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The development of the mobile internet in the 2014 made O2O the concept of China's birth. If the business model of the Internet was focused on how to connect with people, then O2O solved how to better serve the people. In the post-O2O era of the 2015, when all walks of life in O2O transformation, how can we win in chaos? With this kind of question, let's look back at the first world O2O fair to see what ideas and ways each family has:

1. O2O One-stop entrance

Lei repeatedly stressed: millet ecology is open, not exclusive. As the first speaker, Vice President Hong Feng's speech also confirmed that millet in the O2O eco-chain layout of the open attitude.

He believes that millet is not a specific service, but through three things to do a Better Business center (Mall), connect businesses and users.

The first is the passenger flow: Hong Feng said that at present, millet in China's Internet traffic accounted for 12%, hope next year to be close to 20%, that is, millet hope to provide O2O enterprises with 1/5 consumption capacity of users.

The second is basic services: Millet has done two similar Mall concept applications to help businesses reach users: Millet life and millet Yellow pages. The former mainly gathers the very good idea of each merchant, the latter collects the information of each Life class service merchant. In addition, Millet also in the system and merchants for a closer integration, such as the McDonald's voice menu visualization, under the mobile under the notice embedded Recharge button to natural diversion.

The third is the mode of operation: Flood Peak cited an example to illustrate, when users need to send a courier, TA just slip in the millet Yellow Pages operation, the next single information directly linked to The courier company backstage. When the customer receives the express telephone, also can show The Courier's portrait and surname, also has a intimacy. These data by The courier company and millet together to maintain. In the future, millet can work together with merchants, the whole user experience to do better.

O2O covers a wide range of areas, involving various traditional industries, the market segment reached more than 100. Single from exhibitors to provide a large and small range of food and clothing to cover the services can be felt, this wave of O2O is slowly surrounding your entire life. Millet hope to do a mobile end of the service mall, to attract various market segments, the purpose is to seize the port O2O flow, but also allow users to skip all the individual app, directly in the mall to complete all transactions, the future of the imagination of the space is naturally large.

About O2O service navigation, the exhibition of the grape life is doing similar things, it is mainly with cool, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers to fight for the market outside of millet.

2. Multi-tentacles attempts of traditional enterprises

Le habitat CEO He Yin Yu mentioned two points, first, real estate finance, le Ju with E, Sina and Sequoia Capital a joint venture to set up A's (Peer-to-peer products), has been on-line three products: Buy a house Treasure (Money Fund), down payment (provide down payment financing support) and the public. Usually real estate company's owner information is very valuable (have some economic strength), but has not been fully utilized and activated. At the same time, the company also and drop a taxi has cooperation, because any consumer on the site to see the real estate information, most will produce the scene to see the demand. Therefore, le Habitat in mobile applications to access the drop-by-taxi service, providing users a key to the sales center solution. In addition to the line and the vertical through the line, O2O company can also cooperate with each other to explore more opportunities.

3. Focus on mobile port traffic inlet

Expanding horizons to the outside world, Airbnb's product manager, Dan Hill, mentions that users in many parts of the Globe Airbnb use mobile devices to make rooms and usually order at the last minute. In this connection, Melissa Yang, co-founder of the Pedestrian network, also resonates: Chinese subscribers have a fast-moving order, with the average three-day lead time for mobile devices, and the main way to achieve real-time room ordering in transit homes. It is clear that today's user decisions are changing quickly, and mobile phones are the closest to their decisions, and O2O startups need to look for traffic portals for mobile terminals in particular.

4.O2O Investment Opportunities

IDG Capital Partner Li Feng defined O2O as a process of reshaping the service industry. Also analyzes the rise and logic of O2O: China's economic development over the past more than 10 years has brought about a rapid rise in the disposable income per capita or household, which has led to an increase in the awareness of public consumption, but at present China is not mature and perfect in each industry, and the user needs are not satisfied. And foreign services have been fully marketable, which is why Chinese startups do more than the American model. To borrow a word he had mentioned before: almost all of our O2O in China are encapsulating services, reshaping the entire service process in a user-friendly way.

In the past year, from China to the United States, the first appeared in the O2O from the higher standardized, more simple skills of the industry started (driving, cleaning, express). Then there is the O2O associated with education, manicure and beauty, which suggests that standardization is decreasing and skills are being asked to improve. Pushing down this logic, the future of service industry reengineering, which is increasingly specialized in more sophisticated transactions, will take place.

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