Peer-to-peer platform with the help of real estate intermediary and convenience store derivative new promotion mode

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 In recent years, China's peer-to-peer industry has exploded growth, development so far, Peer-to-peer platform has spawned many models.

Recently, "Daily Economic news" reporter survey learned that at present, China's peer-to-peer industry under the promotion of different tricks, such as grafting small loans company, with the city "O2O" mode, hand convenience stores, newspaper kiosks and real estate agents.

"To adopt various ways to promote offline, a simple point is to save the promotion cost, make full use of resources." and to find cooperation with the convenience store model, it is conducive to resource sharing. "E Micro-loan CEO Lu Langtao pointed out.

A number of industry insiders to reporters that, because the current domestic credit system is not perfect, pure platform model is difficult to adapt to the current financial environment, a lot of Peer-to-peer platform in the model on the localization of innovation, there is a combination of line online mode. However, as the credit system continues to improve, the future of pure online operating on the Peer-to-peer platform or will explode a strong competitive edge.

Online promotion of innovative mode frequency

Recently, the daily economic news reporter learned that with the letter (a large number of offline physical outlets and salesman, sales and credit audits are mainly put online to complete), Pat Credit (adhere to the pure Online credit audit), and other modes, some Peer-to-peer platform to carry out the extraordinary strokes under the line promotion.

In addition to the earlier beneficial net grafting small loan company, Wing Lung loan with the city loan O2O mode, that is, to turn the peer-to-peer into a community of the general benefits of finance, e micro-loans in Hunan province and the convenience store, newspaper kiosks and other cooperation; Beijing, a March just set up a peer-to-peer platform with real estate intermediary to carry out business.

One side is a small loan company that needs to raise the scale of financing, while it is a peer-to-peer platform that craves investment and enhances the size of the transaction. Based on this, to the benefit of the network as a representative of a number of platforms, select offline and microfinance institutions together to design products, online search customers.

The so-called model of cooperation with small lenders, is to consider the online can not complete the borrower's credit survey, the platform with the existing small loan company's resources, by its responsible for the development of offline borrowers, the completion of customer credit inspection, audit, credit management, collection and other work, and provide principal and interest guarantee.

"To take the online financing needs of investors, offline and small credit institutions to cooperate with the model to achieve efficient matching funds." When the company chooses the small loan institution of cooperation, usually choose and docking has a mature credit audit technology, chain operation, business model of the small credit institutions, and require small lenders for the recommended borrower to provide 100% principal and interest, such as the borrower defaults, direct compensation, to ensure the safety of investors. "The beneficial net related personage points out.

At the same time, the "O2O" model of the same city has become one of the important ways to promote offline.

"City O2O" mode, the company set up in hundreds of cities nationwide operations center, and in-depth community and township to open loans, financial experience shop. ' City O2O ' borrowing means that the borrower can only apply for loans in a city with an operating center of the wing-long loan network. and has a long-term residence in the land, with fixed assets, the Operation center will be the borrower's credit due diligence, home visits, family units to comprehensively assess the use of their loans, credit conditions, Economic conditions and repayment capacity, and the completion of the loan management work as required; The transaction between the borrower and the lender is done online entirely. "The first one to promote the concept of the city," said an insider.

In addition to the above model, Peer-to-peer platform will also look at the real estate agents, convenience stores and even newspaper kiosks.

"At present, the company almost with all the real estate intermediary in Beijing have cooperation, operating mode is the real estate intermediary will need short-term loans to introduce customers to the platform, the platform through the customer qualification audit, and then decide whether to loan to the customer." "The general manager of a peer-to-peer platform in Beijing said.

Referring to wind control, he further pointed out that the wind control model is undoubtedly the core competitiveness of the platform. First, the real estate intermediary is equivalent to have done a simple wind control, because they are not only the customer is not the only housing, the monthly amount of information are relatively clear; second, when the real estate intermediary recommended to the platform, the platform will be the number of borrowers to pay the way to the point, and then to understand the customer loan amount and asset value, we must ensure that once the money To repay the loan by selling assets.

Shenzhen e micro-credit in Hunan to take with the line of convenience stores, newspaper kiosks and other modes of cooperation, the formation of business alliances to achieve resource sharing.

