New User access channel: "Price war" is outdated?

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Absrtact: The end of the year, the electric business under the spotlight lamp has gone through a high speed development of one. Multiplex 2012: Price war promotion farce still in; the capital market has dispersed; the traditional enterprise fights against the outside, and the fission inside the company

At the end of the year, the electric spotlight under the light of a high speed development of one. 2012: "Price war" promotional farce is still in the wind, layoffs, the capital market has dispersed, the traditional enterprise all-out war ... And compared to the outside of the fight, the company's internal fission is more noteworthy.

This year, the electricity merchant's user channel, the operation thought, the pattern and so on are changing quietly, and thus has spawned a series of hot spot events.

New User access channel: "Price war" is outdated?

Representative Events: Multi-Appliance Merchants 6 18 and 8 15 promotions; Taobao double 11 turnover 19.1 billion; the NDRC refers to 8 15 promotion allegedly price fraud; double 12 Jingdong advocate "Member care"; Taobao double 12 pays attention to "storytelling"

Interpretation: "Double A number, double 12 storytelling", created 19.1 billion-day turnover myth, double 12 Ma Yunjian go slant, the pursuit of "small and beautiful", the Beijing-east launch of the beautiful delivery group, such as a series of "member care" activities, easy to purchase the launch of "Love 0 yuan shopping", will be double 12 promotion of public welfare banner ... Several once price war protagonist, have changed play, this is the initiative to change, is also passive.

"The electricity quotient has two huge cost high, new users to obtain costs and distribution costs, which led to the overall cost and offline basically flat," has been involved in the founder of Taobao Mall, the senior electric businessman Huang Jo that the promotion is still to obtain new users the cheapest and effective way, which is the home of the "price war" the reason.

But the drawbacks are also obvious: first, where do the benefits come from? Squeezing upstream manufacturers ' supply chains is easy to rebound; sustained losses and lower proprietary margins could worsen financial conditions. Second, consumers will not have aesthetic fatigue? 6 18, 8 15, double 11 ... High-density continuous promotion leads to the differentiation of consumers--some tend to be rational and turn a blind eye to promotions;

The latter is clearly the target users of the price war, the problem follows: This part of the price of highly sensitive users, repeat the purchase rate is very low, basically belong to the "waste water flow." How to enhance the transformation and excavation of user value, the different card routines, but it is certain that no brain promotion and pure price competition, has not enough attraction.

The shift of operation thinking: Harting to fine development

Representative events: Beijing East Amazon, such as rising free shipping threshold, where the customer cut off home appliances, department stores and other categories; When the cat gets the cheap traffic

Interpretation: Even if only 640,000 dollars in profit (non-GAAP), only the stock price in 2 months from 6 U.S. dollars straight to 15 dollars-the continued loss of the electric business circle of the desire for profit is too urgent. Last year, when Capital mania, rumors of a vertical electric dealer hit tens of millions of ads, only millions of of sales, such a "grand" will be difficult to reproduce. In the case of capital tightening, it is a general trend to shift from "Harting" to fine operation.

At the beginning of the year, Jing-dong, when, excellent, new eggs and other electric operators are raising the free shipping threshold, free shipping era end, radical expansion category, the warehouse is full of broom and rice cooker, old bitter experience, cut off the home appliances, digital and other categories return to the main line; In order to lose, very early to do the platform when also "from", With millions of SKU into the cat opened the shop, get a lot of cheap traffic. The capital and the pattern is difficult, the electric merchant how to take their own abacus to play turn, each has knowledge.

Big companies have a trial and error transformation of capital, small companies do not succeed, the martyrdom, a year to lay off the sound of layoffs: cotton arrears to the Treasury is sealed, is alive and well, luxury electric business call off, walk show net layoffs, Baidu joint venture company Cool Day shutdown, the product gathers on-line only March namely closes the station ...

Change of purchase and Sale mode: Open platform and private brand

Representative events: Beijing-East push supply chain financial services, open logistics system, when pushing own brand as a good product;

Interpretation: Bi Sheng that a "vertical purchase and sale of electricity dealer is a scam", awakened all electric merchants. The purchase and sale of the Business-to-consumer is difficult to profit, change is imperative.

One of the directions is the cat-style "commercial real estate". Jing Dong, when, store 1th and so on in a few years ago, the layout of the open platform, but the real power still in this year, which is the most representative of the Beijing-East: Together with the bank to provide supply chain financial services, acquisition network Silver Online to get through the payment link, inside the advertising system, open logistics distribution ... Jingdong is taking off the old way of Taobao, copying and innovation. Previous news shows that the Beijing-east pop platform sales will reach 140~150 billion, accounting for One-fourth of total sales.

The second direction is its own brand. Wal-Mart's own-brand sales accounted for 30% of the total, but provided more than half of the net profit. Copy the Wal-Mart model and become another choice for the purchase and sale class. including when, Amoy and so on, are in the test water own brand, and even hope that from the Channel Business transformation brand--compared to the channel 5~15 point of Gross margin, the 40%~50% of their own brand at the margin obviously more attractive.

Capital Market: Big company solo

Representative events: Only goods will be listed, Alibaba privatization retreat, Beijing-East financing;

Interpretation: Even if the institutions to cover up the money bag, there are still a number of companies to finance, this year, the first stock of ice-breaking only goods will be the concept of the electric business-capital buy not to pay, or rely on data to speak.

The environment is really cold: China E-commerce Research Center report shows that in the first half of 2012, the disclosure of the electricity quotient of 25 (included in the Millet financing), the total amount of financing 6.72 billion yuan, minus 46.24% year-on-year. So far, the amount of electricity business financing has been declining for 4 consecutive quarters.

On the other hand, the capital market has become the game of the Electric business giants Beijing-East low-key completion of a new round of financing of 300 million U.S. dollars; Su Ning through the open market and other ways, through the public markets have raised more than 10 billion yuan; The newly split Tencent electric trader obtains the parent company 1 billion dollars of fund support; Ali privatized business-to-business companies, or future overall listing.

The immortal fights, mortal suffers, big company Rush Capital, small company how to do? Either learn to be a low figure to engage in, or do subtraction, go small and beautiful, have a selling point of the road. As for the game of pure capital, let big companies play.

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