Occupy the living room next year the video industry advertisement price rises 80%

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Wen/Chang Gung online video is from the user size and advertising revenue two aspects to become China's largest Internet application. According to reliable sources, a number of video sites have begun to adjust the 2014-year advertising prices, price increases range between 30-80%. Other sources of information that the United States, Ogilvy and other advertising companies in advertising has begun to cut the traditional internet advertising budget, and significantly increase the level of online video sites. Occupy the living room becomes the advertisement to raise the price chip according to the report of China Merchants Securities released, it is estimated that the growth rate of the online video industry in 2013 and 2014 is 40%, 60%, the market scale of the entire online video advertisement in 2013 is 14 billion, and the market size of 2014 will exceed 20 billion. In addition, the agency also predicts a 30% rise in the price of video advertising in 2014. In fact, the development of online video industry far exceeds the previous expectations of China Merchants Securities. including Youku potatoes, Archie pps, music, including a number of video sites have significantly increased the 2014-year advertising price. A video industry executive says the 2014-year advertising price is growing faster than usual. The other side revealed that video advertising prices since 2011 gradually climbed, but in the past 2 years, the price increases are below 30%, and this year's advertising price increases on average around 50%, far more than in previous years. It is understood that the 2014 online video advertising can significantly increase in addition to the rapid growth of mobile terminals, video sites through the box, Internet TV and other terminal equipment quickly split the traditional radio and television market share is an important reason. In a report quoted by The Economist, only 30% of Beijing's users watched television in 2012, compared with more than 70% in 2009. Le video Network, a senior executive admitted that it is the music video box, video super TV and mobile end of the three carriages of the rapid growth of music to improve the price of advertising. The other side analysis, the traditional PC-side online video almost shows saturation trend, and the concept of "occupy the living room" in advertising negotiations on advertisers have a strong persuasive. "It can be predicted that the future of China's 16-30-year-old mainstream audience will be watching the program via Internet TV or box, rather than the past cable TV, and now the price of online video advertising is far lower than cable TV, which is too convincing to the advertising side." The executive said. Advertisers to increase video input budget online video advertising prices have begun to affect the traditional PC-side advertising revenue. A 4A advertiser, who declined to be named, admits that video advertising will gradually devour the advertising share of traditional PC Internet products over the next few years. A number of multinational customers, including Coca-Cola, Procter and Gamble, and General Motors, have asked 4 a companies to invest more in video sites in internet advertising, the company said. "These multinationals are spending so much each year, spending more on online video, and shrinking on other Internet products," says Eric Data, a user of Chinese online videoIn the next few years will break 700 million, no matter how it is a huge market, advertising value is difficult to measure. said the person. In fact, the PC-terminal Internet product form has highlighted the fading momentum. Many of the Internet companies that have been the main carriers of the PC end of the year have cut jobs to varying degrees. "The rise of video sites has opened the curtain on the decline of traditional PC internet advertising. An analyst at UBS Asia's Internet Research department made the remarks.
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