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Xinhua Zhejiang Channel December 13, Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yi) when "> China's E-commerce" in the history of the most frequent discount year, the end of another round of promotions, thoroughly impress Hangzhou " The net buys the talent "Yang Zifang is not the merchant to be full of the discount, but is the early morning" snapped up "not to open the less than 5 minutes of the short text soundtrack:

"2007 years. This year you have tasted parking bitterness, oil price pain, traffic congestion anger, but because this car, the sky, want to go where to go. ”

"2008 years. The city's Night Lights, there is a light for me, that is my home! ”

"Little Baby, you cry to the ground, and your father and I laughed, from now on, give you all of our lives!" ”

"Mom and Dad I love You" may never be said, but since 2012, you always think of them, buy them to buy that, they nag behind the full of love and expectations, you finally understand. ”

The short film that made Yang Zifang "laugh and almost shed tears in the dark Night" Taobao this year, "double 12" promotional period launched the "Time Machine", a according to her 7 years of purchase of merchandise records, browse clicks, receiving address and other data editing "personal network to buy a blog."

So sketched the memory of life until the end of the "double 12" activity is still spread on the internet fermentation, Sina Weibo attracted more than 430,000 interactive participation. Concise drawings and text, the essence is based on the 470 million Taobao registered users online purchase data analysis and processing.

"Liudax" said, "buy auto parts, it knows you buy a car, buy pet supplies, it knows you have a dog, buy old people's goods, it knows you honor your parents." My Taobao 7 years, listening to music watching the story, so moved. ”

"Almost did not see cry." Netizens "Bask in the Moonlight" on Weibo, saying, "from the 06 all the way, real record of my life, from marriage, buy a house, buy a car, have children, childcare, and travel to honor their parents and so on, here by a scene afresh recall, how many sweet and hard, Taobao one record, but also let me think of the first deal content. ”

There are also "oolong" funny impressions. A netizen said, his account often help his wife to purchase skin care products, "time Machine" he judged as "let people covet" beauty, bought a couple of clothes as a college class, was mistaken "that year harvest Love" ... Netizen "13 Floor 226" said, "such a big data mining attempt, accuracy and depth to be optimized, but somewhat interesting." ”

In fact, it is not the first time the Internet platform uses data to create a "time Machine". At the end of 2011, Taobao once produced "Time Machine" sellers version, the sellers operating data analysis made into a short film, hit the life of the seller surprises, hardships, moved. Sina Weibo was not long ago the web version of the revision, also based on the use of micro-blog data made flash games, recording the user's microblog process.

Some netizens said, "Time Machine" is only the Internet data records and time blending life track. The Internet is virtual, but the net buys the economy, the fictitious community behind, still is one fresh individual.

"Can move people, not because the product itself is so good, was moved by the person is actually moved by their own memories." Because most of us have always been thankful and nostalgic for life for the past. "Taobao Time Machine" product manager Shao said.

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