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Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of Oracle (Photo: AP) Barry Diller (Larry Ellison Diller) (map) Top 5 of the Wall Street Journal CEO pay list (photo source: Wall Street Journal) CEO remuneration rankings are the highest-paid listed companies in the past 10 years. Oracle CEO Ellison is the "King of Pay". Jobs, with a 1-dollar salary, also ranked among the top five "China entrepreneur Network" for restrictive stock returns, according to the Wall Street Journal's CEO pay survey, Oracle Corp.  Larry Ellison, founder and CEO, Larry Ellison the "King of Pay" of listed companies over the past decade, receiving 1.84 billion dollars in compensation.  The second place in the pay list is Barry Diller Barry Diller, the Hollywood power, internet tycoon, Iac/interactive and Expedia chairman, with a salary of about 1.14 billion dollars. Western Oil company Occidental Petroleum Corp. CEO Rey Irani Ray Irani the third place with 857 million dollars in revenue, Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs is fourth in 749 million dollars, and Richard Fairbank, chief executive of the US Capital One Financial, is ranked fifth in the pay table, Ferbank  Income of 569 million dollars.  The survey shows that only some of the top executives who have been paid well in the past decade have brought good equity gains to shareholders. Oracle's shareholders saw the value of the shares three times-fold, while Apple's shares soared nearly 12 times-fold.  The shares of another tech giant, Dell, have fallen 66% per cent over the past decade, while Michael Dell, the CEO, still gets 454 million dollars. Jesse Fried, a law professor at Harvard University, said the gap between CEO wealth and shareholder earnings was "Jessi Flede", suggesting that many executives behaved badly but did not hinder their large sums of money.  But Steve Kaplan, a professor at the booth School of Business, says that, by and large, executives who take more money are Kaplan. Take Ellison for example. The 65-year-old sailing enthusiast created the Oracle company in 1977. By 2009, its market capitalisation had doubled by three times times to $98 billion trillion and continued to rise. Ellison's 23% Oracle stock is worth about 28.8 billion dollars.  The realizable income from the option accounted for 97% of Ellison's total compensation. Since much of the income is tied to the stock price, the survey shows that executive income is also due to options or restricted stockThe time to change is different. Many highly-paid executives cash in on options such as 2000, 2005 and 2007, when stock prices are relatively high.  Many were given stock options in the 1990s. Many of the wealthiest executives are not among the top earners. Berkshire Hathaway (Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  Warren Buffett, the chairman of Microsoft's Board of Directors (Bill Gates), resigned as CEO in 2000 and retired as a Microsoft Buffett in 2008.  Jobs, who paid only 1 dollars a year in the past decade, ranked fourth in the High Pay list because it was awarded a restricted stock of $647 million worth. Of the 25 highly paid executives, 16 have been in the company for the last ten years, though not always as CEO.  But the top five people in the pay list have been the leaders of their respective companies for ten years. (Compile: Dubh)
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