New lbs check-in Service! New Android version of Sina Weibo

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2009, China began to enter the era of micro-BO, 2010, micro-blog in the PC to carry forward strength, 2011, micro-blog is completely into the mobile internet era, the life of dribs and drabs, Joys and sorrows, anecdotes can be a word on the microblog with their friends or around strangers to share, small and vigorous, Rapid and timely information to enable the rapid spread of micro-bo. Add me micro-bleomycin Weibo to look at my new microblog .... That sort of thing is more and more around us. Microblogging from the PC to mobile interconnection, mobile phone clients constantly update the iteration, the current version of the latest micro-Bo for Android 2.7 0, today's small series for you to bring this version of the microblogging client evaluation. Micro Bo Android Client Launch interface evaluation Environment evaluation Object Micro-Blog evaluation version 2.7.0 software size 4.91 MB system requirements Android more than 1.6 mobile phone models Motorola ME811 mobile phone firmware Android 2.3.3
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