peer-to-peer lending is a direct credit transaction between the lender and the borrower, the platform provides security, and the equity public has the project entity, the audit system and the wind control system.

Stock-raising is essentially a decentralized angel investor system. But angel investors rely on their own vision and luck to find projects, and rely on those few successful projects to get a return. Equity investors must be a group, group decision-making is not better than individual decision-making where the wise. Groups have different values, different investment demands, different capital pressures and return cycle requirements, and different risk capabilities, which pose a huge risk to the entire investment. Besides, it is impossible for a group of investors to know every member very well--to understand the importance of partners in the entrepreneurial team, the project and the investors are familiar with the relationship between the money and more relationships and tacit understanding.

Compared to the physical audience, the amount of investment is often relatively large. People can use a few yuan to support a film, with dozens of yuan or hundreds of yuan to the public to support a watch. Encounter jump tickets have grievances but not to be able to bear the point, but "master West" incident tens of thousands of of the investment for ordinary people already is not a small number, financial pressure means to assume greater risk and then hope for greater returns. Therefore, whether it is to meet the loss or not to get the expected return, the final outbreak of contradictions is inevitable.

Funds, stocks, and banks are essentially people and institutions with investment claims that raise money or deposits to support poor money. The problem is that these forms of investment have an official endorsement, a set of strict process specifications and wind control system. Equity is in the vacuum of law. At the beginning of the "Sino-US-China Summit" organized by the public network, the Network Trust Finance's stake in the stock of the original will have said that the relevant departments of the public to raise the policy will be introduced, so that the public to become the first in the sun's Internet financial business. Winter is here, and this policy is still not waiting.

Who's going to be the next master West?

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