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Kallasvuo's "Being dismissed" announces the end of an era for Nokia, but it remains to be seen whether Elop will open a new chapter in the Nokia Mobile internet era.  Right now, Nokia needs to innovate the development of ideas, accelerate the speed of product development, from the traditional communications enterprises to the transition of mobile Internet Enterprises newspaper reporter Zhang Yanqing September 10, Nokia announced the former Microsoft executive Elop, successor Kallasvuo to become the new president and CEO. Elop stepped, he must move quickly and make decisions to change Nokia's dilemma, as Apple and Google have developed rapidly.  Since Apple launched its iphone three years ago, Nokia's share price has fallen by more than 60% and its market value is about $61 billion. Nokia will be entrusted to the future task to Elop, but he has placed high hopes: to lead Nokia to restart the "king" era.  But the long-awaited Nokia cannot revive the brilliance of the 2G era alone, and Nokia needs comprehensive and lasting innovation.  The market share continues to decline, the handsome change is inevitable Nokia in recent years in the smartphone market share of the precarious, and the obvious decline in performance is the main reason for Kallasvuo class. Nokia currently has a 34.2% per cent share of the global handset market, compared with 36.8% in the same period last year, according to Gartner, a market research firm.  Nokia's share of the smartphone market in the second quarter was 37.4%, down from 45% in the same period last year. In the late 90, Nokia took over Motorola's position as the world's number-one handset maker, and the key to its success was that Nokia would make money and make consumer influence.  But now Nokia's iconic software, Symbian, is old and behind the market, and consumers don't like it. Gartner's report shows that Google's Android is expected to catch up with Symbian in 2014 years, when two companies will occupy 30% of the global handset market. In 2009, however, Symbian had a 47% market share, while Android was only 4%.  Once in a while, the smartphone market pattern quietly changed, Nokia's "King" status has already been crumbling.  To reverse the backward trend, the new CEO, Elop, needs quick action and decision-making. Smart phones lost to rivals, missed 3G opportunities in mobile phone shipments, Nokia benefited from China, India and other markets, the good performance, still occupy the world's first position.  But Nokia's lagging performance on smartphones has turned Apple into the most profitable maker. Nokia's smartphones have long relied on Symbian's operating system.  But compared to the iphone and Android,symbian cumbersome, complex, backward applications, so that consumers can not be interested. In addition to operating systems, Nokia smartphones also lag significantly behind in mobile apps. According to statistics, Nokia Ovi Store currently has about 13,000Application。  However, Apple App Store has 250,000 apps, and Google Android has more than 50,000 apps. In addition, Apple's iphone and Google's Android are far ahead of smartphone apps and are being ported to tablet computers.  Nokia has been unable to match the two companies, at least on the application platform.  Nokia has been in the mobile phone market share has always been "boss", in recent years, because of the lack of insight into mobile phone development trends, market share has been repeatedly eaten away by others, this is the mobile phone manufacturers to lead the trend of mobile phones, it is indeed sad. At present, the global mobile phone major market has entered the 3G era, the changes in the communications industry to promote the terminal areas of replacement, the smartphone is undoubtedly the mainstream market. Nokia, however, has underperformed the smartphone sector.  The reasons behind this are both weak high-end mobile phone product lines and unsuccessful Internet service strategies, as well as outdated Nokia management and so on. Nokia wants to revive, it needs a comprehensive concept of innovation it is reported that Elop September 21 will officially take office.  But for Elop, the industry has expectations and doubts. "In terms of software, he will be the company's wealth," said economic analyst Nier Moston, "The mobile phone market is computerized and understanding the direction of mobile software development will benefit Nokia." Jorma Olila, chairman of Nokia's board of directors, said that Mr Elop's "strong background in the software sector and proven ability to reform business management practices" could help Nokia cope with new challenges. But the online version of the American Fortune magazine says that in many ways, Elop is not a candidate for the Finnish communications company.  Elop is a frequent replacement of the site of the operator. Industry analysts believe that after he took office, he first had to deal with two major challenges. One is that Nokia's smartphone business is slipping and may continue to lose in the fight against Google's Android and Apple's iphone. Second, Nokia desperately needs to break the U.S. market. American mobile phone users only need to sign a two-year contract with T to buy iphone 4 handsets at $199, but pay full price when buying a Nokia smartphone. Nokia's high-end handset products have been fatally affected by the inability to work with T and other big American operators.  Nokia's share of the US market has fallen below 10% per cent. Clearly, the challenge before Elop is far from over, and what Nokia needs is a comprehensive and innovative approach to development. If Nokia's product innovation cannot be better, Nokia will be "abandoned" by the market more and more, at the same time, if the Nokia business model can not be transformed into a breakthrough in the future development will also be difficult.  To be aware, Nokia's rivals Apple and Google have not only won the market with innovative products, but also brought about a change in the market pattern with a new development model. Nokia, which has made its own paper and transformed itself into the world's largest handset maker, is now in dire need ofUnified Communications Enterprises to the mobile Internet enterprise transformation. So Elop is at a critical point. Perhaps the background of his software industry and the experience of changing management patterns are a turning point for Nokia, a century-old European shop with an American-style CEO or a wonderful spark.
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