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China Mobile's internet has been driven by operators ' full power. This week, the Ministry of Public Information on the WiFi version of the iphone network, China Unicom began to clean up the absence of WiFi-enabled iphone inventory to raise overall concern, coupled with the iphone 4 is expected to be listed in September, the last barrier to the end of wireless internet access will be a breakthrough. In the three major operators 3G network rapid construction and optimization of the support of the era of wireless Internet access, and mobile application business has become the trend of the popular.

Three operators exerting their mobile internet

China Telecom Group general manager Wang 21st to Sohu it said, China Telecom is about to launch the "sky-wing digital reading platform", he also said, China Telecom "sky-wing digital reading platform" developed 2010-year development goals, is to cover 5 million terminals, as well as the realization of 650,000 daily users, the formation of 80,000 volumes of reading content. On the same day, the Wall Street Journal reported that, after expressing a potential interest in the ipad, China Telecom signaled that it would be interested in providing an iphone someday. Apple is developing an iphone that is compatible with CDMA technology, according to people familiar with the matter. China Mobile has long said it is negotiating with Apple to provide the iphone, and hopes Apple will use its self-developed 3G technology on the iphone. The latest news says China Unicom's top executives will go to the U.S. and Apple next week to finalize details of the introduction of IPhone4, IPhone4 likely to enter China in September.

Three at the same time favored the iphone is only China's 3G fiery advance of a microcosm, in the terminal, the three operators have been determined to set off in the second half of the 3G terminal of the popularity of the storm, and star terminal Large-scale introduction also indicates that mobile Internet application war has also begun. Typical events are China Unicom's strategic adjustment, which is to increase subsidies for the iphone and the addition of a new set of packages. From the second quarter onwards, a series of measures for the traction of the package began to debut. The increase in subsidies to the actual price of the iphone, is China Unicom adjustment, explore the domestic high-end user group to define the beginning. The emergence of A/b packages and five new subdivision fee packages for voice and data users ' needs, as well as the introduction of the 7 August thousand-yuan Smart machine, is the beginning of a massive attack on the low-end user market in order to harvest market data. China Telecom is directions, after the introduction of the BlackBerry success, the introduction of Palm brand mobile phone has also been ripe.

On the application side, Mobile mobile harsh (hereinafter referred to as mm) quickly occupies a position, there are reports that the total number of applications and monthly growth in Apple and Google ranked third after. By 2010, mobile mm operating indicators of rapid growth. The number of applications has more than 20,000, the application submission and the number of developers in the monthly growth rate of about 20%, application downloads and the number of users of the monthly increase of 40%. In addition, MM has developed the "1 million developers, 10 million users, 100 million downloads," the annual operating goals.

The three operators frequently show that the development of unimpressed mobile Internet began to step on the fast lane, the second half of the year, even if there is no blowout development, is destined to completely activate the 3G industry.

Mobile Internet: The beginning of a new business cycle

In Morgan Stanley's mobile Internet report, a change in information technology was a process of wealth creation and extinction. From the 60 's the beginning of the mainframe age, the 70 's small computer age, the development of personal computers in the 80, desktop Internet development of the 90, as well as the beginning of this century in the first 10 just began to enter the mobile internet era. Each cycle brings the creation and demise of finance, and today's mobile Internet is the fifth development cycle of the last 50 years.

Industry personage, billion US soft Tong CEO Li think, now when it comes to mobile Internet, the emphasis is on wireless communication to the traditional desktop Internet data, in mobile Internet applications, user's location data will be used as a basic information, in the application will bring great commercial value.

Since the terminals used by mobile Internet are very different from those of traditional desktop Internet terminals, the interaction of new devices used in mobile internet will change. Many people use the iphone, the ipad, in addition to feeling the new ways of interacting with touch screens and gravitational sensors, there are a number of new mobile smart devices with special interactive features, such as visual focus control, body motion sensing, and so on, which will change the traditional use of the Internet.

In the mobile Internet, in addition to the use of mobile phone access to the Internet, such a more common way, including personal information terminals, industry applications terminals, intelligent networking equipment, etc. are also important components of the mobile Internet. Personal information terminals include the ipad, Amazon Kindle, and so on. In addition to these, mobile Internet information terminals There are smart home appliances, other intelligent equipment. In other words, all future devices will have an operating system, will have information interaction, will become a mobile Internet Information terminal. This understanding of mobile Internet, will be more comprehensive understanding of the mobile Internet for the social changes, as well as the business future brought by it. Because of the huge difference between the mobile internet and the traditional desktop Internet, the mobile internet will be a power to change business, both technically and in its commercial properties.

Activate mobile application space

Mobile Internet is, in the final analysis, a mobile application network. Different from the traditional Internet mass space bandwidth transmission characteristics, the mobile Internet bandwidth Resources Limited, coupled with the user experience of different, all decided that mobile internet will become more practical mobile application network. This is also the process of commercial reengineering of the traditional Internet Free mode, mobile Internet, the free consumption of bandwidth in the present and even for quite a long time is difficult to achieve, which determines the mobile Internet is not all the information can be flooded with it, although essentially the internet, but will be more sophisticated application of the Internet.

Eric Information for the first half of the mobile Internet operation analysis that the mobile value-added market this quarter accounted for 66.5%, compared to the last quarter of nearly 8%, but in the mobile internet major segments of the market still maintain a leading edge. Mobile games and mobile phone e-commerce market size accounted for 14.7% and 10.7%, ranked second and third, compared to the first quarter accounted for a different degree of increase. Eric predicts that mobile E-commerce and mobile gaming will continue to grow steadily, with the potential to reshape a new pattern of mobile internet market size. 2010Q2, China Mobile phone E-commerce real transaction size reached 430 million yuan, an increase of 321.6%, the chain growth of 41.9%. The further increase of market activity is the main reason for the growth of mobile phone e-commerce transactions.

With the formation of market activity, more and more businesses are attracted to the mobile phone business platform, the merchant is more willing to provide services tailored to the mobile phone shopping, the overall level of E-commerce services and service quality is effectively improved; In the stage of market development, Taobao, when, Amazon and Jingdong Mall and other traditional E-commerce enterprises continue to explore the development model of mobile phone E-commerce for the later expansion of the scale ready.

At the same time, emerging mobile e-commerce companies are actively looking for market segments to develop opportunities, and strive to accumulate market forces. The volume of mobile phone physical transactions is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the second half.

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