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"Black Swan" poster "The King's Speech" stills Guangzhou daily February 19 The Oscars, which have declined in recent years, seem intent on returning to the public eye, and this year's Oscars are significantly more powerful than they were 2009 or 2010 years in the promotion of box-office receipts. The Black Swan, one of the beneficiaries, has surged overseas at the box office last week, gaining even more than the superhero "Green Hornet", which became the overseas box-office champion of North American films. Since winning the Oscar nomination, the film has won nearly 40 million dollars in the box office. Another big hot nomination film "The King's Speech" also because of Oscar and double-dipping, the current global box-office breakthrough of 200 million U.S. dollars. Another nominated film, "Earth Thunder" directed by the Cohen Brothers, landed in 20 countries and regions next week.  Oscar seems to want a snow last year, "the demolition team" won the prize after the disgrace. Wen/reporter Zhenguo Last year's award-winning films, the lack of interest in recent years, the Oscars are often embarrassed, the nomination film should be highly concerned by the cold shoulder, the atmosphere before the Oscars, the film to stimulate the box office seems not much help. The halo of the best film nominees is fading as the media compete to attract film viewers with pictures of nominated films. "Milk" and "Richard Nixon" were not at the box office in 2009, when 5 of the films nominated for the best film were named "Death readings" after the nomination. The 2010 "Bomb-breaking Force" and "Avatar" formed two of extremes, the "bomb-breaking force", although the best film, but the tens of millions of dollars in the box office, also made it "the lowest box office Oscar best Film" title, in the first weekend after the Oscar award, the film will only make 828,000 dollars in the box office. This has sparked debate, and on the Oscars list, the box office gap between popular and minority films is widening.  Critics point out that the Golden man may be the industry's highest honor symbol, but in the outside world, the impact of this award is Declining day by day. This year's nomination film has benefited a lot. "Black Swan" to the 200 million dollar mark this year, the Golden Man spared no effort, such as the increase in nomination awards, the best film nominations to 10, the result of last year's ratings soared to 5 years the highest.  The latest box-office figures show that this year's Oscar-nominated film attracts more people. In addition to "Inception", "Toy Story 3" and other box-office hot films, "Black Swan", "King's Speech", "Earth Thunder" all because of the Oscar nomination and abroad to benefit a lot.  For example, this year's Oscar nomination was announced on January 25, followed by the "Black Swan" in North America, the box office increased by nearly 20 million U.S. dollars, and began to make money overseas, in a number of countries a total of more than 19 million U.S. dollars in the box office. As of February 13, the film earned 72.6 million dollars outside the U.S. box office. Most of the British viewers supported the film, contributing more than 20 millionThe U.S. dollar box office, in other countries such as Australia also won tens of millions of dollars. February 9, the film landed in the European film Power of France, in 5 days to embrace the gold 4.66 million dollars.  The situation in Germany is similar. In the film Portman plays for the art of devotion to the ballet actress Nina, this role is a calm and fragile woman, but later in order to become a stage actress and live in dire straits, resulting in high tension and suffering from schizophrenia, so the heart became the evil "Black Swan."  She also offers a wonderful dance in the film. As a small and medium sized film with a cost of $13 million, the Black Swan has won 170 million dollars.  BoxOfficeMojo.com's box office analysis article argues that with the release of the film in countries such as Italy and Spain, Oscar's reputation will make it a box-office breakthrough of 200 million dollars. The King's speech, Britain's top-grossing "The King's Speech," the cost of making 15 million dollars is slightly higher than the Black Swan, but it is also a medium sized film in Hollywood. Because of special themes and plots, the "King's Speech" is more dependent on overseas than the "Black Swan". At the same time, from the start of filming, foreign media voices said the film was heading for the prize, and Oscar seemed to have waited for the film to return handsomely: The 100 million-dollar overseas box office.  In addition to the film in North America, the "king" grabbed the "Black Swan" before breaking the 200 million dollar box office mark. The King's speech is about the story of King George VI of England, as a stuttering king, George the King's personality and perseverance in his stuttering, and his speech later encouraged the British civilian and military in the midst of the war.  As the Firth's "George VI" shows the fascination of British men, the film has now won 54.02 million of dollars at the box office in Britain, where the story of the King's speech took place. In Australia, the film won 22.34 million of dollars in the box office, in France the film also harvested more than 7.88 million dollars.  German and Mexican producers are also eagerly awaiting the release of the film in these countries next week.  Foreign media said that for a literary film, this achievement is excellent. "Earth Thunder" landed 20 countries next week "Earth Thunder," the overseas offensive has just spread out a large area, most countries on February 17 and 18th began to show the film, starting next week will be 20 countries and regions ready to release the film. And in countries that have begun to show the film, the film is very popular.  In the UK, the film won nearly 3 million U.S. dollars in the 3-day box office, and in Spain also won the box office runner position. "Earth Thunder" and no young audience like the big stars, the actor is Jeff such acting faction, the heroine is not how to play the Haili Stanfield, as a supporting role Damon not much. The biggest sign that attracts viewers is "westerns" and "the latest work of the Cohen Brothers." However, in the film industry is a master-level directorThe Cohen brothers, also rely on the Oscar best film "Old Nothing" to be famous among the masses.
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