E Micro-loan CEO Lu Langtao told the Daily Economic news reporter, its main operating mode is: Through the city's convenience stores, newspapers and kiosks as the company recommended Alliance Network, using the existing convenience stores as the starting point for business advertising marketing, the store's traffic brings the advertising effect through the output of potential borrowers to realize the form of customers. The company uses the convenience store's potential loan customer's input to reach the development business the goal, simultaneously saves the massive marketing expense, achieves the goal which wins the win.

Lu Langtao to the daily economic news reporter said, on the e micro-loan above the loan project

(The current cooperative mode of borrowing amount of 10,000 ~5 million) risk control, the overall risk control strategy: A lot of pieces, small pieces, spread the risk, control the total default rate, with the benefit of covering the risk, to avoid the single business overdue on the overall risk of the company impact.

Peer-to-peer will eventually return to pure mediation mode

Peer-to-peer company originated from abroad, as a simple network intermediary, only responsible for the formulation of trading rules and provide trading platform, is a pure online business model. However, many of our peer-to-peer companies and institutions to the foreign experience and domestic status quo and the specific situation of their own enterprises, forming a "localized" Peer-to-peer network lending mode, that is, line under the combination of online mode.

"A lot of Peer-to-peer platform in the model on the localization of innovation, there has been a combination of line online mode, this is the first phase of our Peer-to-peer model development." After the future credit system is perfect, the domestic peer-to-peer will eventually return to the model of pure intermediary platform. said the wing lung loan insiders.

Block Box Coo Wei also pointed out that China's mainstream peer-to-peer selection line under the model is a reason, the United States has a century of financial practice, its credit rating, Third-party data transparency. In contrast, China's financial market information is far from enough, so far, there is no proven technical means to solve the problem of line control, online collection is even more difficult, the root of the credit system is not possible before the relief, this phase by the line to do wind control is really risky, in the future for some time, China's Peer-to-peer model of online fundraising will remain mainstream.

Lu also told the Daily economic news reporter, mainly because the current domestic credit system is not perfect, no third-party agencies can come up with a relatively complete credit report, it is difficult to grasp the customer's credit risk. So in order to better grasp the credit status of the borrower, the existing peer-to-peer companies can only like banks, add a site credit-due diligence. Verify the customer's basic situation, asset status and repayment ability by on-site credit. To supplement the content and status of the central bank's credit report and the network credibility report which may not be involved. However, with the domestic investment and information sharing in the credit system, the credit system is constantly improving, and government managers are paying more and more attention to it.

Lu Langtao pointed out that in this model, the first is the risk to be controllable, the second is to improve the efficiency of credit audits, shorten the assessment time, in fact, these two aspects of conflict. Therefore, the industry experience and customer service awareness becomes particularly important.

Pure Online mode future is more optimistic

So what is the future Peer-to-peer model?

"The Future of pure online peer-to-peer lending companies will explode into a strong competitive edge." In the process of the localization of Peer-to-peer loan, a lot of offline operation activities are combined from the mining of Fund demand, the risk control due diligence, the collateral guarantee to the investment fund supply and so on. Although in the short term to meet the needs of users, but contrary to peer-to-peer loans more convenient, in the network environment can play the most effective intention. "said the analyst.

He further pointed out that the future online peer-to-peer company's development potential is much higher than the excessive reliance on offline operations companies. In the short term, the combination of line online in the domestic peer-to-peer initially played a protective role, but in the long run, too much of the offline activities will make peer-to-peer lose its general benefits, become only to serve the individual funds group tools, thus losing vitality.

Line online under the combination of peer-to-peer loan companies need to establish the online business as soon as the investment and financing platform, establish brand image, in the industry before the emergence of oligarchs for their own future development lay the foundation.

Lu also pointed out to the daily economic news reporter that under the current credit system, is bound to line under the combination of the model, but with the integrity of the credit system and the application of large data, pure online mode will certainly be more and more, because the pure online mode will return to the original intention of Peer-to-peer (personal credit relationship, let financial off the media ), Peer-to-peer platform is only a transaction matchmaking platform, only for the transaction process to provide a corresponding guarantee-to ensure the security of transactions and transparency of information.

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