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The latest news, January 1, 2009, untitled Holiday on the first day, a large number of white-collar workers in Beijing spent most of the time in the SNS entertainment, making a lot of social game applications appear unusually hot.

Data from the open platform shows that more than 80% of users are concentrated in social games, and that some of the popular social games that have become popular are already breaking through, and some third party social gaming apps have suddenly increased or even come out of the crowd.


With New Year's Day holiday, Texas Poker, upgrades, mahjong and other chess social games from the real life to the network and be familiar with white-collar workers, a large number of white-collar choose to use easy social games online entertainment.

Beijing A netizen Doug said a large number of white-collar mind, "usually everyone to work, most of the time to play friends to buy and sell, parking spaces and other games, there is not a large number of times to play SNS in the Chess and card class social games." New Year's Day holiday because of the cold weather, we are accustomed to soak in SNS, while listening to music, while playing chess and other social games, not only in the save, but also let everyone more exchanges.

Industry analysis, a large number of white-collar workers in Beijing have been accustomed to soak in the SNS, become the 2009 New Year's Day social games popular important reasons. Social games easily without pressure, but also to maintain communication with friends, has become the first choice for white-collar online entertainment. Social game design is characterized by no tension and pressure on the user, it is easy to become a white-collar crowd pressure-discharging tool.

Many white-collar workers are more familiar with the repeatedly see and digging gold such flash games. Repeatedly look to "find the same two things, the connection can be eliminated" the simple rules appear, digging gold through a simple control to complete, much to mm as the main body of careful players favor. And playing a common stand-alone version of the game is different, in the SNS you can invite your friends to play together, you can share your experience and experience of playing games, improve the relationship between you and friends. So this kind of flash game can be a natural transition to SNS, become a social game popular choice.

Social games are characterized by the need for a gorgeous interface, and do not need to monopolize the user's desktop, music boxes and other applications are easy to let users enjoy their favorite music in the game. Music expresses people's life experience, the musical art of thought, and the development of social network, so that playing social games with background music becomes the most intimate entertainment and relaxation way. Many white-collar workers have formed the entertainment habit of listening to music while playing social games.

Review 2008 years, from a series of recreational SNS events, to in the domestic first water test social game promotion. Social games, with the rise of SNS, has become an important part of white-collar network life. New Year's Day holiday, Beijing white-collar crazy play social games for 2009 years of SNS Development opened a good head.

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